Great Miracles of Sai – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee says: . This is my second experience I am writing (No, Baba is helping me to write). Sorry Baba I am writing late. Our family is totally dependent on Baba. Our day never complete without chanting Sai Maa name and our day start and end with watching Shirdi Live Darshan. We have experienced numerous miracles of Baba, but here I am writing two major blessings of Him. 

Experience 1: Baba called me and my husband to Shirdi in 2013 for the second time. We live abroad and we feel blessed to be called twice by Baba. Everything went nice. We attended Kakad Aarti on our favourite day i.e. Thursday but disappointed a bit, as there was a huge crowd and hardly we got space to stand in a corner of hall. We were thinking in our mind “How people are lucky in standing right in front of Baba and watching Aarti”. We had Darshan and came out. We booked the Noon Aarti for next day and followed the queue. Here “Miracle started”. The moment I reached front of ladies queue, there was plenty of water on the floor. When my turn came one security lady told me to wait at the 1st queue itself and diverted other people behind me to different lines. Within 5 minutes they cleared the water and opened the queue, so I was moved right in front of Baba, where trustees usually stand. Imagine my joy which had no bounds. I attended Aarti with full of joy and tears in my eyes. Baba listens to our wishes very small too big and fulfills them. While we were going to watch Palki that evening, one old person came to me asked “Do roti aur curry khiladho” (Feed me with 2 roti and curry). I was speechless and walked into a food stall beside us and ordered food as per his wish. My husband also came asked him whether he needs anything to drink or more to eat. He said No, I want only 2 roti and curry. We paid and came out with happy feeling. He was none other than Baba. That night we were blessed to watch the Palaki Seva for the 1st time. 

Experience 2: We were planning to migrate to Australia. Whole process went smoothly with Sai Maa grace. My husband got his visa and mine was in process and they told that it will be done in same week. We booked our tickets, but still my visa was not approved till the day of travel. We were tensed and do not know what to do. We thought my husband will proceed and i can join later. Our flight scheduled in night but no news till 4 PM. By chanting Baba’s name we packed partially. My husband contacted the Australian High Commission and was on phone line since 4PM and talked to Visa officers and finally they approved my visa by 5PM by Baba’s grace and sent the confirmation email. We quickly packed the rest of luggage (this is final packing to move from one country to Australia permanently) and proceeded to Airport by 9PM. What do you call this? All our friends wondered how it was possible. Is it not the Baba Miracle? Without Baba’s grace how could we get that visa at 11th hour? Our family is eagerly waiting for Baba to fulfil 2 very important things. Baba will make me write again with good news. Sai Maa, please be with us always and make Your children confident that You are around them and protecting forever and ever. As we all know that all we need to have Faith and Patience and just surrender to Him. Thanks to all readers so much for reading this lengthy post. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sai Ram



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