Sai Helped to Get the Job Offer with Desired Salary – Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram, I completed my engineering & got selected through campus interview to a job & i worked there for 3 years. I used to receive very less salary compared to my friends & used to work 6 days a week & always used to feel bad for getting into core industry because there were no girls working with me & i was no way in comparison with my college mates in terms of salary & work environment. Towards the end of 2 years of my job there i was in tears & would literally cry most of the times & would pray for job change. I always fancied software industry work environment & wanted such a job but i had got into core industry. I really started feeling suffocated there with no growth & would pray Baba for job change. One day all of a sudden i got call from a consultancy & they told there is an opening & would i be interested. I really did not trust in this consultancy job offers thinking they will be fake. But just to get an escape from present company i thought i will give a try & answered telephonic round & cleared it and later even cleared the technical rounds.

Here comes the best part. I was left with HR round & as i was travelling to that office in bus. I just started calculating about salary & thought i should ask particular amount if HR asks salary expectation. I really had that figure written in a paper. But when i faced the HR & she asked me about pay i ended up saying a different number which was far low compared to what i had dreamt. I could not ask that actual figure because my previous salary was very less and i felt inferior to ask for higher pay. I cursed myself for being so dumb. After a week i got HR’s offer letter with salary details & they had offered me a good salary & were very happy. Then when i was shifting my PG i found the paper in which i had calculated the salary expectation & written down when i was previously travelling in bus to attend HR round. I was astonished to know that my new job salary matched my expected salary accurately. It was the same number that i had written down in paper. It was an amazing experience in my lifetime. Now it’s almost 1 year since i started working at this new office & i went onsite twice and its 5 days working here with software job environment. Even though Baba made me have hard times at my old job it’s just to make me realize the worth of new gift that He had planned to give me. I am grateful to Baba for showering His blessing on me. Thank You Baba. Bless all


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