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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, I am Sai Devotee. Please do not disclose my email-id. Before I begin to narrate my experience, let me begin by congratulating you for taking up this noble task of bringing our Sai family together. You are much blessed by ourBaba. You don’t know, but your blog offered the greatest support and our Sai’s answers to me, when I was going through a difficult time. Now, your blog is what starts my day.

I begin to write this on a Thursday after getting Baba’s blessings and His approval to pen down myexperience with Almighty Baba. Where do I even begin narrating about the love and kindness that Babahas for us all? I must say I am fortunate enough to know Baba ever since I have known God. To me, Babawas and is God. My mom is an ardent devotee of Him and so I was introduced to Him, when I was 3. I had the good fortune to visit Shirdi, when I was 4 years of age in 1989 and consider it as my beginning of theattachment that I have with Baba.

Till about I was 17, I used to pray to Baba, but not with as much devotion as I have today. I went through a difficult phase and started reading Sai Satcharitra. Sai rescued me from the problem and put me on the right path. Though I was disappointed that I did not get the stream of graduation I wished for. I realised later that it would not have suited me. Hence, our Father did not give me admission in that stream. I didn’t need a bigger example than this to show that Baba gives what is best for us. Then, I started topray to Baba, read Sai Satcharitra regularly, visit His temple on Thursday and think about Him whenever I had free time. But, as human nature is, I got distracted with worldly engagements and my devotion decreased though my love never did. Even in post-graduation entrance, I didn’t work hard and as a result, I got into an above average college. I did question Baba, but I came to accept His decision for me.

In post-graduation, I was not the topper and I didn’t have the desired graduation stream, but I was thefirst one to get placed in a batch of 56 state entrance toppers and that too, in one of the most-respected MNCs in India. After this, my parents, who were disappointed in me earlier, also started to believe in my potential. My marriage also got fixed with Baba’s grace. Though I met a few guys before meeting my husband, I did not like anyone as much as I liked my husband. And when we visited our husband’s house before the wedding was fixed, I saw a murti of my Sai Baba in my in-laws place in the hall. I thought this was a sign from Baba and got assured. My in-laws are not devotees of Baba, but they got the murti from another devotee from Shirdi and they placed it in the hall. I keep telling my husband that I married you because of Baba’s murti. I thank Baba for giving me a husband, who is also my good friend. My dearest Baba, I know You have promised to be with me always and will continue to do so.

Recently, we bought a good house in a location near to my office. Before that, for about 2 years I was travelling around 33 km (up and down) to reach my office, which took about 3.5 hours in my day. I must mention one thing here – I remember when thinking about buying a house, I prayed to Baba saying – “Baba, please show us a good house for a less price”. like a pampered child would say to her Father. And that too, Baba granted us. Our house was bought by us in re-sale (though that house was unoccupied) for about 14 lakhs less than what the original buyer had to pay. My sympathies lie with the original buyer since he had to bear a loss, but I can’t help but be amazed at the kindness Baba has shown towards in getting us such a good house. The most I can do is dedicate that house to Baba and treat it as His shrine. It will always be a part of Shirdi that Baba has bestowed upon us.

After shifting to the new house, I was going through a mentally distressing problem, and I turned to myBaba again. I must mention that after getting married, I became careless towards Baba and did not even read Sai Satcharitra regularly. But Baba forgave me when I begged for His forgiveness and now I am improving and better. One way of looking at the major problems in my life were that they made me stronger and also brought me closer to our Sai Baba since they acted as catalysts to increase my devotion.

About a month ago, on a Thursday, at around 5:30 am, I dreamt that I was doing Abhishekam to Babawith water mixed with Kumkum. I remembered the murti of Baba, which was not a big one or a small one, but about of medium size. I mentioned this dream to my mother and my team-mate, with whom I discuss about Baba. In the evening, I went to a temple, behind our new house, it was the first time I visited that temple. Though it was Shiva’s temple, there was a beautiful murti of Baba too. I felt very happy to see it and bowed down. Then after lifting my head and looking at the Murti carefully, I realised it was the same murti I saw in my dream!!! I had never seen a murti like that. Even the temple I saw in my dream, where Baba’s murti was similar to the one that I visited. I cannot explain what I felt at that moment. I had tears in my eyes and I was smiling too. I was overwhelmed with emotions. I sat there for a while and on my way home, I called my mom and friend and told them what happened. I feel so blessed and so lucky that Baba gave His Darshan to me. I felt that Baba has been holding my hand all along and it was I, who failed to see that He has always been there with me.

Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking I will post my experience on this blog, but I need approval fromBaba. So, I said to Baba, “Baba, If I see You in my dream before Thursday morning, I will post my experience. Even in the form of a picture or a Murti will make me understand that I have your approval”. This was on Tuesday, the same day I saw Him in my dream. He came not in the form of a picture or Murti, but as Himself in His white garb except in my dream. He had a black cloth covering His head. I have never seen Baba in black head cloth and white garb, even till now. I was inside a building which was in the formof a square and the middle portion of it was open to sky. However, there was a grill separating me from the middle portion. I saw Baba in the bright light of the open portion. He was looking at me and smiling. He raised both of His hands in a blessing and asked me without speaking any words – “You are fine, right? ” and how can I describe that beautiful smile! I asked Him raising my thumb – “Do I have Your permission to write my experience?” again, silently without any words. He smiled again expressing His approval. That was the most auspicious blessing I have ever had! So here I am, penning down the instances, whereBaba has shown His unbound and unconditional love for His devotees.

How can I thank Baba enough for His love and kindness? Thinking about Baba gives me bliss and I only wish it stays with me forever. I consider it as my accumulation of merits in my past births that has brought me to the ever-holy lotus feet of Baba. My prayer to Baba would be – “Oh most merciful and loving Baba, please do not leave my hand, which is in yours. Please guide me and help me become a better person every day. Please give me the strength and wisdom to carry out my worldly duties as You have decided for me. Kindly press down my ego and my vices whenever they arise. Please give me Shraddha and Saburi, so that I can destroy the Teli’s wall (of difference – the grill I saw in my dream). So that I can reach Your feet in this life. Bow to Shri Sai – Peace to be all.

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  1. Hi all , I wanna share one small experience which happened couple of minutes back and I have promised Baba to publish it.
    My 3.5 months daughter was vomiting and not sleeping from last 4 hours . I prayed to Baba and applied udì on her forehead and requested to stop her vomitings and she should sleep .
    And within 5 mins by daughter slept
    I have many many experiences with Baba which I will share with u guys when I will get a chance
    Om sai ram


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