Baba Miracles In 2020 – Devotee Experiences

Baba Miracles In 2020 – Baba’s Reflection on My Life

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down my expression on my precious mate ‘SAI’. The name ‘SAI’ is imbibed in me ever since I attained conscience and acknowledge his presence in my life. In spite of many miraculous gestures, I would like to share one instance which to this day astonishes me a lot. Well, I am talking about the process that my parents had set forth to get me married during my mid 20’s. I was totally taken aback by this so-called ‘arranged marriage’ thing because I could never understand the thought of marrying and living the rest of my life with a stranger. This phase was dispiriting to me. Profiles of prospective grooms were being mailed to me almost every week to seek my consent from my parents.

With my ideologies, liberal mindset, and vocal traits at that point in time, I could not envision myself being associated with anyone who would accept, respect my persona and let me be the way I was. Before long, I became dejected and started exhibiting no interest in scanning through these profiles. Until then, I had visited Chennai twice, to meet a couple of grooms (I was from Delhi). During that period, I had this strong conversation with my SAI and told him that “You know very well about me, you know what kind of person I am, where and why have you left me alone in this game, which I am not at all fine with.” I also said, “I would marry a soul who will come to Delhi (believing that this would never happen) to see me and marry me instead of me going and meeting him in Chennai.” It gives me goose-bumps even today when I think about that instance of my life.

I was so stubborn that I fixed my mindset and planned to stick to it no matter what. My conversation was so strong as I kept my heart out to him and surrendered myself to him saying that, “My life is not mine anymore, It’s you who will decide my fate from now on.” Believe me, after a couple of weeks my father received a phone call from my current father-in-law saying that, “You being in Delhi, we would like to come to Delhi to meet your family.” Initial formalities happened with ease and I met my one and only beautiful soul mate, my current husband whom I purely consider as my SAI’s Prasadam to me. My life completely changed after my marriage as I found SAI’s reflection in my husband. I thank him every day to make my life worthy and live peacefully and to teach me for most purpose if it.

Baba Miracles In 2020 – Sairam..we owe it all to Sai

A few years back, my husband faced a huge problem in his business. His partners deceived, took all the money from the business, and also lodged a false complaint with the police on him. My husband had given the document of our house as security for business loans. All his life savings and property were locked in the business which was totally out of our hands. We were on the verge of losing our home.

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Shirdi Sai Miracles in 2020.
Shirdi Sai Miracles in 2020.

Our family went through terrible times when a friend guided us towards Karunamoorthy Sai. I started fasting on Thursdays as guided by him. Every Thursday whenever I went to his temple, I felt as if he was looking at me. With the immense strength given by him, we started negotiating with the ex-partners. On the ninth Thursday when I completed my first set of fasting the negotiations ended with us getting our property documents back. It was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to reduce our losses. Considering that we were able to recover our home, the loss of money seemed less significant. It was as if baba has taken it away from us for a reason and gave us our home. From that day till date, I continue to fast on all Thursdays. By his grace, I have not missed a single week. We owe all that we have to ShirdiSai. Sairam

Baba Miracles In 2020 – Sai cured my gastric problem

I am a Sai devotee since my college days, Sai has always saved me from my problems as a mother. I trust Saibaba more than anyone else in this world.
Now, I would like to share my experience. It was Thursday night, and I did finish singing evening Aarathi and was about to sleep, and suddenly a steep pain on my left side started.

I was not sure if it was gastric pain or some other pain. I was panicked and started praying to baba. As our family was already undergoing a lot of problems for 4-5 months, I did not want my husband to suffer again because of me. So I prayed to baba so that the pain gets subsided and I should get a good night’s sleep. I mixed the Udi in water, drank it, and applied Udhi in the paining area. I kept reciting Sai’s names until I fell asleep.
The pain reduced after an hour and I could sleep. The next day I felt a little relaxed. I really thank Baba for everything he gave to us. I always prayed to him for our family health and kids’ education.
I know my SAI will save me from all the problems and always bless us where ever we are in. Hail to Saibaba and JAI SAI RAM. Baba please always shower your blessings to us. Give us the strength to get through difficult times.

Baba Miracles In 2020 – Sai Baba got me a good job during this difficult pandemic time

All glories to Shiradi Sai Baba. I reside in the USA. Recently I was laid off from work as the company was downsizing. I worked in this company so hard for almost five years. When I lost my job I was so depressed and I cried a lot to Baba for help. I updated my resume on LinkedIn. My husband was very particular that he would let me find a job only if I work remotely from home. At this difficult time when a lot of people have lost their jobs and with the restriction that I should find a job that allows me to work remotely I completely lost hope that I would find one till this pandemic ends. Baba was my only hope. A recruiter who saw my resume on LinkedIn called me about an opportunity. I had three rounds of interviews. After my third interview, I prayed to Baba that I would do Thursday VRAT for 9 weeks. On the first Thursday when I was preparing food to be offered to Baba for the VRAT I received a call from the recruiter that I am selected and my offer letter is ready. This is Sai Baba’s miracle. Sai Baba has blessed me with this new job. I am so happy and I am very great full to Baba. Sai Baba knows what we need and helps us at the right time. Sai Baba is great. Thank you, Baba!!!

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  1. Baba is really doing so many miracles in my life. When I first visited a Sai temple, I was not a Sai devotee, however I told Sai that my husband has come to you for help, please help him and we were in a big issue. By next thursday that issue was solved and without doubt, I become Sai devotee and no looking back. Am blessed in abundance and in any situation – be it big or small.. I just pray to Sai and it is done. My life is being led by Sai and of course I take blessings from my Kuldevi Bhavani and Balaji… to get things done. Life is wonderful if you submit yourself to Sai Baba.. He will lead you and guide you.


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