Baba Help in Most Difficult Times and Tough Times

Baba Help:

Baba Help in difficult times of Devotee.

Baba Help Miracle Experience #1:

Om sai ram
I really don’t have words to thank sai baba. Just 2 months back I met a boy and fell in love with him. He also loved me . Things took a turn when his family knew about us and his mother asked him to break all contacts with me. I was scattered. It was like whole world turned dark for me because I knew he would choose his mother over me.

Sai Baba Help In Difficult Times.
Sai Baba Help In Difficult Times.

I ran to sai baba and cried badly. Miracle took place nd he messaged me asking me not to cry. I was a little consoled . But again he said me that he want to give our relationship a break. I was at loss of words. I went to baba ND everyday I cried. I asked him to end my life. I kept praying to baba ND asked him to return my love. And then suddenly he called one day and started talking normally. I am really blessed by baba. I still have some problems in my relationship nd I have complete faith that baba will definitely help me

Jai sai ram.

Baba Help Miracle Experience #2:

Sai Devotee Experience.
Sai Devotee Experience.

Om Samastha Sadguru Sachidananda Sainath Maharaj ki jai..

Sai Baba’s miracles are unimaginable. Baba is with me in my every step of my life. My wife is more devoted than me.

I would like to share some of my experience how Sai Baba helped me in overcome the obstacles. With the inspiration given Baba I started writing these experiences. I thought of writing my experiences from very long time but with the Baba’s grace, I am writing now.

I would like to share one of my experience when I was in India two years ago. I visited India to meet my All Family members and trip scheduled for exactly 3 weeks. Suddenly, my second sister was went in very critical health situation and I was stayed there and looked after her (Still I think Baba make sure that I am present in India to look after my sister at that critical time, because I scheduled my trip unplanned). We prayed Sai Baba to save my sister when she was in that very difficult situation. With the Baba’s Grace she is able to recover well after Major surgery to Brain. By the Baba’s blessing she is able recover well. This is really a miracle.

After some time, my sister while going to office, fall on the rock due misstep and broken her right Patella and Tibia. Doctor’s told us that need to use steel plates to fix it. Again we Prayed Baba to solve the problem without major fixes. I Prayed Baba and told Baba, I will post this experience If my sister over come this without major surgery to leg. Doctors told us that they have fixed the leg without steel plates.

These are some of my experiences with Sai Baba. I have some more experiences with me. I will try to post/write them in coming posts.

Om Samastha Sadguru Sachidananda Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

Baba Help Miracle Experience #3:

Om Sai Ram. Another miracle of my beloved Sai Prabhu. There have not been recruitment in my specialty for more than 8 years and if any there would be 1-3 jobs per year for the whole country.In my opinion a well deserving candidate appeared in our department .The following list of miracles happened exclusively for her.
She did not know of the job advertisement and hears at the last minute.She to her disbelief gets shortlisted for interview.She gets a reply that she is eligible to get the job but they have to ensure that there are no local candidates which disappoints her.She then gets appointed.This is nothing but nishta in BABA and the magic of UDI that she carried with her for the interview.Praise be to SAI and peace be to all.

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