Baba Help To Overcome Anxiety – Other Miracles

#1: I overcome from my anxiety

Here, I am going to narrate about Baba Help To Overcome Anxiety. I am a very small devotee of sai baba. I had anxiety problems for several years. I feel always sleepy. Dizzy. It was very difficult for me to do my daily routines. I was fed up with this. I was under medication. But no use.

One of my friends told me about sai baba 9-week Vrata. She did the Vrata for some reason and she got succeeded.
So I thought I also do this Vrata.

And I completed 9-week vrata. After one month slowly slowly my problem goes out. And slowly I stopped tablets.
Now I am tablet-free. Now no anxiety problem in my life.

Sai baba helped me without my knowledge. Always believe in sai baba. Baba will help you.
Baba helped me not only to come out from my anxiety problem. Sai helped me many times. So I always thank sai baba.
You are everything.


Sai Baba
Sai Baba

#2 – Sai baba’s timely help

Om Sairam. Thank you Hetalji for the wonderful site.
My first experience: I suffer from too much period pain every time before the onset of my periods and this time is not any different. The pain continues for days. Finally, after bearing 3 days of continuous symptoms I asked Baba that I should get my period immediately. Like every time he listened to my prayer. And yes I got them immediately.

My second experience: At my working place, there has been a sudden increase in no. of corona positive cases. Vigorous testing was being performed. I got panicked. I prayed to Baba to save me from the situation as I am very afraid of being tested. And he listened to my prayer again. I got out of the situation unharmed.

My third experience: On my birthday, I somehow lost my ring. I noticed it only after some time. But I didn’t get panicked. I know if I pray to my baba, I will surely get it back.
Soon after my prayer, I found it. It’s really a miracle to have found it so soon, based on how I lost it.

Love u Sai.

My day never starts or ends without chanting your name.

Sri Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Koti koti pranam to your lotus feet.

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#3 – Baba’s Miracle

Yesterday, I was sad and I read sai 108 Ashtothram Namavali after years. I don’t know how I thought of reading it and I found it good reading it with each name’s meaning with it.
Then at night, out of my Astonishment I was scrolling down pages of sai baba on Instagram and suddenly I came across a post where it was written ‘keep reading sai 108 Ashtothram Namavali on every Thursday.’ And this thing never came before on any post earlier and also it was Thursday only yesterday! It was said magic how baba made me read sai 108 Ashtothram on Thursday only when I don’t read it at all and how it appeared on a post as well. Sai Baba is Actually a GOD.. the all-pervading.
Sai controls everything and all GODS ARE ONE!
shri satchidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

#4 How Baba Helped me During my Health Issues

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

I am a big devotee of Sai Baba, unfortunatly I had ectoipic pregnancy and and one of my fallopian tube was removed. I was in full of depression and except Sai, I don’t see any hope in my life. So started crying everyday begging baba to help me. As I went through surgery, I was having full body pains. On the same night, I got a dream where Sai appeared and took my feet and rotated me in 360 degrees and suddenly I woke up and I felt so relaxed and I did not have body pains..what a miracle? Love Baba..Except You, no more there to protect us!. Yes, I forgot to tell what heppned in the next morning, as usual, my mother took Idli for breakfast from nearest tiffen center. To our surprise, we found a ring with sai image inside the Idli, can’t belive it, his presense is every where and he will come to help in any form. Jai Sai Baba!!

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