Baba Showed Miracle in two days – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India writes:  Om Sai Ram I started believing Baba when i was in 9th standard. But it started with a test of Baba. I did not know at that time, a single test will make my faith so strong. From few years i have been keeping Sai Vrat also just because it’s an immense pleasure for me. I follow this page regularly. It seems that my faith is increasing day by day as i read the posted miracles of Baba ji. My father slipped while coming back home. Although he did not get facture but still he was experiencing pain. Few days he used hot water for the pain relief and was ok. But again after 2-3 days he started feeling immense pain. He showed it to the doctor. He said its inner injury and he will have to put hot wax (Desi wax) on the area where there is swelling, and gave some medicines and told that each day he will be given injection for the pain because there is no other option.

He started to do it. But even after doing it for 3 months there was no betterment. I prayed to Baba each day but did not understand why there is so much delay to my prayers. Finally, after thinking what to do i decided to put Udi on my father’s leg each day and i had sure belief that now the pain will be gone in no time. Udi is so effective that on 2nd day itself the pain was less and by 3rd day it was almost gone. I am thankful to Baba ji to listen to my prayers. I just wish that He should shower blessings on His devotees always. I have full faith in Him but due to my less height i have to listen comments from people that “only she is left with small height in home, why are you so small.” Even the guy with whom i am in relationship said that my parents may reject you only because of height. Due to this i have lost my whole confidence and often question Baba ji that why with me? Why He can’t give me more height? He can do anything and i am not asking any irrelevant thing from Him then why He can’t give. But keeping these things aside, i also try to follow Shraddha and Saburi always because i know whatever Baba will do, will be best for His children .Om Sai Ram


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