Aarti Tickets – To My Parents in Shirdi

Hello Baba Devotees, Here are some experiences of Baba.

A Guide to Aarti tickets – To My Parents in Shirdi To My Parents in Shirdi

Free Aarti tickets to my parents

My mother is sai baba’s devotee. We were in Shirdi and unfortunately, I was not a that big devotee of baba that time (I had pride and less brain to understand and feel who and what baba is). So after our darshan, I went to the hotel room to take some rest and she with my father were roaming around the streets of Shirdi. She then got to know that baba’s Aarti takes place everyday and she was wishing to attend baba’s Aarti . She started asking people about the availability of the Aarti tickets but she was told that it needs prior booking and if she had any contacts/source (some high profile contact) then she can get it done through them. Unfortunately, she didn’t have anyone who was high profile but FORTUNATELY she had baba with her. She told baba that she really wants to attend the Aarti in her heart and mind. Suddenly, a man who was Telugu and could speak only Telugu and English approached my mother and my mother didn’t know any of those two languages. She tried understanding the actions and words done and said by that gentleman. Guess what he offered her three tickets that too for free and we are a family of three(my mom, dad, and I). As I said above, I lacked some brains and never acknowledged baba, and was resting in the hotel room, my parents didn’t even have the time to come to the hotel to take me to attend the Aarti. So they returned one of Aarti tickets and took two tickets and attended baba’s Aarti in baba’s darbar. It was a good lesson to me for my pride and a wonderful treat to my parents who had Shraddha and Saburi.
(Jaisa bhaw raha jis jan ka, waisa rup hua mere man ka!!! )
I apologize to baba now for being that sick-minded girl. Still, baba has loved me and saved me every time when I called him and those experiences would be shared soon.

Baba helped my father

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

My dad had leg surgery, due to other reasons he got a urine problem, it became a big problem, he was not able to sleep for even 10 mins for a single day for a week, I prayed a lot to baba, he was cured miraculously. my father is also a doctor and he was also surprised about this.

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Baba is my life savior

Hi, I m a doctor, my marriage was getting postponed till 28 yrs. On Instagram, I use to see Saibaba quotes. Suddenly I started getting quotes you will Shirdi soon, don’t Pray anything, once you return you will get your desires. I dint believe it. But all of sudden me and my parents went to Shirdi. After return, the next day alliance got fixed and within one-month marriage was over. Now almost one year is over. I went to Shirdi with my husband recently.

In conclusion, If you pray to Shirdi Sai Baba with pure devotion and love, he will pull you even from the death bed. We should never ever forget Sai Baba in our life. If you are planning to attend the Aarti in Shirdi, you must book advance Aarti tickets. To get out of problems, you can read Satcharitra daily one chapter or you can do NavGuruvar Vrat Pooja for nine Thursdays, or visit the nearest Shirdi Sai Baba temple. You can also perform Sai Satyavrat at your convenience. Now time to pray Sai baba to heal our problems. Sri Sachidananda Samarda Sai Nath Maha Raj Ki Jai!

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