How Shirdi Sai Baba Cured My Son – Devotee from India

I am a devotee of sai baba since childhood.He gave me every thing what I want.I got married with his help after 1 yr he blessed me with a beautiful son.As my life is going well suddenly my son got pneumonia we admitted him in hospital there he gets into very sick condition. They gave nebuliser frequently and also did some wrong treatment there day by day his health was worsening. Doctor told he might swallowed something it has struck in to lungs so he was not able to breath properly. We have to do bronchoscopy .so, we shifted him in to another hospital. There bronchoscopy was done finds nothing But his health condition was worsened and kept ventilator.we prayed to baba went to temple 108 rounds around him but no change at last we went to church and masjid also then he gets recovered and removed from ventilator But he is still unable to breath without oxygen . Doctors told he has to put oxygen continuously. After two months we took him to house with oxygen .his age is just 2 and half years but have to keep oxygen prongs continuously.

Sai Cured my Son
Sai Cured my Son


He wants to play but on the bed only .we took him anywhere with oxygen only.I lost hope daily I cried about my son.I scolded baba many times .For one and half year I and my son were in one room only.we showed him to different doctors every one said he has to be like that through out his life And also we checked by removing oxygen his oxygen levels goes down and not able to we depressed.I stop praying to baba many people told to go church.I like Jesus also but my mind and heart says don’t leave baba and have faith. I again prayed after 2 years suddenly, I got a thought that baba will definitely make my son I removed oxygen and checked, to my surprise he was able to breath. his oxygen levels r maintaining on 90 .I checked it for half an hour maintain ignore on 90 ,so I called the doctor .he told that my son was getting better so don’t remove the oxygen suddenly but my son removed it and start playing .I tried a lot to keep oxygen but he refused I have faith in baba so left him without oxygen ,till night he is without oxygen after he slept we kept oxygen .daily we did like that only.doctors got surprised .after 6 months we stop keeping oxygen at night also .Now he is in 1st standard his name is, one should not lose hope on baba. He makes us stronger in life after saving from troubles.He also blessed me with a new house .we get it very cheaply. Om Sai Ram. Thanks a lot for providing this website for sai devotees.


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