Experience with Shirdi Sai – Devotee From India

Sai Devotee from India says: I am 35 years old and Baba’s devotee since  9 years and i can say that Baba is always around us and He helps whenever He feels that it is good for you else He waits for the right time to come. I am a Sai devotee since 2007 since i started praying Baba or you can say since Baba accepted me as His son. My life is smooth by His grace. He is calling me Shirdi every year and giving His blessing and most important is He calls me on my birth day and i am celebrating my birthday with Him. I can say I am lucky enough. I have multiple experiences of Baba in my life and it starts with my Sisters marriage, my marriage, New Job, New House. Whatever I am having today is because of his blessings. Whenever I ask for help from Baba and He always comes and helps me. He only give things if they are good for me else he put doubts in mind so that I stop thinking about that.

Since 1 year  I was worried lot about my Job change and where ever I have given interview either results are on hold or Role requirement was different or Interviewer didn’t turned up. But I kept my hope in Baba and whenever I am confused I try to seek His guidance through Sai Prashnawali and always I used to get you will get the Job don’t worry just keep donating to the poor’s and needy person and kept on doing that but being a human I was always having doubt whether this is going to happen or not as I was failed to get a Job for 1 year. Today I have got an offer for a company where all my interviews happened on Thursday and 1 happened on Tuesday and today I feel that He asked me to wait due to may be because of my past karma or bad time. Even in remember on my final interview with HR that day I was full of negative thoughts about Job and about Baba that’s this etc. which was bothering me as these were coming from my unstable mind but on other side He gave me a power to keep chanting “Sai Sai Sai” Until I reached venue where interview supposed to be conducted. While going to the 2nd floor of office in Lift I saw Baba Red photo (In a key chain which 1 person was holding) He was blessing me with His right hand. At that point only I came to know that my final interview would be good and I will be selected and that’s what happened. I personally feel Baba test His devotes to make them more strong and courageous. So I request everyone to keep faith in Baba, as His Lela’s are different. Keep chanting “Sai Sai” whenever possible and keep donating to the poor and  needy people. Om Sai Ram


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