Please Pray Sai for Us- Devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India says: I recently got married last January. I am Telugu and married a Tamil guy. It’s arranged only. For the last 2 months, I am facing lot many disturbances in my married life. I may did mistakes in the past, but I truly dedicated to my partner now. What I am facing now is really I deserve. I am considering all as punishments for my previous mistakes, but I am a common human being as all.

Now a days I am not able to bear those punishments and mind is fully disturbed. I am always thinking of negatives. I am helpless now. I know Baba as one of the God, whose nature is love. But I did not concentrate on Him earlier. But now He came in my life strongly. I am starting to believe Him and pray Him, but I have a guilty feeling like now I got a problem, that’s why I am going to Him. So Baba may think I am untrue or selfish. I need some help now.

I hope Baba will surely help me as I am surrendering my problems to Him. But my mind is not staying calm. I am thinking always negative as normal. Recently the issue is with my horoscope. My partner is saying that our horoscope is mismatched. It’s adding fuel to fire. Day by day situation is becoming worse. I am losing my patience. What can I do? I am almost all trying to convince him, but now all sides blocked. World is looking like danger to me. Please help me, begging You Baba. I am going to lose my life. Please show me a miracle in my life.

I want to live life as the God’s decision. I don’t want to end up forcefully. But nothing is in my hands now. I am losing my control day by day, but having a strong hope at small corner that Baba will help me. Please Baba show me the path. I want to live with my partner happily. He also have to get happy from me. Please do help. I am begging. Please someone suggest me what can I do.



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