Sai Leela Stories by Shirdi Sai Devotees

Sai Leela Stories by Shirdi Sai Devotees:

The following Sai Leela Stories are submitted by Shirdi Sai devotees.

Sai Devotee Experiences / Sai Leela Stories #1 –  How Baba Saved my baby and wife!

Sai Leela #1.
Sai Leela #1.

I would like to thank the folks behind this site for building and maintaining such a Superb platform and becoming a tool in sharing All of the devotee’s experiences in one place. I am Ramesh Mishra from the united kingdom and I shared many of my earlier experiences through this platform. I’m going to discuss an excellent wonder of Sai Baba of experience very recently and how He helped my wife and our newborn baby boy. My wife was expected to deliver another child and the anticipated due date was 5th December 2014. We were a bit tensed since the first delivery was complicated and Sai Baba assisted us then. We had the exact same belief and faith even this time and left everything to Sai Baba. Unfortunately, she handed the due date but there were no signs of labour. We were only awaiting that anything is happening is for our good and Sai Baba is providing the best.

Finally, we have to admit her into the hospital on 15th December 2014 and at about 2 pm there have been a few symptoms of labour. We thought very soon the kid is going to be born. But unfortunately, the baby was moving around very often and it Wasn’t a good sign of labour pains. Doctors, though first agreed with us but later on another Doctor convinced us saying they could try for normal as the very first delivery was normal as well as the birth canal was shaped then. They also assured us that they can lock the baby’s position with the head and everything will be normal. Hence we agreed to it and also the process began. Though the process was smooth at first, it was difficult later on. The oceans were broken and the baby’s heartbeat was a little suspicious. We didn’t wish to take any more risks and therefore requested for emergency c-section once more.

We all thanked Baba for rescuing my wife and baby. Just when everything was looking great, there came another difficulty. On day two of the birth, though my wife was ok and going to be discharged, physicians identified jaundice and another infection with the infant. What worried us more was that the high infection level as the jaundice was normal in the majority of newborn babies that may go off in 1 to 2 days. We could not forget that night when the disease was diagnosed and was simply praying to Baba and the rest of the Gods to heal our infant. The baby has to be medicated with antibiotics for full five days to check the infection level and has been kept in ICU. We had been with the baby in ICU and by Baba’s grace the disease was completely treated following full five times and there were no traces of infection anymore

We were relieved then and heart completely thanked Baba and the rest of the Gods from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing us. We can’t forget those painful times. Finally, both my wife and baby were doing well and the Doctors discharged us on 22nd December 2014 which is exactly after one week of confessing. We are back home and called our son Bhavesh Sai. All this could not have happened without Sai Baba’s love and grace and we are all really thankful to Baba once more for helping us throughout the most troublesome times.

Sai Devotee Experiences / Sai Leela Stories #2 –   Sai Baba is always there with me!

Sai Leela #2.
Sai Leela #2.

I am a single 31-year-old woman residing in the USA for 6 years. I’m a devotee of Maa Durga/Maa Santoshi and also have seen Sai Nath at the kind of Maa many times. This is a great blog, providing so much strength to me personally and many more people.

May God Bless all of us! I have seen a number of hard times in the past but have observed Sai’s/Mata’s Hand in everything I’ve done. I believe that Sai has been trying to teach me Saburi and requested me to be patient which I didn’t and hence Have suffered previously as a result of my own deeds. I’ve had a million experiences of Sai but I would list a couple here that come to my head today.

Was struggling for my job in the united states in 2010-2012 and Dec 31, 2011, was my very last day of work with a business with no new job in hand. I had many fiscal troubles in existence and could not afford the work reduction. But I needed to be patient. I chose I will not worry about the task and left everything on Sai. I made Kheer and moved to the temple, to my surprise that I reached just in time. As I did place Kheer on the desk that they chose it (which gave me a lot of calmness). Following Aarti and Bhog out of nowhere a person came to me and gave a fragrance from the temple which made me think Sai is serving me. My mom asked me to go to focus on Dec 31 but that I did not and said to Sai that I am sacrificing one-day wages in Your name.

After that, I wasn’t getting success in the job hunt and had been thinking I wouldn’t find a job for months. Miracles of Miracle, I got a call from on 27th Jan and the person asked me to join on Jan 30th. He did not request any questions, didn’t Organize any meetings, simply asked me to join in two days. I didn’t feel that at first but they shipped me a connecting letter. The new company was much better money-wise and reputation-wise than my previous business. Also for the month, I did not work (Jan 2012). I got paid (saw the salary in my accounts, my employer was unaware they gave me a salary for Jan and they never ever asked that back).

My second encounter is out of Sai’s evening Aarti as well, I had my friend visit me at home. He is an atheist, so he didn’t join me for Aarti and I went alone. When Prasad has been dispersed I asked for a box believing I will go home and Have my friend eat it. But the distributor of Prasad explained to me that please take two boxes. I was stunned why he would ask me to accept 2 boxes and tears rolled my eyes believing Sai did not need me to be deprived of His Prasad. Jai Mata Di! Jai Sadguru! Please bless all of us we need Your help and You understand that!

Sai Devotee Experiences / Sai Leela Stories #3 –   Sai Baba helped me to recover my lost passport!

Sai Leela #3.
Sai Leela #3.

Sai Devotee Anusha India says: I’ve been a Sai Baba devotee for two years now and want to share my experience. I’m a college student studying in Singapore. I have completed two years of my study today. My parents were always quite powerful Sai Baba devotees. I being their son was not much into loyalty and simply prayed as my parents did. As I completed my schooling, I wanted to pursue my studies somewhere overseas. After all, I had selected Singapore as my choice. I implemented and completed all of the processes needed to enter a school there. In my first effort, my Visa was rejected by Singapore for some strange reason and I was not able to get into the school at the ideal time so I needed to wait around for another 6 months for me to get in again. The second time that I applied for the visa I got it and was all set to go to Singapore. Just 2 days before I left I had to shoot Xerox copies of all of my documents for faculty purposes. I moved to a Xerox shop to get the work done. Absent intrigued I left my passport at the Xerox shop and return home.

Upon reaching home, I searched my bag to get my passport and was unable to locate it. I was confused and searched everywhere for this but I was unsuccessful in locating it. I didn’t want to lose my second chance to go to school. Helpless, The one thing I could do at this time was supposed to pray to Sai Baba that my passport was back at the Xerox store. I promised myself that when I find that passport, I’ll develop into a Sai Baba devotee forever. The next day I hurried into the store to discover, the shop guy was having my passport securely. In that case, I felt just like Sai Baba had spoken to me, he wanted me to follow Him for the rest of my life. Ever since that day I have been a very powerful devotee of Sai Baba and followed Him completely. Now, I’ve completed the first year of my research at Singapore thanks to Sai Baba. He is the sole divine spirit I believe and rest my complete faith in.

Sai Devotee Experiences / Sai Leela Stories #4 – How Baba helped my sister!

Sai Leela #4.
Sai Leela #4.

I came to know of Saibaba only during this Navarathri. Started reading Satcharitra. Unexpectedly my unmarried sister had a cyst and need to Undergo Surgery, and the entire family is devastated as doctors explained it may be cancer as the organs need to be removed and she needs to undergo chemo, and she can’t have a child. So she cannot live a happy married life. Cried in front of Baba and prayed to him not to remove the organs and not to undergo Chemo. He blessed her and made the surgery less complicated Doctors also said she need not undergo chemo. Saibaba has listened to my prayers though I started worshiping him 2 months back.

Sai Devotee prayer request:

Sai Leela #5.
Sai Leela #5.

Dear all, greetings and namaskaram in the name of SAI BABA.. am Dr. Nirmala.. finished my mbbs 6 years back.. and got busy with family life. now preparing for my PG entrance which is on January 7th, 2018.. getting through the entrance Is the toughest job.. that too competing with the fresh graduates after such a long gap is a Herculean task.. Trusting only Him.. my appa.. am completely zero.. but with His Blessings gonna compete.. and 2018 is the Maha samadhi year of our Shirdi sai baba.. and He has promised to do a lot of miracles in this year… me getting through the entrance and taking a PG seat in Chennai gonna be His biggest miracle.. trust in u appa.. people around me expect a lot from me.. you are the only one who doesn’t expect from us but give us all that u have.. really am going through a very tough situation.. palpitated and nervous all the time.. I know that I don’t deserve the success since my efforts are poor… but pardon me for all that I have done and given me a chance to go up in life.. Everyone in the family has done their part in supporting me.. it’s time to repay them back.. I can’t repay them.. but through You I can.. as U have said I will give them back 1000 folds.. kindly do the greatest miracle and make me succeed.. let the world come to know ur wondrous work through me..

And now, all SAI devotees, kindly spare a minute and pray for my victory.. it will be a great MIRACLE if I really get the desired PG seat in this exam.. and our SAI is a God of miracles..

And thank u, Everyone, in advance for your prayers. Kindly keep checking for my next post which will be THANKSGIVING TO SAI for blessing me with another miracle and wonder in my life. Will post it soon. Trust u completely appa.. SAMARTHA SATHGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KE JAIIIIIII…

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  1. Jai Sai Ram!
    I want to share my experience from last month. My 2 yr old son has been suffering from constipation on and off for the last 1 year. but last month the problem exaggerated and while going to the toilet his intestine partly bulged out. I was very horrified and prayed to baba to give him relief. I prayed that his problem should resolve in a week and if it does I will post my experience. I took him to the doctor and got laxatives for him. for almost 6 days there wasn’t much relief but just before the end of a week from when the problem started, he started getting smooth motions without any discomfort and he has been fine since then. he is now generally happier and I am relived that Baba answered my prayers and took away all my worry.
    jai Sai Ram!

  2. Om sai ram. I am a recent devotee of sai baba sine Dec 2018. I have experienced many of his leelas and strongly believe that he is with me in all paths of life. I am posting a recent experience where baba has been with me. There was a small difference of opinion between me and my daughter when she refused to interact or communicate with me. This made me quite uncomfortable and was unable to focus on work for 4 days. I prayed to sai that I can’t bear with this anymore. Please make her mind calm and drive away the anger in her and make her speak to me. It was my last Thursday of nav guruvar vrat and I promised to visit shirdi soon. The same night my daughter spoke to me and sounded normal. As promised I visited shirdi and posting this experience. But I pray to baba to forgive me for delay in posting. this. I am sure baba will be with me always in future. Jai sai ram

  3. Om sai ram. I wish to share one of the miracles that baba has done in my life. My daughter had some issues with her hostel where the students were told to vacate and this was not acceptable to students and we parents. I was supposed to visit the hostel authorities and speak to them regarding the situation. But traveling was a problem as the monsoons were very heavy and hence risky. Yet I decided to book the train tickets online however that particular day I was unable to make payment due to technical failure. This happened 10 times after which I gave up. I then felt nauseated and completely forgot about the same. My vomiting worsened and I immediately left my office for some rest. After a good sleep and rest I felt better and tried to book tickets again. But by evening my daughter called me up saying that hostel authorities have decided to shift the students to another hostel on twin sharing and she would continue staying there. My problem was solved without going there. I thanked baba for his leela as I was worried of traveling in heavy monsoons. The server got disconnected at right time else the ticket would have gone waste. Also the problem was solved on the same day. As promised I am posting my experience but baba please forgive me for the delay in posting this. Jai sai ram

  4. Om sai ram. I am an ardent devotee of baba and have experienced many of his miracles and received his grace. Once my child had to travel from home alone but one that very day there was a curfew and college authorities did not permit the travel. I prayed baba and requested authorities to permit at our risk. They finally agreed and by evening curfew was called and child arrived safely. All due to blessings of baba.

    2nd miracle …I had an old photo of Ganpati which was slightly with cracks and kept on my office table. Every morning I keep it on table and put it back in my purse in evening. One morning as usual I searched for the photo from my bag. But to my surprise I found a similar brand new photo with a cover. I have never purchased it but to my surprise I got it from my bag. I consider it as a blessing from baba and have kept it in my home temple. I pray to baba to show his blessings and grace and protect my family with good health always

  5. Om sai ram. As a staunch believer of baba, I have experienced recieved many blessings from him. Last month, I had a bad cold which did not subside for 2 weeks and ended in a bleeding nose. I decided to visit doctor immediately and prayed to baba to cure me. When I reached hospital, to my surprise, I saw a huge laminated picture of baba and a mandir where a life size idol of baba was placed. I was spellbound as I have visited that particular hospital several times but have never observed this. When I entered the doctor’s room, I saw a framed picture of baba behind his chair. After routine check up doctor gave me medication and I was cured in 2 days. It is my strong belief that baba has come in form of doctor and cured me. I pray baba to keep me in good health and guide me in all paths of life. Om sai ram

  6. Om Sai Ram.. Believe in Sai .. he will always be with you.

    Bow in front of him, and he will never let you bow in front of anyone.

  7. Samardha sadhguru sainath maharaj ki Jai.

    Believe in Baba. He will be with you always.

    As a Baba Devotee. I cant say one particular incident he has shown his grace. Every day every moment he is with me. Guiding me all the time, all the way.

    Jai Sairam…. Om Sairam….

  8. Om Sai Ram

    Once I started believing and reading sai satcharitra , my sufferings are gone. I believe sai is with me always.

  9. I believe in Shriddi Sai Baba. I have started reading Saisathcharita recently.

    Please kindly pray for me and my family. Specially my kids to complete their studies and get a good job. OM SAI RAM!!


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