Sai, Please Give Me My Love Back – Devotee From India

Om Sai Ram,
I have to admit, exactly an year ago, I lost faith in every God ( I am a Hindu). I even stopped believing in Shridi Sai Baba. I did not act like a Hindu at all! I ate beef and all sorts of meet and denied that I was a Hindu. My boyfriend left me this year. The second he decided that we will not get married, I turned to Shridi Sai. I slowly became closer to him day by day. I visit the Mandhir every single day. I love Shridi Sai Baba. He gives me comfort and listening to his Bhajans make me ever so happy.

Shirdi Sai Bab
Shirdi Sai Bab

Shridi Sai Baba, there is only one single wish that I have. I really want my boyfriend back and I want him to marry me. I want his parents to disclose the differences between us and accept me. Baba I have fallen in love with other boys. But this one is special. You know I tried to move on, but I CAN’T. He is in my heart and mind. It’s like he is just sewed there permanently. I am experiencing true love. I have never experienced that, but now I am. The feeling of being ignored by someone who you truly love to death is just bitter. I am dying every single day Baba. I really want to sometimes just end my life, but I know I can’t. Baba I have vowed you so many things, I promise you that I will fulfill every single vow the second my boyfriend comes back to me and agrees to marry me. “Samarda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai”

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

I love you Baba.

I pray for all the devotees and all of Baba’s creations.



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