Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Helped in My Marriage, Sai Came to My Rescue During My Court Case

Hello Baba devotees, here are some miracles/experiences this week, we are presenting as they are submitted to our site. please don’t forget to share your stories and miracles with Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba!

Sai Baba Miracles for This Month, Blessings, and Experiences

Sai Baba Miracles for This Month, Blessings, and Experiences

Experience/Miracle – 1

Hi, My name is Sai Soumya. I love sai baba a lot. This year was really bad for me as I have lots of debts. It was my mistake to take so many loans from the loan app. I took to help someone. Now those loan apps executives call me daily and ask me to repay it. I don’t have money at all. I can’t ask my parents too because they are already in tension. Baba, by Your grace my marriage got fixed with the person I love. I thank you for that. But baba because of these details am under stress. Even my fiancee is under stress. Please help us baba. We can find it anyway. Please baba helps us in clearing these debts. We have been suffering since March.

Please baba forgive us. We have realized that we did a mistake and we will never repeat this mistake. Baba please help us in clearing these debts by this month-end. So that we can happily start preparations for our marriage. And baba please call us to Shirdi soon as I want to meet you. Take your darshan and blessings. I know baba you are there for me. but I am scared of my debts. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. Please baba take us out of this financial problem. We can’t bear it anymore. Please baba.

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We want to start a new life incoming new year. Please forgive us for our mistakes and please Bless us for our new life. Married Life. Baba, please don’t be angry with me. Baba, I can’t bear this pain and mental torture and I dont want to create tension in my family. Whatever bad things I said were out of anger. I Love you so much a baba. You are the only one who can help me Clear my debts. My refuge. Please baba help us and fill our life with happiness. Baba please bless us that I and my fiancee should help the needy and become a better person in this life and make our parents and you proud of us. Never leave me baba, please. Bless everyone. Om sai ram!

Sai Baba Miracles for This Month, Blessings, and Experiences

Experience/Miracle – 2

Om Sairam, today I am going to give a glimpse of Baba’s grace in my life. Till 2014, I was a very successful banker with a happy family. But, I was less inclined to Baba. I knew Him, but as dasganu Maharaj and Nana in their early days. Baba tried to pave a path of spiritualism for me in 2015, when all of sudden, I was charged with something, I never did. It was really huge and my credit came at a stake. My accountant embezzled with a huge sum and I became an accomplice. I lost my job, and a case was filed against me in January 2015.

The world seemed dark to me but Baba came there. My better half got a government service in March 2015 and I decided to face the brunt myself, that my family should not be affected. I shifted my family to my homeplace and started facing the inquiries and investigations on my own. That was the time when Sai came to my rescue and when everyone thought that I will be behind the bars. I led a free life, faced the consequences, and even got anticipatory bail, which was not an easy task in such a case. Baba gave me a pratyaksh darshan in 2021, when I went to Shirdi, after the corona period.

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Got a chance to perform the Abhishek of nine coins got a coin from Baba’s kafni, got Baba’s neer from His jhaari, and touched the rudraksha mala of Guru bainkusha and the holy Chadar which was covering Baba’s body in 1918, His mahasamadhi day..even touched the original Padukas of Sai. The intuition that I got is, everything will be ok and I will get my job at the earliest. This will be a MIRACLE for many and Baba’s ashirwaad for me. I know and I believe that He will be with me forever, making me capable of serving Him for the rest of my life. Baba has taken care of my family and they all are very contented, although all the thinking is being bestowed upon me…Love you, Baba. Om Sairam.

Experience/Miracle -3

If SaiRam can really cure me, cleanse my soul, can help me, why is he delaying? Am I not a good child, I don’t know but still something tells me I can trust him .yes my mom’s neighbor had a bad time her husband suspected her and behaved like a lunatic she continuously prayed SaiRam, and her patience was rewarded now SaiRam has cured him and she is having a good time. So sure enough I will get a better chance in life. I love my family but my children are facing a hard time.

My daughter is not well. I couldn’t give her higher education her husband is not proper. Her health is also not good. But still, I believe Sairam will be on her side correct her husband and give her good health and happiness. I wish she would get a male child and her daughter will have a happy childhood maybe I might have done a lot of evil things I don’t know but I want to be good I don’t know why people are treating me as an enemy. My son is also having a tough time his second daughter is not normal will SaiRam help her.

Will he get a male child will he get a better chance to improve in his life my third child is also facing problems his wife is troubling him his son refuses to mingle with children at school all my three children are facing health problems and mental stress. My husband is also troubled by his siblings I am also not having a proper sleep but still, I pray Baba bless us though we are too bad we are also your children as you bless your devotees bless though we are not good enough as we don’t know what to do please help us and guide us Jai SaiRam.

Trust in Baba always gives you endless fruits!


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