Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Helped Me in My Abroad Journey, Baba Gave Me a Job, Baba Helped Me Get All My Certificates Back

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Baba Helped Me in My Abroad Journey

I have been a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba for the last 15 years. Recently I underwent a Health Master check-up. It so happened that my ECG report turned out to be abnormally giving me fear of serious concern. I was shocked and shaken as I had to go abroad in the near future. As always the case, I invoked my all-time savior Shirdi Sai Baba and prayed to Him to save me from this scary situation.

When I showed the ECG report to the concerned Doctor, he explained that in respect of a few elderly persons, the ECG report turned out to be abnormal and only the ECHO test would reveal the real picture. Eventually, by the grace of the all-powerful Sai Baba, my ECHO report turned out to be absolutely normal. Our doctor reiterated that I need not worry and undertake a journey abroad as planned. I am deeply grateful to the omnipresent Sai Baba, with his miraculous powers; he relieved me of the tense situation. My sincere Pranam to Shirdi Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Gave Me a Job

I worked for some years and resigned to take care of my son and planned to go to the US along with my husband. After coming to the US, I got very depressed because of so many issues, and I tried to search for a job for almost four years. But keep on trying and go to the baba’s temple. At one point in time, I thought of reading Sai Satcharitha, and I started reading that Magical book and fasting. I have attended many interviews but have had no luck. Then I thought to follow patience and faith in January 2021.

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I keep on attending interviews without losing hope. In September, I got selected by one company and got an offer letter with less salary that I also needed to go to the office during paramedic time. I accepted and said Thank you to sai baba. In the following week, I got a call from HR that we had withdrawn your offer since we changed the role. I got stressed and depressed for some days. Then I attended another interview and got selected in November. I worked there, but I could not work because senior people gave me so much work stress.

I started feeling scared to work, and I prayed to baba daily about why these were happening to me. One day we went shopping, and we met one of our friends. She asked me, ” Are you still searching for a job?”. I said yes, and she asked me to send a resume to her husband. I did, and I attended the interview and got an offer letter within a week. I joined the company on December 31, 2022. I got a job that I am familiar with, and baba knows what is good for us. Thanks, baba, for all your blessings.

Baba Helped Me Get all the Certificates Back

In 2001, I moved to Delhi with my husband due to my job. I was pregnant with my daughter, and everything was going fine and happily. I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor, and my husband accompanied me. When we returned from Doctor’s office, we were shocked to see our door lock was broken and someone had robbed my house. All my school/ college certificates were stored in a nice new suitcase along with other essential documents like my husband’s passport.

We lost that and some of my jewelry. I could not take it when I realized all my certificates were gone, which was my life; it was the most challenging movement to digest all that. Filed police complaint. I said to baba. I don’t know what to do. I sincerely pray to you that I should get my certificates back, stated, crying. I started reading sai book that night. In the morning, I told my husband to take me to his friend’s house as I did not want to stay alone while he was at work.

He said he would drop me at his friend’s house. I was waiting outside as he pulled his 2-wheeler vehicle from the back parking area. To my surprise, a guy walked up to me and asked me if I was so and so and if I had lost my certificates. For a second, I was in shock! He told my husband and me that he was trying to reach the number on the back of one of my certificates, which looked like a South India number.

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He tried to call and could not reach me; he stepped out for a minute from the STD booth and wanted to try to call back that number. He said I looked like a south Indian and wanted to check with me. That was absolutely a wonder! Sai baba heard my prayers and helped me get all the certificates back. That guy told us he works for CRPF and was jogging early hours and found a bunch of certificates thrown by the roadside.

He took us to his place and gave us all the certificates back. Guess what? It was a stormy night. He picked up every certificate and took them and dried them under the fan in a big hall; tears rolled down my eyes with joy when I got all my certificates back. It is truly baba who came down to help and guide us, Truly blessed. Thank you all for creating such a great platform for sharing divine experiences.

Baba Helped Me in My Love Marriage

My house had my love issue, and my parents didn’t support me. After that, I lost hope in my love that it doesn’t work out. My mother believes in Sai Baba a lot. So I started to read Sai Sacharithra. The disturbances in my home became more and more. I said no to other marriage proposals. One day I got more frustrated and stood in front of baba.

I shouted that “you won’t have inequalities in the people. U will treat everyone equally. My love is genuine, but why are there disturbances in my love? I don’t want to hurt my love as well as my parents. So I am taking the pain. But no one understands me”. That night, Baba came into my dreams and asked my mother about my marriage with my love. She said, I have no problem if her father agrees”. “Then, baba said to me, you go and marry your love; there is nothing problem with your mother.

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But there is some problem with your father, but no problem, I will take care of your father.” After that, I hesitated to go and marry for six months. But suddenly, one day, the situation came. I left my house and got married. But my mother is happy with me, but my father is a little serious about me. But if all the things are settled, Baba may also bring me happiness with my father’s love.


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