Baba Miracle in My Marriage – Devotee From India

Baba Miracle in My Marriage:

Sai devotee from India writes: Hi devotees, I can say Baba is a integral part of my life and he has been taking care of me since my childhood. The best part is, I could realize Baba existence an year ago. When I remember his name, read or listen his leelas & his loving posture/look just does the magic always. I had ups and downs in my life, I run to Baba for everything and Sai listens to me all times. He is always there for me and I end up praying on Baba’s feet. I would say, my final destination is Baba for good or bad. Today, I am planning to share one of my experiences out of many.
We never know how life turns and it became true in my life. in the year of 2009, I had met a guy and we again met after a couple of years through our common friends. We were in love since last three years. As usual, things were not favoring us and they were not going as per our plan. One fine day, my family came to know about our relation and due to the family pressure we stopped meeting, talking and chat. One day, I came to know about “Nav Guruvar Vrat” through a few friends. I could say my love and devotion was reborn for Baba after so long period. I prayed to lotus feet of Baba that me and my guy should get married and live a happy life together. After finishing the Nav Guruvar Vrat, nothing immediately did happen. I was upset thinking of whether I did the pooja right way or not. I felt my prayers did not reach Him. I remember Shradda and Saburi and waited for long time.At last this year, things changed dramatically and our both families agreed to our marriage and wedding date was fixed. My happiness was no boundaries and my eyes were wet after thinking how Sai had kept His promise and helped me. He does miracles in right time that no one else could do.

Sai Blessings
Sai Blessings

I had wished that Baba should present on my wedding day. I prayed Baba that he should show his presence in any form or even his Photo would be enough to bless us. I was eagerly waiting from morning to noon and there was no sign of Baba presence. Suddenly after 12 pm, I have received a gift of Sai Baba locket from one of my relatives. Tears rolled from my eyes and Sai had blessed us through this form. I love Sai being there at tough times. I am happily leading my married life with my dream man because of Sai. Thank you Baba and be always with us. I have done “Nav Guruvar Vrat” again wishing to come out of some financial problems & waiting for Baba to help me again. I am hoping that Shradda and Sabur definitely will pay you. Om Sai Ram! Baba bless you all!.



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