Shirdi Sai Baba shows his Miracle – Sai Devotee from India

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says: In my introduction I Just want to say whatever I am today it’s all because of Baba’s Grace. I owe everything whatever I have today is because of Baba’s Hand on my head. Friends I’m a true God believer who worships God systematically on daily basis. I consider my Sai as my “Mahaguru”, Who guides me in every path of my life. Like Baba always said ‘” routes to our way can be very difficult. It could be dangerous too if you don’t have a right guide. So I truly believe my “Pad – Pradarshak” is my Baba. ‘Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara Gurur Saakshat Parabramha Tasmai Shri Gurve Namaha”

How Baba’s holy book “Sai Satcharitra” fulfilled my wishes. My family had seen many ups and downs and during the bad phase from somewhere my dad saw Sai Baba’s photo. He considered Him very inauspicious and also unlucky for our family. I too grew up listening such things. In my family we have strict rules for worshipping and we do systematic Pooja on daily basis. Especially my mom and me. We both never dishonoured any cultures faith and believe. Same way Baba was nothing for us. Slowly slowly time has passed and me and my siblings were grown-ups. We have moved from our last city also. By god’s grace I was a bright student. I believed in taking challenges. During my post graduation I took marketing which was a complete no for girls. I studied thoroughly and performed well. As I loved this subject I always wanted toexcel in this field. Luckily I always got selected in placement training interviews. I’m born with brain and beauty. People use to say my beauty is my biggest asset. To clear any boundary, I too being good in communication skills confidence and thorough subject knowledge and presentable looks felt nothing is impossible for me. I got selected in a very good company after my final MBA exams. Post my exam and before my joining I always wanted a break. Where I can spend some quality time with my friends and family. I did this and during this break my dreams shattered as recession badly hit our country too and my company said you are on hold. I was very restless and without wasting any time I wanted to apply again. Luckily I got job offer and during interview as usual I was selected with my proposed package which was bigger than my old package. During my initial days I use to get too much attention from top management. Slowly slowly I felt spoiled. It affected my performance. After sometime people started commenting on my performance. As I’m here just because of favour. I felt very bad.

It was Sai year as 1st was Thursday. My maternal cousins have great faith in Sai Baba and they use to talk with Him, cry in front of Him like a friend. I was surprised and use to wonder how insane they are my sisters. After much humiliation I left job. Somewhere again I started blaming Baba for my bad luck. I had this confidence that I’ll get my dream job very soon because I’m the best. But I was wrong. Almost 6 months I gave interviews. 1 or the other reasons I could not get the job. Slowly slowly I lost my confidence too if I can even clear interviews. Strangely I found most man very cunning and two faced. I repented why I took marketing. I really don’t want to face corporate cunning managers anymore. I entered depression. This time I use to talk to only my cousin sister who is a big Sai devotee. She suggested me to read “Sai – Satcharitra” it’s a book of Baba’s life and His Leelas. I denied again. But she couriered that book at my place. So finally I decided to read that book and as I was so depressed I thought let me try this too. I placed my wish first that please Sai Baba help me in getting that kind of job where I don’t have to travel much and meet people. I want to stay in my marketing field and don’t want to join corporate bad culture. What to do. How to do?

During my 1 week of studying and knowing Sai – Baba I started liking Him. I thought He is not that bad or unlucky. Then at my same cousins wedding, I got call from a big media firm where my work was to interact with media students. I started liking my job. I excelled in my job in marketing field got promoted to assistant marketing manager. My salary was also satisfying. Luckily I did not get to meet cunning corporate people. Here managers were very decent and respected females. I was on cloud9 as here only I met my very close friend who was again Sai devotee. We use to visit Sai temple every Thursday. We use to get lost in Sai Leelas. Soon I met my Mr. Perfect and got married. I’m happily married now and a strong believer of Sai Baba. Now my family too believes that Sai Baba is a Guide. We visit Shirdi temple once a year and my dad too have changed his views. My sister and my mother are very big devotee of Sai made by me. I believe this chain of devotees will be growing each day as every day people meet with miracles done by Baba. Dhanya Ho Tum Sai Nath. Jai Sai Ram


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