Baba Blessings In Covid Times

Baba Blessings in Covid Times #1

I am currently in 10th and from COVID this year I have many of my classes virtual. Due to that, it’s easy to lose motivation and fall behind fast, I found myself doing this often. It came to a point where one of my hardest classes had an exam and I was very nervous to take it. The night before I prayed to Baba because I often see my mom doing the same thing when she wants to thank Baba for her success pray for a wish. That night I remember being super worried because that score would determine what grade I would reside in that class. I had a pretty strict teacher who never lets anyone postpone their test or retake it. So I stayed up really late that night trying to cram everything from my history unit. I prayed to Baba explaining I was sorry for procrastinating and to do something so I don’t have to take the test the next day. I prayed hard and promised to write about my experience. The next morning I woke up terrified to log into the class because I knew I was not prepared to take the exam, I eventually got the nerve to log in. Soon after my teacher explained that there was a specific software that had to be downloaded to take the test and those who didn’t have it will have to take the test the following week. He went on to say he can monitor who can or can’t go in and so there wasn’t a way to lie out of it.

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

I felt so relieved like a big weight was taken out of my chest, even though I haven’t yet checked if the software was downloaded properly or not I knew this was SaiBaba’s way of letting me know I just got a ticket out. I went to the bar and clicked on the test with my eyes half-closed and to my joy, a rectangle popped which said the required software is not downloaded and directed me to get assistance. After seeing that it helped confirm that indeed Baba was listening to me and will always too. My teacher announced the group of people who will be taking the exam later and my name was in one of them. Though to some, this may seem like a coincidence or just luck I would have to disagree. I’ve had the same teacher for the whole year and never did a situation like this occurs. His exams are easy to get into and everyone takes them at the same time and he typically never has a situation where he split up students to take the test at different times. Out of 36 students, only 3 of us had the software issue. The other 2 were coming back from absence and I had downloaded this software prior but it indicated an error in the system when I downloaded (that rarely ever happened). This was my first time ever praying to Sai Baba on a wish I was the type of person who didn’t really believe in these sorts of situations, but after this, I felt so grateful and happy. Since then I’ve been at the top of my game and finished all my assignments on time so that I can finish the school year strong.

This is the reply from someone for one of the experiences  posted on the site:

Dear Sister,

Om Sai Ram!

Hope both of you are together now and leading a happy life.

One thing I’ve learned in life. Everything happens at a divine time. That’s a perfect time. God knows when to make it happen. Maybe both of you had to complete some unfinished business or pay karmic debts or get some self-realization before God had to bring you together.

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Sai Baba
Sai Baba

It’s like we’re sitting on the train and thinking why the train is not starting. God knows if the train starts now, it will meet with an accident because there’s a train coming from an opposite site with high speed. Railway staff may not know. God knows about it. Just an example.

One strange incident happened to me 2-3 years ago. I was about to leave for office. Suddenly my dressing table got locked while closing it. The key was inside. I was desperate to open it as I needed something from inside before starting. I kept pulling with force. After a few minutes, it got opened. I was wondering why this happened. Later I realized probably God saved me from an accident on the road to the office. Maybe. Our pain is His pain. I’ve come to the realization that when are in pain, Baba is also in pain. He remains quiet that time. He knows we’ve to go thru this pain or suffering for some reason. We think Baba has left us. You’re blessed. Baba came into your dreams and guided you.

Stay blessed. May Baba keep showing to you and your family!

Om Sai Ram.

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