Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Baba Recused Me with My Job, Sai Baba’s Blessings for My Brother’s Second Marriage

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Sai Baba Miracles - Sai Baba recused me with my job

Sai Baba recused me with my job

Namaskaram to all Sai Baba Devotees. I thank Sairam for allowing me to write a miracle of him and would like to share it with you all. I am Satish and live in the USA with my family and working here since September 2018. My connection with Sairam has been for over ten years and his blessings towards my prayers were always positive. However, over the last two years (since April 2020), my devotion towards him has increased many folds, and have experienced many blessings on Thursdays. I want to share one of my Sairam miracles here.

In April 2020, I was rolled off from my project due to the Covid pandemic. Being in the US, per my company policy, we are mandated to work on a project continuously with no gap of more than two weeks. As it was pandemic time, I was concerned about getting a new project in the next few days. I prayed to Sairam immediately, and the next day I got a call from another project and was asked to join the following Monday without any interview. My belief in Sairam started getting stronger. 

As I am in the US, I was due for my visa extension in Aug 2020, and my company applied for the same. I got my visa extension approved in Dec 2020. Usually, it takes up to 2 weeks to get the physical copy of the approval notice. Two weeks after my approval, I followed up with my company, and they replied that the physical copy has not yet arrived. As it was Christmas time, there was a long delay in receiving the mails on time.

I continued to follow up with my company in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th week after my approval, and they still didn’t receive the physical copy. As it was over delayed, my company raised a request with the visa office. I got communication on Jan 20, 2021, to apply for a duplicate physical copy of the approval notice. My company applied for a duplicate copy in Feb 2021. However, it takes around 10 to 15 months to get a duplicate approval copy and more than 90 days to even get a receipt number for the visa office to start the work on the duplicate copy.

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Sai Baba

I was told that I need to travel back to India if I don’t receive it before Apr 12, 2021. My wife was working in India and resigned from her job to stay with me in the US along with our 5-year-old son. I also have personal commitments in India. Hence, working in the US will help me manage my family and take care of my Indian commitments. I was continuously following up with my company and immigration lawyers to understand the possible approaches to speed up the duplicate copy.

All of them unanimously suggested that I reach out to a Senator or Congress person to speed up the duplicate copy. As I have never reached out to any political party even in India and not being a US citizen, I was very hesitant and scared to reach out to a Senator or Congress person. My company mentioned that at least an oral confirmation is required from the visa office, but a receipt number is required for the duplicate application.  

As a Sairam devotee, I kept my prayers with Sairam to help me get the duplicate approval copy before Apr 12, 2021. My friend suggested me to reach out to another Sairam devotee (she was in Uganda) and keep my prayers at her home. She asked me to follow the 9-week vrat on every Thursday. My wife has been following Sairam vrat every Thursday. I got all the rules from my wife and started to follow the vrat from next Thursday.

Days were running and there was no update from my company until Mar 15, 2021. As I had only very few days left, I decided to reach out to the Congress person in the US and wrote an email on Mar 17, 2021. My company promised to give the required supporting documents. I got a call from the Congress office on Mar 18, 2021, and they enquired about my issue. The moment I got the call, I understood it was Sairam’s voice and started crying before him.

The Congress person understood my situation and agreed to take it up with the visa office to speed up the process. I mentioned to him that my company applied for a duplicate physical copy of the approval notice about a month ago and have not received a receipt number for it. I gave him the FedEx tracking number of the application form that was sent to the visa office. The next day (March 19, 2021) my company received the receipt number and called up the visa office.

They got an oral confirmation that my visa was approved till Jun-2023. Now, the legal team from my company mentioned that oral confirmation is not acceptable and requires a physical copy of the approval notice to allow me to work in the US. Also, they were not willing to provide the supporting documents to the Congress person which was promised earlier. However, I didn’t lose my confidence in Sairam and called up the Sairam devotee who is in Uganda.

She asked us to read Sai Charitra in 7 days and assured us of a turnaround. Me and wife combined and finished reading all the 50 chapters in 7 days. As the days were getting close to April 12, 2021, I was getting myself ready to travel back to India and started to look for flight tickets. My wife stopped me from booking the flight ticket and told Sairam is testing our devotion and let’s not lose the hope.

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Shirdi Sai Baba

Miracles of miracle, a couple of days later (Apr 9, 2021), my company sent me an email with the supporting documents to the Congress person because of an escalation from my project client stating that I am required to stay in the project for a longer duration. As April 12, 2021, passed by, my company took me off from payroll. We had already planned to go to Sairam temple in the US on Apr 15, 2021.

Just an hour before we started to the temple, we received an email from the Congress person that the visa office has accepted to issue the duplicate physical copy of the approval notice in two weeks. We went to the temple as planned, and a lady came running towards me while returning and gave me a Sairam vrat book. By the time I looked back, I didn’t see anyone in the temple. This was none other than Sairam himself. I accepted the vrat book as a duplicate copy of the approval notice.

I kept the first book in my pooja room and didn’t open it until the following Thursday. A miracle again, I opened the vrat book on Thursday evening (Apr 22, 2021) during the evening Aarthi and wondered what my company called me and told they are taking me back into payroll and I can start working from the next day. This was an extreme bliss for me and stood in silence in front of Sairam not knowing what to speak. The following Thursday (Apr 29, 2021), my company received the duplicate copy of the approval notice.

Sai Baba’s blessings for my brother’s second marriage

I have a younger brother who is 4-years younger than me. He is working as a Mechanical Engineer. He got married in 2017. Initially, his marriage life was going well, but after a few months, there were multiple quarrels and arguments between him and his wife. We, as elders, including the girl’s parents involved and tried to ease the relationship. However, the girl was very adamant and started comparing him with others and continued to live only at her parents’ place.

He often took her out to temples and dinners at restaurants to make her happy and live a positive life. However, nothing could make her happy, and she resisted taking any photos with him and even insulted him in public places. He resisted all this behavior of the girl and tried to live a life with her in the thought that time would make the girl more mature and live together. The girl was never willing to come from her parent’s home, and after a few months, she insisted on getting a divorce.

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Shirdi Sai Photo

It was a total shock for my bother and us, and we could not accept the divorce notice as we had not faced such a situation before. We tried talking to the girl’s parents to help her understand and to start living a peaceful life with my brother. Initially, the girl’s parents accepted to advise their daughter, but after a few days, they also accepted their daughter’s decision to divorce. We were in total disarray but only ended up getting divorced in Aug 2018.

My bother gave himself some time to forget this experience and started to look for a new alliance in 2019. He was never willing for love marriage and wanted to settle down in a marriage where the elders and parents were involved. He spoke to many alliances for over two years but could not find the right spouse for him. He was getting older and started to worry about his future. After my experience and the miracles that Sai Baba did for me to secure my job,

I informed my bother to start following the 9-week Sai Virat every Thursday. I gave him all the instructions on how he must do the Vrat, and he strictly followed it. Miracle of Sairam, after finishing his 9-week Virat, he got a good alliance fixed and got married. He is awaiting his new baby in the next month. We are so thankful to Sai Baba and can’t express our gratitude in words. Our faith in him is increasing daily, and we have 100% confidence that he is listening to each of our prayers. So to all the devotees, Trust in Sai Baba always gives you fruitful life!  



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