Sai Leela Stories – Miracles, Experiences, Blessings

Shirdi Sai Leela Stories and Miracle Experiences

Sai Leela Stories #1Sai Baba’s Darshan

My family is in connection with Baba for the last 15 years. The story that I am writing is around 5-6 years ago. Though it is crystal clear in my memories and would like to share it with all of Sai devotees. I used to stay in Kolkata at that time. My family is all about my mother, my son, me, and our Sai Baba. It was winter morning around 5 am. I generally brush my teeth in the verandah. So, was doing so. Suddenly saw a Beggar who was sitting outside our verandah with a blanket wrapped around him. Initially, I got scared. I called my mom and asked her to watch Him. Both of us had goosebumps and started shedding our tears. We were in a difficult situation. We were unable to understand either we should feel happy that Sai baba is there in front of my house or we should be scared about the unknown person sitting in front of my house. There was no male person at my home. My son was 7-8 years old. We were unable to understand what to do. I started preparing tea for my mom and offered it to the Sai Baba(Beggar) also with 2 biscuits. He accepted the tea and the biscuits.

An amazing thing happened, once I gave him biscuits, there came dogs, cats, and crows. He immediately offered the biscuits to them. That made me understand it’s no one other than Sai Baba. But, still, as we were alone and the neighbors were all asleep by that time, we were not confident to call Him inside our house. We were very confused about what to do. Then once He had his tea, I and mother thought to offer him Rs.101. Then immediately I went inside and opened my purse to get 100 rupees note. There was no 1 rupee coin, either there were 2 or 5 rupee coins. I opened my almirah, and once I opened it, (God knows from where) a coin fall down. I took it up and saw that it was a One rupee coin. I had handed over the same to Sai Baba(Beggar). He took it. We asked Him to bless us. He blessed and then we requested Him to go as it seemed to be not safe to ask Him to sit there. I know you all must be thinking why I asked Him so. But, I had to. Once I told Him to go, He went off with his belongings. Our family got His Darshan that day. The previous night, my mom prayed to Sai Baba to take care of us as there was theft in our neighborhood, so Baba came and helped us.

Sai Leela Stories #2: How My Husband Got A Job

Om Sai ram to all sai devotees, I used to pray Sai baba as, like other gods, I went to sai baba many times with my friends and pray him just like that. But my friend is a sai devotee, she did Sai Vrat pooja every Thursday. She got the onsite opportunity and went to another country. After 3 years, one of my other friend she is also a sai devotee, doing Sai Vrat for 9 weeks. One day she gave me a prasad and told me about Sai Vrat, that time I was in depression because of some family problem. I thought to do Sai Vrat and like to read sai Satcharitha. But I like a sai baba idol for pooja, so I asked one of my team members, he also a Sai devotee, he used to go to Sai temple every Thursday. one Wednesday afternoon, I requested him to buy a sai idol from the temple if possible. He said ok, in the evening he brought me sai idol and also Sai Satcharitha book also. I was very happy and started pooja from that Thursday onwards. I prayed sai to give the job to my husband, also I asked my husband to go to a temple, that time he was in the US. Sai baba temple is there where he was staying. within a week he got the job and I was happy and believe sai more. Om sai ram!.

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Leela Stories #3 – Baba Ki Leela

My daughter is facing some negative problems for a week and she was losing all her energy and she was not able to walk. Then I decided at any cost I’ve to save my daughter, we’re living near sai baba temple. To get some essential things we walked near the temple, she’s not in a good condition so we didn’t go to the temple. Then suddenly a man came with some Bhasma (Vibudi) and he was decorated with full of peacock feathers. He called us and beat my daughter with peacock feathers and gave her some Bhasma (Vibudi) and a photo of Baba, he was disappeared. After a few minutes, she was relieved from all her problems and when we came home we just viewed the photo which the man had given. It was the real shocking!! The picture was exactly the idol which we’re worshipping in our home. We’re so blessed sai baba came to us and solve all the problems that we’re facing.
Jai sai baba.

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Sai Leela Stories #4Miracles In My Life

Hi I’m a strong and huge devotee of Sai Baba… I have been his devotee since childhood… I got to know about Sai Baba from my Father and I’m very happy about that. here I would like to share two instances that happened with me.

  1. I can say that I’m here today breathing alive is all because of Sai Baba. I in fact would like to say that it’s by re-birth. I was badly sick when I was in my 11th grade I was hospitalized I was kept under observation I was unconscious and I had no idea as to what was happening around me.And apparently, doctors had told there are no hopes we have to keep her under observation and see what has to be done next. And after that I was shifted to ICU and I was in ICU for 7 days and later after the 7th day they shifted me towards and even after that my condition was good I started getting sick again and my parents who are also followers of Sai Baba started praying and then day by day say by around 20 days I started getting better. And I survived and I’m here today is all because of Sai Baba. He saved my life. all thanks to Sai Baba.
  2. I was preparing for my first-year medical exams and I was very much scared of exams coz they had told us passing first-year MBBS is a nightmare and if you clear your 1st MBBS, then you can easily get through in all the years. And that’s the worst nightmare anyone could ever dream of. The day before my exams I was very much scared and I slept crying and Sai Baba came into my dreams and he said don’t worry you’ll definitely pass this exam and in return to that, you should visit Shiridi and do my Seva… It exactly happened how he said. And I cleared the exams and after my results were announced I went to Shiridi and I did my Seva. Even now whenever I feel low or disinterested in life or if something goes wrong I go speak to Sai Baba and I feel better… I do read Sai Satcharitha every Thursday. I did 7 days Parayan… Keep blessing me, Sai Baba, and everyone.

Sai Leela Stories #4Sai Baba Miracle

In 2016, I brought sai baba idol for doing Aai Vrat. I did and my wish came true. so I started believing baba and took the idol with me while travelling to the US. But idol got broken, still, I keep my baba with me in my pooja room. Some days later because of depression I simply pray baba just like that. After 4 years, in 2020 we moved to another state. here I kept baba outside, because roaches are inside the idol as it is broken, so many days baba was outside only. On Vinayaka Chaturthi’s day thought to take baba along with clay vinegar and put it in water. But baba’s grace I forget to take baba. After some days I was very much depressed and my husband’s project also come to an end. I simply think about what should I do. At that time, I took baba inside my house and started doing pooja like before.

My husband got a new project, and I strongly believe baba is with me even I kept him outside for so many days. From 2021 onwards, I am praying Baba to get a job for me, so started Sai Vrat, and simply watching youtube, I saw a quote like “I will send Mahalakshmi to your home”. That weekend without any plan we went to the Mahalakshmi temple. Before going to the temple, we went to the pooja shop, there I was looking god’s idol, my husband told me that we will buy in the temple not from here. so left the place and started to temple. Baba’s grace I saw Lakshmi idols at the entrance of Karuvarai. My husband told me that you can take one Lakshmi idol and bill it. I was shocked and happy, I took one and billed it, it cost more than the idol which is in the shop, but no matter what the cost is, I got it from the temple. In the temple canteen, one person told like that sai baba temple also nearby, so you can visit that place also because we traveled for 4 hours to this place. next, we plan to go to sai baba temple, due to covid restriction, we have to book an appointment. But baba’s grace, they mentioned no need for an appointment. so we started to baba temple and got a darshan while coming out I saw baba’s photos on the table, I thought to take but with some hesitation, I didn’t, but my husband took some photos and volunteer people said to take some photos and give it to your friends. The miracle is that my husband took some photos without counting and counted the photos, it is 9 photos. I was very happy because I got 9 photos. I am very patient and believe baba will get me a job. sai ram sai ram sai ram!.

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