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Sai Prayer Request To Save My Family From Our Enemies – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Reading today’s post will make your heart beat faster. This was i experienced. Please pray for this lady and that’s all we can do. Let Lord Sai Baba save her from any harm to herself and her kids.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a house wife, a mother of two children, married for 13 years. Shirdi Sai Baba has taken me into His custody since my college days. When my parents were not well and had some problem in business. A family friend asked us to visit Sai Baba’s Temple at Injambakkam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and asked us to distribute ladoos to the devotees, once the problem is solved. Miraculously, the problems started getting solved, and we distributed ladoos as promised. From then all of us became ardent devotees of Baba. In fact it was Baba, Who had performed my marriage in spite of so many problems from my in-laws, though it was an arranged marriage.

My problem is my in-laws, who have gone to the extent of taking my life many times. Baba has saved me many times, but still I am afraid of them, because they keep attempting many techniques using black magic and even tried to poison me with the help of my servants. Even before our marriage my in-laws had done black magic, to stop our marriage, to get married a relative’s girl to my husband. The irony is that my husband was 31 then and she was just 9 years old. As my husband was in a high position, they did not want to lose the benefits of his job. So a couple of days before our engagement, I had a sudden fracture and severe ligament rupture in my leg, and so it was postponed to a few months. Their idea was to drag the time as they were giving hormone treatment to the girl to attain puberty. But somehow, Baba performed our marriage, much to the astonishment of everyone. 

But ever since our marriage, they have been trying all methods to take my life, and get that girl married to him. They had bribed our servants, and mixed sleeping pills in my coffee, so that they can frame as, I had committed suicide. But by Baba’s grace I found out the different taste and the undissolved tablets in the cup and sent her away. Though I wanted to file a complaint, my husband did not want to expose his people. Then with the help of another servant, they had tried to open up the gas knobs at night when my husband was away. Then again I found out and dismissed her too. Then they had left a snake in my house when my husband was out of station, but luckily Baba saved us. Then with my watchman’s help, they had unscrewed my bike seat, but I had found it when I was half way through on the main road, then again Baba saved me, when I fell down with just few bruises. But once again when I was on my bike, they had set up someone to hit me down like an accident, and likewise, when I was on my bike, that too on a hills road, an Innova car, all of a sudden from an unexpected zone, (as it came from a slum like area, where no one has seen it before, and no one could have it also) and hit my bike from the back, and I toppled(fall) and had severe head injury. Luckily Baba had saved me from a major accident, as if I had not banged against the rock and stopped, I would have rolled down the slope of the mountain. There are so many more incidents, but I have shared only a few. 

Still they keep, doing all black magic tricks using our things with the help of some servant at home. I am not able to find out who it is, but can experience the effect. I have fallen sick now, and not even able to do Pooja for Baba. I am so afraid as my children are very small. My husband, who is in his mid forties, is in all favour of them as he too is charmed by that girl, who is now in her early twenties, and started giving most of his earnings to them. I am totally cut off from my parents and siblings. Moreover, they do some black magic on my parents and siblings also, as they too have started experiencing problems in business and health, and have been hospitalized many times, so that i should not have any support. When Baba is there with me and my children, my parents and my siblings and their families, i don’t need to bother, as He saves us from every danger. But still i am so afraid nowadays, as i am becoming weak and sick, and not even able to do Pooja to Baba, since long. I am afraid as my children are small. I request all devotees of Baba to sincerely pray for my children, me, my parents and my brother and his family, so that my in-laws, those devils will be punished and get away from us. I am very afraid. I know that all your prayers along with ours to our Shirdi Baba can do Miracles. That is why i have posted it here. Please publish this and let the prayers of all devotees of Baba save us. We are totally helpless and afraid. Pray for us. Jai Sai Ram.


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