Pulled By Sai’s Strings – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India

Today’s experience is description of very light incidents of a devotee’s life wherein she has witnessed grace of Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi everyone, I am a happily married female in my late 20’s. Talking about my maiden home, I belong to a religious family who are ardent devotees of Lord Krishna. Since my teenage days, I used to attend Bhajan, Sandhyas with my parents, also visited Vrindavan with them quite often.

I am married in an extremely practical family who believe in God, but do not follow much rituals, etc. Nor do they attend any Kirtans, Bhajan, Sandhyas, etc. Having adopted their views and their lifestyle, I too became just like them. I used to pray every day in my heart but never experienced any warmth or positive energy until I visited Shirdi in Oct 2013.

I had left my job in October 1st week, as I was having health issues because of long commuting to work every day and also because I had made up my mind to start something of my own. October 2nd week was when we had planned our trip to Shirdi, Lonavala & Mumbai. Actually, Sai Baba planned this trip for us. Here’s how – My husband’s colleagues planned this trip, we were 5-6 families that were supposed to go. In the end, only 2 of these families could make it to the trip. The person who initiated the plan and made all the arrangements had to cancel his own plan. We were luckily one of the couples who went to Shirdi.

I and my husband had never in our lives experienced this magnetism towards God like the one we felt inside Shirdi temple. When we entered the main temple for evening Aarti Darshan, my husband & his male colleague went into the Darshan line for males and I along with my husband’s colleague’s wife and daughter went into the female’s line. Now the place where I was standing, I couldn’t see Baba properly because there was a pillar right in the front obstructing my Darshan. When the females who had special passes were moved to the front, I just wished if I could also go there in the front and attend Aarti from there. And guess what happened next moment, the guard standing on my left opened the barrier for us and closed it again. And I attended the Aarti from the first row in the female section. It was miraculous. Witnessing all this drew me to Baba.

My husband is a strong personality and he hardly cries, but when he did Darshan that day, he was filled with emotions and couldn’t stop crying. I had bought Sai Baba’s Miracles Book from our hotel library while at Shirdi and started reading it in the train on our way back home. I was stunned to read it and kept narrating those stories to my husband. While we were at Shirdi temple, I had thought of buying Baba’s idol for the temple in our home, but I kept num because my husband doesn’t like the idea of collecting Idols at home as he believes in praying in one’s heart. And guess what, when we came home, my mom-in-law while doing Diwali cleaning found Sai Baba’s Idol in one of the closets where we keep all the gifts that we receive at various occasions. We still do not remember anyone gifting it to us. From that day, I kept Baba in the temple in our home.

About a month later, we decided to get our home renovated and while I was cleaning an old rack in our balcony where we keep all the worn out stuff, etc. I found Sai Baba’s extremely small sized stone Idol (Picture attached). It had some cement attached to its back. None of us at home remembers keeping anything like this. I was so happy to see it that I kept it in my room wrapped in a Yellow cloth. My heart says, that by this, Baba is reminding us that He is with us all the time and He is staying with us to protect us all the time. Since the time I visited Shirdi, I get to see Baba more frequently now, be it on road-side posters, somebody’s home/car, everywhere. The society where we live organized a Sai Palki and Sai Sandhya this month. I had been desperately waiting for the day since the time I got to know about it. When Sai Palki reached right there in the square we live in, I ran down to have Baba’s Darshan and burst into tears full of joy that Baba has been visiting us so often now.

I and my husband both remember Sai each day. To me, He is like a father who cannot see His daughter in distress. Whenever I am in pain or stress, I remember Sai and believe me, Sai has never disappointed me. Sai has also made me a patient person altogether. All my life, I have been an aggressive and impatient girl who just does what she wishes. But Sai Baba has calmed me down. For everything that happens with me or will happen with me, I have surrendered myself to Baba’s Feet and I shall happily accept it as His Wish/Prasad. I love You Baba. Please be with us always.

‘Sai Reham Nazar Karna, Bacchon Ka Paalan Karna’.

I wish to have kids now and I know Baba will bless me soon.

Om Sai Ram


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