Couple of Sai Expereinces – Shirdi Sai Devotees

Experience 1:

I want to share my experience with all Sai devotees. It was in June 2007 that I started praying SAI. Since childhood, I believed in god and would perform poojas, and would fast once a week. everything was going smooth. After marriage things began to start worsening, in terms of career and we were worried bat our future. In 2007, my husband was depressed, he was on medication. He resigned to his job. I did not have visa to work. At that time, I prayed to SAI, now I am not able to imagine how and in which condition we would be if SAI did not help us at that time. It was tough time from June to October. In October he got job, soon he recovered. Since then we did not leave SAI. My husband would not believe in god and doing pooja. Now everyday first thing he does after bath is lighting diya and doop sticks for SAI. My work visa did not go thru two times i.e. 2 years were wasted, third time I prayed Baba and I got it. Whenever I feel sad or worried, I just pray SAI and read SATCHARITHA.I feel BABA with we all the time. He is with me even now. BABA I want to thank you 1000 times and much more. Thanks for taking care of us. WE LOVE YOU BABA. We had a son and we named him as SAI.I feel this as new life, which BABA gave us. We are happy now with our small SAI.

Experience 2:

Dear Sri Saibaba, as I promised, I am sharing my experience and your miracles with all the devotees. I lost my job at the end of 2011. We were praying Sri Saibaba to get me a job as it was getting problem for us financially and worried about our GC processing. By the grace of Sri Saibaba, in the month of Mar 2012, I got a job at the same client and through same consulting firm but different state. If you see his miracle, he wanted me to stick to same consulting company until I get my GC. We never expected this one would work out. This happened in a matter of 2-3 days. This is all because of miracles of Sri Saibaba. When we were not having insurance, he took care all of us without any problems and helped financially. I would never imagine, because of his miracles, everything was good. Sri Sainath, pls bless my daughter with good health, life and future. Please make my wife be calm, always in your prayers and good health. Please bless us with second child. Pls bless us to get GC within a month and get a stable job in Houston after I get my GC. Pleases bless us to have peaceful and stable life. Pls make us pray for you everyday and before performing any activity. It is because of you we are having such a wonderful life. It is you always taking care of us and pls be with us always. Pleases bless my parents with good health and long life. Pls bless my sister with good health and job and a good family. Pls bless everyone on this earth. Jai Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Jai Sri Saibaba.

Experience 3

This happened in January 2008, when I was on a visit to Pune. I landed in Pune airport around 12 noon. As I had the official work only the next day, I wanted to make a trip to Shirdi and be back in Pune. I realized that I forgot to carry my Debit Card and all I had was about Rs.500 and a credit card. I had a nice darshan of BABA at Shirdi and returned to Pune around midnight. I was searching for a decent hotel to stay for the night. All I had was Rs.200 in cash and credit card and my return flight ticket to Chennai. I was desperately searching for a budget hotel where credit card is accepted. Suddenly an autowallah approached me and said he can accommodate me in a decent hotel with credit card acceptance. He took me to the hotel about 20 minutes drive from the bus station. I checked into the hotel using the credit card. I never use credit card to withdraw cash from the ATM. So withdrawing cash from ATM was ruled out. The next morning I got ready to go the place of work, about one hour from the place where I was staying. All I had was Rs.100/- with me. I went down and checked with the hotel guy about the auto fare to that place. I was told that autowallahs charge Rs.200/- to reach the place. I came back to my room and prayed to BABA to help. I took out the SAI SATCHARITA from my bag and I opened randomly by closing my eyes. Lo! To my surprise, I found Rs.100/- in that page. My joy knew no bounds and reached the place after paying Rs.200/-. I returned to the airport in a cab arranged by the staff of the company. This miracle is an ample example, that once again BABA protects his devotees at all times.


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