Expereinces of SAI.BA.NI.SA (Shri Gopal Rao Ravada) with Shirdi SAI – 19

I am sure that all Sai devotees can recall how Bhimaji Patil got cured of his ailment (Tuberculosis) and escaped from the clutches of death due to the divine grace of SAI. It is well depicted in the 13th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. I would like to narrate how Sai saved me from a most feared disease.

It was on 20th April 1996, the Sunday morning hours while engaged in watering of plants in our Kitchen garden, and I felt terrible pain in my chest with lot of perspiration. I approached our family Doctor Dr.R.A.Rao who immediately diagnosed it as Heart attack, administered sorbitral to be kept under my tongue and advised me to be immediately moved to CDR Hospitals for specialized care. As arrangements wore being made to shift me to the Hospital, I prayed and opened up a page in Sai Satcharitra. The message given was from the 15th chapter and read as follows: ” He who respectfully reads this chapter or studies it daily will get all his miseries removed by the grace of Sadhguru Sai Baba”. I gathered courage that Lord Sainath will definetly save me and vowed to continue parayan of 15th chapter regularly on my returning home after full recovery. I was moved to Hospital with the help of my friends in an Auto and I was feeling discomfort in breathing as I was being shifted on to a stretcher. Even in that stage my attention was drawn to the Medical hall opposite to the main entrance – “SAI SHAKTI MEDICAL HALL” with photograph of Sai in blessing. My faith and confidence level in positive recovery increased. A costly injection was given to me after I was made to rest in ICCU. On 28-04-1996 I was taken for ANJIO GRAM TEST and the test confirmed that three of my Arteries were blocked to 90% and two more Arteries to the extent of 30%. Decission to perform bypass surgery was taken by a team of attending experts. As usual I prayed upon Sai on the night of 01-05-1996 and sought his advice as it involves a considerable expenditure, time taking and with success not 100% guaranteed. Sai appeared to me in my dream and uttered -” thieves have joined in your street, you better call the Police in day time and get them driven out “. This type of message may appear strange to the readers but I could decode correctly as it meant to me, that three of my Arteries are, blocked and I must undergo Surgery only during day time and overcome the present crisis. 1 have talked to the team of Specialists and I was posted to get operated on 16-05-1996 (Thursday) at 14:00 hrs.

However on 16 May 1996, till 17:00hrs the team of Doctors has not turned up. At 18:00hrs a group of Assistants started making preparations for the Surgery anticipating to take place. The inner thinking process of mine was cautioning me that surgery performed in the night Hours may not be 100 % successful. I requested Sai to save from the present predicament. Before entering the Operation Theatre I wrote the following words. “I am going to fight with death and if I return alive the success goes to Sai. I was being readied for the, surgery with all the gadgets and equipment attached properly as per their procedure. In the heart of hearts I was praying that this night’s surgery should not take place and was resting helplessly lying on the operation table. Mean while the Telephone in the Operation Theatre gave a ring. One of the assisting Doctors attended the call and Theatre Nurse announced the information that chief Surgeon Dr.Prasada Rao will not be available this evening due to unforeseen circumstances. Accordingly the Surgery stands cancelled and patient is posted to be operated the next day morning i.e. 17-05-1996. My joy knew no bounds and was sure that Sai alone has performed this miraculous act of organizing the postponement. operation commenced at 09:00 AM on the next day and completed by 16:00hrs in the evening. I was shifted to the, critical postoperative care unit for observation and none was allowed to see me. Later I understood that my wife, children and well-wishers were eagerly waiting to see me. I regained consciousness the next day morning by 08:00 AM and the first person I saw was DR.BRAHMAIAH, the Anesthetist. I could see SAI in him and greeted him traditionally with folded hands. He bent over me while asking me as to whom I would like to see first. I expressed that 1 wanted to see SAI first and a little later I saw my wife showing me a photograph of Sai in gentle smile, with tearful eyes. The typical gentle smile of Sai alone has given me the strength and courage, to be in front of you and granted me an opportunity to serve you all and read the 15 th chapter regularly.




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