Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Baba Saved Me from Grave Danger, Sai Baba Gave Me My Dream Job, Sai Baba Helped Me in Getting Admission to Good College

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Sai Baba saved me from grave danger.

I want to share my wonderful experience of Sai Baba’s grace with you. I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I was getting a regular bout of mouth ulcers. One day my father called casually, and out of concern, he suggested we visit a well-known doctor friend who had given us very good remedies/treatment earlier. So we went to this doctor, who advised it was stress ulcers and prescribed some medication for ten days.

I took this medicine for three and half days and fell seriously ill, developed very bad mouth and throat ulcers, my gums started bleeding, I couldn’t open my mouth, couldn’t talk, and it was painful. So I stopped the medication and rushed to the ENT nearby; the doctor there said it was a very heavy dose prescribed, and that is the reason for this outbreak, he said it would take a week to heal, and I would have to manage pain and take plenty of liquids to flush the toxic dose out.

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After a week, I was able to speak, and I thought all was well. However, a few days later, I noticed I was losing abnormally large amounts of hair. I then again rushed to a hair doctor and explained what happened. The doctor was very worried and said that the dose given was highly toxic and wanted to run many tests to make sure everything was well internally. He said the toxic dose affected the rapidly dividing cells causing very severe hair fall.

I was frightened. I didn’t know what was happening. I started praying to Sai Baba, began Reading the Sai Satcharita wholeheartedly, and prayed to Sai Baba to save me from this grave danger. My entire family was worried. After two days, we got the results; the doctor advised the results were OK with a mild variation in one. I was so relieved to hear that there was no major damage to my body/organs.

I thank Sai Baba for saving me from this grave danger. I completed the Sai Satcharita in 1 week. And did another reading the following week? Reading the Sai Satcharita gave me so much strength as I was going through many emotional upheavals. Baba saved Me and Protected me. Bow to Shri Sai. Peace is to All.

Baba Gave Me My Dream Job

Om Sai Ram, Baba, you are everything to me as always whenever I pray, you always showed countless love on us. I want to share baba’s recent miracle in my life; when we moved to Sweden in July 2021, I was a little scared that I won’t be finding any job. So I did nine weeks’ wrath and prayed to Baba to help us with a job, as in Sweden, the Swedish language is mandatory, and getting a job will be impossible. Still, my baba always said nothing is impossible if we keep shraddha and saburi on Baba.

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During my 9weeks wrath, I was interviewed and got an offer from a UK company for six months, where I worked remotely for my past company, and my rehire was NO. Still, baba made it possible to find the grace where I lost it. Today my 6months contract is extended to 1-year baba without your blessings; nothing would have been possible. Thank you for being a great guide, my dad and mom forever. Forgive us if we had knowingly and unknowingly made any mistakes. Keep the world safe and shower blessings on all of us. Om sai ram.

Baba Helped Me in Getting Admission to Good College

First of all, thank you, Sai. I’m a student studying B.Tech 1st year. From inter, I prayed to sai to score good marks in the May entrance test for B.Tech. I prayed a lot. I read satcharitha two times. I chant his name. I think the objective test is luck based test. So, I asked Baba to help me get good marks in my exam. I believe in God. My exam is coming. I prayed to sai, and I went to the exam hall. After seeing the question paper, I was shocked as it was very tough.

First, I asked Baba to get below 5,000 rank after writing the exam, and later I prayed to Baba to help me to get below 10k rank. But unfortunately got around 14,000 rank. I got angry at Baba because I chanted his name every day, and also I prayed from inter to help me get below 5000 rank, but my wish was not fulfilled. There is no Sai, and Sai did not help me. What can I do I am satisfied with that rank, and the counseling time is coming for selecting colleges. In anger, I prayed to Sai baba but not wholly. I kept the web options for the first phase, and the counseling results were about to come soon.

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I got more tension. My parents were waiting, and all the members asked where they got a seat? All others were getting seats in good colleges, and because of network issues site was not working correctly. I checked my results at 3 AM in the early morning. After entering my number, nothing was showing in the portal. I said to my mother, and she cried. I, too, cried a lot. Again I got angry with Baba and said there was no Baba. If there was Baba, he would’ve definitely helped me. I cried a lot. All my relatives started asking which college I got, and I was not in a position to answer.

Later, I realized I forgot Sai when I kept the web options. I chant but not wholly. Now I kept complete faith in Baba and put web options for 2nd phase. I got a seat in a good branch in an excellent college with Baba’s grace. The moral of the story is don’t forget Sai if he gives or not, believe Baba. Your wishes will be fulfilled. He’ll always provide answers to your prayers. Pray sai before starting any work. Don’t forget Baba. Om Sai Ram.



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