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Baba Miracle Experiences Of Devotees

Hello devotees, today we have a couple of “Baba Miracle Experiences Of Devotees”. If you come across any such miracles, do not forget to submit your story.

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracle Experiences with Devotees

Baba Miracle Experiences
Baba Miracle Experiences

Baba Miracle Experiences #1 My Experience Of Sai Miracles

I was born in Raipur, Chhattisgarh but am settled in Gujarat now, for more than five decades. In 1992 I got married. My wife’s family is settled in Maharashtra. Till then I was in no way acquainted with Sri Sai Baba and his glories. But my in-laws were devotees of Sai Baba & visited Shirdi occasionally.
When we were married my mother-in-law had taken a vow that after the marriage, she would visit Shirdi together with her daughter & Son-in-law.
But the vow was not fulfilled till the next 5 (five) years. I was running a business, but by 96-97, it was not doing well. When my mother-in-law came to know about it, she recalled her vow and decided that it was high time to fulfill it. By this time, by Sri Sai Baba’s grace, we also got a healthy and cute-looking son. So in 1997, we all decided to visit Shirdi. my father-in-law, mother-in-law, my wife, my 4yr old son & myself.
I had by now become quite miserable, plagued by lots of troubles in business & financial issues. When I came to know about Sri Sai Baba & the proposed visit I began to gather hopes.

Helpless, I had decided to pour my heart out to Sri Sai Baba — to tell him all my problems & ask for his help. In case I forgot some point, so I made a list on paper of all the problems, that I wished to tell Sri Sai Baba & ask for his help.

But as soon as I set foot in the Main Temple Dwarkamai and saw the first glimpse of Sri Sai Baba, all thoughts about the list vanished. Tears were streaming down my eyes. I forgot everything about asking & could not even take the list out of my pocket.
I just told Sai Baba with folded hands ” Baba, you know everything. Please grant us whatever is best for us ” and my vision of Baba was repeatedly blurred by my tears.
And I was happy because we had a nice darshan of Baba & came out of the temple and proceeded towards Sai Prasadalay.
But to our dismay, we were late by just a few minutes. The coupon distribution counter for bhog-prasad had just shut down. I was very disappointed because visiting for the first time that too without Baba’s bhog prasadalay.
My father-in-law proposed that we catch a bus and return home. The journey would take 6-7 hours. Maybe we could all manage. But what about my 4yrs old son? He was very hungry and crying. We too were dejected. Like this our visit would be incomplete.

Suddenly, we were approached by Kafni robed lame old – man on crutches. He directly came to me & said ” Beta Khana Khane Ka Hai ” I answered ” Haan Baba ” But my father-in-law strictly said that we would be paying the exact amount & not a paisa extra. He said ” I don’t want any extra paisa. I gave whatever amount was & he gave me the computerized coupon for all of us.

Almost the next moment when we turned around, he was nowhere. We looked all around us. But he could be not be seen anywhere. Of course, after getting the coupons we were able to have food at the prasadalay to our heart’s content.
But even still today, when I recall the incident I feel blessed & happy. And also sad at the same time. Blessed & happy because I am very sure that, that day it was Sai Baba himself who appeared before us & fulfilled our desire & helped us at the time of need. Sad because we were unable to realize at that time that Baba himself had appeared before us.

Needless to say, all my problems, were solved slowly after my first darshan of Sai Baba in 1997. Today I am comfortably leading my life. Of course, problems being a part & parcel of life, they do come but with Sai Baba’s grace they are all solved & life is not as difficult and severe as prior to my acquaintance with Sai Baba.

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Baba Miracle Experiences #2: Baba made my home again

Om Sai Ram, I was a widow at the age of 27 with a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. My parents supported me and I stayed at their home. Life was shattered but I stayed calm and became strong for my family. I always felt my daughter needs a father. People always told my parents “If you can keep your granddaughter with you, your daughter can be married”. I told my parents that I will only marry someone who will accept both me and my daughter wholeheartedly. Whenever I used to ask questions on baba’s forum most of the time I got this answer “people will come from South direction, your wish in mind will be fulfilled “. I always thought about who will come from the south to help me. I prayed for a happy life again and kept on praying Baba. Baba really made his words true when my friend made my profile on a matrimonial site and within one and half months of making the profile, I got married to a South Indian man at the age of 34. Baba’s words came true. Being a North Indian, I never thought that Baba will send someone from the South to marry me and become a father of my daughter as well. It is really a miracle. Today I have two daughters and a man who loves both my daughters equally. I am so thankful for baba that I can’t write in words. Only because of Baba and his blessings today do I have a family. I have a strong faith in baba that he is always listening to your prayers so never lose heart and keep praying. He will always show his miracles and guide you on the right path. Baba, please keep blessing our family and all those who seek your refuge.
Om Sai Ram🙏🏻

Sadguru Sai Baba
Sadguru Sai Baba

Baba Miracle Experiences #3: Baba gave me a Job

Ho sai thanks a lot! Forgiving me a job!

I had completed my engineering degree and started going for the job but unfortunately, I went only for 6 months and after that, I happened to leave the job. I was without a job for 10 years. I was fully depressed and hopeless. I got married in 2008, 5 years after my graduation.

I went to another country and there also I started searching for a job. Everybody says there is a job as you don’t have any experience. I used to cry every day without knowing anybody. Once I visited the sai baba temple in Mylapore There came to know about Sai Vrat through one of the devotees. I started the Sai Vrat Every Thursday asking sai to give me a job. To my miracle, I got a job that requires 10 years of experience without any interview in the first attempt.

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Sai Baba
Sai Baba

Baba Miracle Experiences #4: Sai my dear and near

Sai Baba is always with me yet I am restless I think of the humiliation and embarrassment which I have faced in my life quite often Sai Ram says don’t use your tongue to cleanse others yet sometimes I feel like expressing my view so that people won’t tease me but after praying Baba continuously this nature of mine has been reduced and the frequency is very little I couldn’t perform the Vrat but I often recall the Nava Bakthi that is chanting his name listening to the Bajans, recalling his miracles, performing pooja, falling on his feet, surrender to Sai, friendship with God, Serving God giving our thoughts words deeds wholeheartedly and completely accepting him still I am practicing he is healing me, helping me, I often lose my sleep my granddaughter will soon become normal I am surely chanting his name is curing me he brings obstacles to save me but I couldn’t understand that reading all his miracles through this brings confidence to me but to all of us Jai Sairam!.


  1. I am really sry to share my experience..iam devotee of sai baba since I knew him …I trusted him a lot since my childhood…I use to say each and every problem to baba ,immediately inuse to get the good result…till May 2021..but baba won’t listen to all the problems what we have…i did prarayanam …use to do whole heartedly to baba…in the mnth of October my mother went to heart n lung transplantation ..it was gone good …but after admitting in hospital with in 18days my mother passed away…inuse to pray baba each n every minute to give my mother healthy nnto come back home
    …the pain will know when we loose our beloved ones….if baba was there he could do some thing to my.mother…eaxh and every thing is there in his hands …small things can happen because of baba..then why he did not helped my mother …I need the answer from him
    ..indeleted all his photos ,parayans etci don’t want to see baba again n again
    I am.not.hos.devotee any more..
    I trusted him.a.lot…he did nothing to me ..
    Took my mom in early stage

    We never expected such a thing..

    Thnks to all

    • Hello Swathi.!

      It is very sad about your mother.
      My deep condolences .

      I know You have loose everything and same time Baba also loose his mother, baba also cry for your mother.

      Baba can’t stop the pain but he will give some relaxation on pain.

      Baba have given new born to your mother and if you could saw her you will feel how she is.

      I don’t know how to speak With you, how to say about your emotions.

      I can say only one thing, just keep faith in baba.

      Baba is the one will do everything in our life ether bad or good.

      There is reason for all things…

      Someone need mother
      Everyone wants mother same like your mom.

      May be that’s the reason baba has taken the your mom.

      Please forgive me if I’m say something wrong.


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