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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Namaste All. It is nothing, but blessings, love and inspiration from Baba, I came in contact with Baba through one of my friends at work (my first job in USA). I had been to Shirdi to meet Baba once with my parents and brother long ago, but I did not have much idea about Baba and His blessings at that time.
The meaning of my name is ‘Miracle’, but I don’t find any other miracles happened in my life, – except being part of my family. I have been blessed with the best parents and best brother. I have not asked many things from Baba. This is the first time I asked Baba so desperately.

It was my Daddy’s birthday on Aug ’02, Friday. First time I sent money to India as his birthday gift. If I tell him about my plan for his birthday, he will surely deny this gift. So, I gave him a surprise. I wanted him to go for shopping without looking at the price of anything. When he saw this gift, he first placed it in Mandir and cried with Happiness. It is one the best moments I ever had in my life.

After 3 days – Tuesday, my world shattered. I was in my office, and my brother called me. From his voice only, I felt something bad has happened. He said ‘My Daddy has Oral cancer’. My heart stopped. My life stopped. My life does not make sense if I don’t have My Daddy with me. I have not been able to meet him since I came to USA (7 years). I left office immediately and cried a lot in front of Baba. I told Him to take my life, but please don’t do anything to my Daddy. He is the reason for happiness in my life. I have not been lucky enough to have a normal life. Only reason to live is my family.

I started taking Baba’s name continuously. I started reading ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ as my Daddy is a big devotee of ‘Rokadiya Hanuman’. My Daddy is a renowned doctor in India. He had a toothache, so he went for a checkup at dentist’s clinic. She mentioned a concern and told my Daddy that – he has tumor. They took initial sample and as soon as My Daddy looked and hold it, he was 95% sure that it is Cancer. This is the first time I, as a daughter, wanted my Daddy to be wrong in his diagnosis.

The procedure to determine if it is a cancer or not is – clinical decision, X-rays, and biopsy reports. Wednesday was a tough night for us. I did not know – how much time my Daddy has. He started planning for my mom and brother (my brother is still studying and in USA). All negative thoughts were coming into my mind. I could not sleep/eat, but I just cried. Next day, X-ray results came. The first miracle happened. It was a local tumor. It means- even if it is cancer, it has not spread and Doctors can remove tumor and save my Daddy.

The second miracle happened. Next day, biopsy results came. It was negative. It means, my Daddy does not have cancer. It is fungal infection. I was relieved. Again, tough time came, Doctors still want to take more samples and make sure that it is not cancer. They sent samples on Monday. I kept praying Baba and hanuman Ji a lot. I was not eating anything. I was just crying and crying. I requested Baba, that please, give me pain for my sins, not my Daddy. My father has been so honest and nice person throughout his life. He does not have a habit of drinking, smoking, tobacco. We don’t eat even eggs. And I could not understand why he has to go through pain. Our happiness was gone. I was not able to swallow even water. Just praying and praying. I asked Baba to punish me, forgive me. I will not be able to live without my family. While reading Sai Satcharita, I see lot of miracles happened to lot of people. Baba helped so many people. I wanted Him to be with me this time.

Madly I asked Baba to do a miracle that final test results also come negative. My daddy cannot have cancer. Also, that, there is no need of surgery too. Surgery is a major procedure of 8 hours and it required 2 months of healing process. I asked Baba to do a miracle that – my daddy does not have to go through even surgery and through medicines only, things get resolved. Please help me Baba please. And today – Wednesday – I got to know that My Daddy’s reports are absolutely normal.

He does not have to go through major surgery. If it is required, it will be minor one only. I am so happy that Baba helped me. I told Baba, if you resolve everything, I will sing Baba’s bhajans at Baba’s temple on Thursday. Yesterday I was reading Sai experiences and Baba directed me to exactly same kind of experience. One Sai Sister – her aunt had cancer, but got cured completely. I knew, Baba indicated me that He is with me this time. Baba blessed us and blesses all people. The more I try to know Baba, the deeper I am getting trust on Him. Sai Ram!



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