My life blessed with Sai Miracles – Devotee From Banglore

Myself  Sreekala, now aged 40, its 11 years that we have been married but no issues till the age of 39. We prayed to all Gods, visited all temples, we did so many pooja’s and anxiety is raising day by day but the result seems delaying.

One of our friends, who visited Shirdi, gave us prasada and concentrated book Sai Satcharita to us. We all saw the book but never made an attempt to read Satcharita. Few months later, I lost my job and was very much depressed. The same friend asked me to read Satcharita everyday, and we can see the difference. 

From the next day, I started reading Satcharita respectfully by taking an oath to complete within 15 days for a job and it worked out. It was a wonder, we could not believe it. Then I took a second oath for an issue, It was 10 years that we have been married we were anxiously waiting. My younger sister Sreelatha is to regularly visit Sai Mandir every Thursday, myself to Lord Krishna Temple. Once she visited one Thursday, she got a Baba’s Calendar 2011 wall hanging from her friend, and he mentioned let Sai bless all. She brought the same and gave it to me. I hanged the Sai’s calendar in our room. As mentioned in Satcharita, Sai’s photo is equal to god comes in as person to home. Its unbelievable the same month I become pregnant, when I informed my doctor about my pregnancy, she was surprised. 

When I was three months pregnant, there was a test called double marker test, since my age is on the higher side, they want to confirm whether my baby is fine. The test was conducted, and informed to us there is some problem with the fetus; they want us to do the amniotic fluid test. We were again depressed, but the test cannot confirm 100% the baby is having problem. As mentioned earlier my sister’s visit to Sai Mandir on every Thursday, she got a book as Prasad from one of the devotee, i.e, 9 Thursday Vrat Book.
From that book we came to know about Sai’s miracle, When we went to take a NT scanning, we too a oath to Sai, if my baby is fine and normal, I will take 9 Thursday’s vrat, the NT scanning was done the result showed perfect and my baby is fine. So we decided not to do the Amniotic Fluid Test because this test may lead to abortion. Then I also started the 9 Thursday vrat respectfully and my 5th month scanning also resulted perfect. By Sai’s grace I delivered a baby boy on 15th september’10 and we both were fine and baby was a healthy baby.

This was a miracle in my life still unbelievable…Now my mind is feeling strong that Sai is with us and everybody who respectfully believes Sai, will sure lead a happy life.

By- Sreekala Bijith, Bangalore.


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