Sai UDI Miracle in my Life – Devotee from Australia

Sai Devotee  from Australia says: Jai Sai Ram to all, I would like to say thanks  for such wonderful platform. Baba came in my life when I was in 10th stranded, it’s been15 years, thank You so much Baba for caring us, sorry to everyone if I made any mistake in explaining my experience. I am not that good at English. I came to Australia for the 1st time when I was in 7th month of my pregnancy. In Australia i don’t have any helping hand expect my husband. We planned to bring my mom at my delivery time but unfortunately my mom visa got delayed. Due date of my delivery was coming. I took small pains for 3 days at home because doctors said that I am not ready for delivery. After those 3 days we went to hospital they tested me & said that I am not yet ready for delivery so doctor told me to do walking that would be helpful to my delivery but at that time due to my pains I can’t walk even few steps. I was feeling like crying but I don’t want to cry in front of my husband because he will get tensed. 

We don’t have elder people to take care or to give advice at that situation so, I went to the restroom I cried a lot & I asked Baba with mixed feelings like sad, angry, crying, commanding like a daughter “why this situation to me, why You delaying mom’s visa, doctor told me to walk but I am not able to walk, don’tknow what You will do, I need to walk that’s it please do something Baba please ” I came out from the restroom, I asked my husband for Udi. I ate that Udi, surprisingly I felt how Udi was passing in my body then i got pain relived. Then I walked for 2hr which I can’t walk before even few steps, doctors again tested me & they said that my cervix is opened more than it required and I am ready for delivery. I am blessed with baby girl by Baba, even till today when I recollect that incident I will say thanks to Baba, thank You Baba Thank You so much. Sorry to talk like that with Baba, but I will treat Baba as my best friend other than God so, I would like to share all my feeling without hiding anything. Please forgive meBaba. I think You know about me Baba. thanks for everything Baba. One thing I want to tell You Baba, if I did anything wrong please scold me, put me in proper way & forgive me like father forgives their children but please don’t leave me Baba please. You are the only hope to me please Baba. Om Sai Namo Nama Sri Sai Namo Nama Jai Jai Sai Namo Nama Sadguru Sai Namo Nama 



  1. Jai sai ram to all . I hope everyone is blessed with sai blessings. I am new in Australia so I wonder where i can find Udi in Victoria . Thank you


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