Got Job Bcoz of Baba Blessings !

Anonymous Devotee from India says: A very good day to all Baba devotees. I am Baba devotee for last 6 months. I am working with an organization for last 6 years. I was not getting growth in the organization instead of doing good work. I wanted to change organization. I was trying for new job from last Oct 2012, but not succeeded. Then I got close to Baba about 6 moths back.1392447_573476459385736_1369559920_nI decided to do Nav Vrat for getting new job. One day, I decided to test whether Baba is with me or not. I told Baba if you have taken me as devotee you have to show me something related to me today. Whole day I have not got any news about Baba. To my surprise in night about 8.00 pm my wife gave me Prasad of Baba. I was not expecting Prasad on Tuesday as my wife use to go to Lord Hanuman temple on Tuesday. It was total surprise to me.

Next day I got Sri Sai Satcharitra, which I have ordered some one month back. On next day I met one friend, who was going to Shirdi. I ordered Dhuni and one Sai Sat Satcharitra form him. Baba has given me three hints one by one to show that He has taken me as devotee. I feel sorry for testing Baba. I completed my Nav Vrat in Aug and at same time got interview call from company. I got selected in that company in Sep. I got my new job only because of Baba.

In mean time while my father-in-law got paralysis attack. I sent UDI, which I got from Shirdi to them. They apply UDI to affected part of body and also drink it with water. Pain on hand has cured because of UDI, which was not curing with medicine. Now he is slowly recovering. Thank You Baba and please help him. May Baba help all His devotees.


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