Sai Baba Knows It All – Devotee (Software Engineer) from Mumbai

This experience will certainly make you pray for this lady.

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am a recent devotee of Baba. I am a software engineer from Mumbai. Today i want to share few of the experiences with Baba. First of all i am sorry for such a long post. Please bear with me for the same.

My very first experience was last year during Diwali Holiday. I had to leave for my hometown. I had a flightat 6:30pm.So i left from the office for airport at 2. It generally takes 2 hours to reach, but that day there was so much traffic that i reached airport by 6pm. When i reached the counter the lady said that you are late and the flight has already boarded. I was in a shock and was crying badly that why Baba, You did this to me. I checked the next flight which was costing 24k. It was impossible for me to bear that amount. That day there were many people who missed the same flight because of traffic. Then suddenly a man came who was concerned with flight ticketing came to me and asked me to stop crying and told that your flight has been delayed on the runway for 2 hrs because of some issues. He assured me that if by any chance there is last moment cancellation he will provide me the ticket for the same flight or he will make sure that i get a seat in the next flight without charging me extra. This was something unique. There were so many people around but that person assured me 5 minutes and just before the departure of the flight he gave me the tickets. I was so thankful to him and Baba that i could go to my hometown during Diwali.

The second experience which i want to share is regarding a guy i was in love with. There was guy with whom i was in a relationship for 7 years. Then suddenly we started having lot of fights on small issues but i never wanted to let go this relationship. I always tried hard that it works out. But later a girl came in his life who took advantage of the differences that we were having between us. He was after that girl because she was very good looking. I always use to pray Baba and keep fast that he should come back to me. But slowly i came to know that even when we were together he was never the same guy whom he is to portray. He always hided things from me. He wasn’t at all sensitive towards other’s emotions. He is very materialistic. I realized i never wanted to be with such a guy. I took me four long years to get over him. In these four years i went through a trauma and was under depression. But in the end i realized and am thankful for whatever Baba decided was good for me.

Presently i am going through a tough phase in my life. My parents were looking for a broom and as i also got over from my first relationship, so i was ready to move on and start a new life. In this time my friend introduced me to one of her friend. We started chatting over facebook and became good friends in just 15 days. We had a lot in common. We both had a harsh first relation. Our dreams, our way of thinking, our habits all matched. As it was long distance, we kept talking on phone and skype we fell in love with each other and we let our parents also know about it. So it was all going very smooth. We met also in between and spent 4 days together and also planned and booked tickets for next trip. Our parents were also ready for our marriage. And it was planned that our parents will meet in January and does our engagement. But in this while suddenly his ex girlfriend who broke up with him a year back and was now dating someone else .She called him up and made him emotional reminding of the time they spent and asking for forgiveness. He couldn’t understand what to do and he left me and went to his previous girlfriend. I was so thankful to Baba for bringing this guy in my life as he was exactly the way i wanted. I was really happy with him, more than my first relationship. I am praying to Baba to bring him back in my life again as i didn’t do anything wrong in this relationship and it was all fixed regarding marriage and all. I don’t want to go through the same pain again in my life. Please Baba fix this relationship of mine as i can’t keep changing people in my life like clothes. It took a lot to forget the first guy and move on with the other. Don’t let my heart and trust break this time Baba. I request all the readers to please pray for me. May Baba bless us all.


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