Miracle in my Life – Devotee from Germany

Sai Devotee from Germany says: HI, I am  working in IT industry and I promised Baba that I will share my wonderful experience in this bog. I am devotee of Baba from my childhood. Thanks for the organizer for making this wonderful Blog where we have opportunity to express all our experiences happened with Baba love. I came to Germany on project work last year for 2 years period. First Year Finished happily and now due to some politics in my project  my mangers planned to send back me immediately to India, I requested and prayed Sai Baba to keep here  in this project for some more time so that i can come out from my financial crisis. I have started reading Sai Satcharitra and promised Baba that I will post my experience if everything works out fine. I had a strong faith on Baba and I also checked in Q&A & i got the reply that wait for 10 days and everything go well, after seeing the reply I felt very happy that Baba is going to do something for me. Yesterday my manager called me and said that my assignment has been extended for few more months. Due to miracles of Baba only this was happened. Om Sai Ram. Please keep Faith and Patience on Baba. Baba is there to solve our problems and make us happy. Thanks a lot Baba. Om Sai Ram. Please pardon me if any mistakes are there.


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