Baba Gave Me a Job – Wish Fullfilled

Here is the devotee experience about how Shirdi Sai Baba Gave him Job.

My Name is Sai Kumar when I was in my mother was carrying me she went to Shirdi and prayed that if the next is also a guy I will keep your name, by the God grace Sai Baba am on to this Earth.

I did my masters from Osmania University and qualified for BARC written exam thrice as my interview was poor I was not selected for BARC. The third time I appear BARC written exam and went home and reminded all the questions and calculated my marks. I felt this time I will be selecting with border marks. I went Shirdi and prayed to let me select. By God’s grace, I selected with border marks and unfortunately, usually, my interview went poor and I was disqualified.

Shirdi God.
Shirdi God.

I never gave up to pray to sai baba. This time I have UPSC Asst.Geol exam and I know by God grace I will select to interview as the number posts are high this time. After getting my written result I was on the list. This time I went to the sai baba temple in Ghatkesar. Pujari is the biggest devotee of sai baba. If anything comes from his mouth that will surely happen and we should definitely think that those words are from Sai Baba only. Ok later after going there and I explained all this to pujari and prayed to Sai Baba. Pujari said that u read Sai Baba Sachrithra daily, mostly he said to me to read “chapter 15- Chloker having tea without sugar”. I started reading the chapter and meanwhile, I thought of reading the Sachrithra daily for 1-2 hours.

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My interview date was listed this time by the UPSC board in Delhi. I left reading subject books and started praying Sai baba and completed Sachrithra. My Friend Lingaraju said ur spending less time reading subjects and started praying God completely this is a foolish thing. But I NVR cared and even I left drinking tea with sugar. Completely started praying God Baba. As the date approached my Friend’s Sreenivas interview date was earlier to my interview date. He went for an interview with New Delhi first than me and he got boarded in Andhra Bhawan dormitory besides Sai temple. There one man from Shirdi came and stayed with him. My friend Sreenivas said to that man from Shirdi that my friend Sai Kumar is also a big devotee of sai baba. Then he sent a small sai baba photo and Akshatalu ( rose petals from Sai baba feet )along with Mr. Sreenivas for giving me. As my date approached Sreenivas returned to Hyderabad along with this baba photo and rose petals and explained everything and gave it to me. I was shocked and surprised as I received this from him. Now I confirmed that this was purely sai baba blessings towards his beloved devotee. I reached Delhi for an interview and I stayed in the same dormitory besides Sai Baba Mandir. I completely spent in the temple before my interview date and successfully completed the interview. I was waiting for the results and praying God.

Meanwhile, before my results, my father started reading Sai Satcharithra daily for me. He completed Parayan the first time and when he about to complete the second time. One fine morning he got a dream that one old man came to my father’s dream and caught his hand saying that don’t worry am here to take you to find a job to your son. My father got up from the dream and said to my mother and family members. We were so happy about that dream. And finally, I got selected in the interview list with a good rank, now you understand the power of Baba how he gave me a job that wished for. I am an example that if you surrender everything to Lord Sai Baba. He will be with you every time. He will be there with you to cross the Sapta Sagar.
From that day my life changed and baba is there with me every time when I face difficulties.
Heres my life experiences with baba about how baba gave me a job. “SHRI Sachidananda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai”.

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