Sai Solved My Problem-Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai always solves my problems through some sign. First of all I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful platform to share experience with all devotees. I had already share one experience named My luck is good because of Sai. Now this is my another experiences and I want to be anonymous. I am very poor in English so please edit if required.


I studied at Baroda and my hometown is in Surat. I always having fast of Thursday and sometime I was not eat anything not even water on Thursday. There was Tuesday, when I travelled from Baroda to Surat and that day I was tired and did not eat properly in home at Night. Next day there was Thursday and I was hungry in the morning and my mother told me to eat lunch, but I don’t want to eat anything however I was hungry.

After completion of work, I started reading Sai Satcharitra because I read one chapter every day. And started reading of chapter-32, in which important advice of Sai Baba concerning food was that of fasting.Sai Baba never kept a fast Himself, nor did He allow others to do so. In Chapter 32, Mrs. Gokhale wanted to keep a fast for 3 days at Shirdi, but Baba asked her to go to Dada Kelkar’s house to cook, as Kaka’s wife was in menses and not permitted by custom to cook. Further, He not only ordered her to feed Kaka and his family members with sumptuous and delicious ‘puran polies’ (sweet-stuffed breads), but asked her to feed herself also to heart’s content by giving up the fast.

Baba used to say: “The mind of the person fasting is never at ease, then how could attain the Paramartha (goal of life)? God is not attained on an empty stomach; first the soul has to be appeased”. In short, when all organs get their proper nutrition and are sound, we can practice devotion and other sadhanas to attain God. I am totally surprised because I was reached to that chapter and this chapter wants to give me sign that never being hungry. After reading this chapter I told my mother to prepare food for me because this is wish of my Sai.

After study, my parents were really tensed regarding marriage of two daughters. However I can’t believe in kundli, but one saint told my mother that this girl will suffer problems because of mars planet. But I was not agreed and as usual I only believe in Sai and started “Nine Thursday Vrat”. On the first Thursday in the morning about 5.30 am, I started worshiping of Sai. Whenever I closed my eyes and begin praying, I found only 5 number, and I was surprised “why 5?” and I assumed that 5 date is much more important for me. And this is really miracle of Sai because my relatives showed one nice boy and family for my small sister in 5th Aug. and solved problem of my parent for one daughter.

Not only that being elder girl my parent had tension for me. But I have trust on Sai and I completely surrender myself to Sai. And Sai always listen prayer of their devotees. My relative showed one guy and fixed my engage with him and I can’t imagine that date was 5 when with family they came to our home. In this way I truly understand the meaning of 5th date in dream. Sai everything is possible for you and always gives sign for solving our problems. Thank You Sai for always being with us.


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