My Wish Came True – Sai Devotee From Dubai

Sai Brother Yash Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram. This is Yash here (Baba Ki Charno Ki Dhul). I am working in Dubai and recently got transferred to Abu Dhabi. Now I am working here from 9 months. I have a friend over here, who was studying with me in collage. His name is Amit, who is also my relative. He is also a Sai Bhakt.

In the month of March, one of his aunts from Goa came to Abu Dhabi on visit as his uncle also stays here. Without any further knowledge, I went to meet her as they both couples are Sai bhakts. On same day, there was Sri Sai Charitra Saatparayan in some one’s place there. So in afternoon, she asked me if I amcoming there and I decided to go.

I was happy to be there and thanked Baba a lot prayed to Baba and returned back after having prasad. Then I came to know from Amit that every Thursday evening there are Aarti and Bhajan held in one of great Sai bhakts place (Soman Annas Apatments). So Amit asked me if I am coming on next comingThursday at Aarti and I decided to go.

Aartis were held and I was overjoyed that day and prayed to Baba had prasad and we came back. On next Thursday as it was first Thursday of the month and on every first Thursday Abishek is held on Baba’s murti along with Sri Ganapathi and Shiv Lingam. I was watching it and of sudden some odd thought came to my mind. I said to myself as I had knowledge that Baba is Sri Dattatrayas avatar and I did not see any Sri Datta Murti or Sri Dattatrayas photo over there. I kept silence and after Abhishekam, I had prasad and we returned. But it was still in my heart that I wanted to see Datta Maharajas Aadi Abishekam.

Days went by and I became regular over there for Thursdays Aarti. As every month’s first Thursday use to come, I use to watch Abishek held on Baba, but my wish was not fulfilled. I did not say anything to anyone, but I knew there is something suspicious behind this according to Baba’s wish. I recently went on vacation and planned to go to Shirdi. According to plan everything was ok and me along with my cousins reached Shirdi. I was very happy there in Shirdi.

In evening we got fresh and decided to go for evening Aarti. We got fresh and we went and took Baba’s Darshan. I was feeling blessed. After Darshan, we started shopping there and off sudden a thought came to my mind (maybe it was Baba’s wish) and I decided to buy a moorthi of Shri Datta Maharaj and I bought it. We returned back to Goa.

It was time for me now to be back on duty in Abu Dhabi as vacation got over. I came back and started my duty as I was doing evening shift, I was not able to go for Baba’s Aarti for 2 Thursdays. On third Thursday, I got chance and I called Amit that I am coming for Aarti. I had some prasad from Shirdi for all Baba bhakts.

I went there along with prasad shawl for Baba and Sri Datta maharajas panchadhatus moorti with nointension what will happen of that moorti. I gave that bag in hands of my uncle to hand it forward. He showed the bag with shawl to Soman Anna. He told him to keep it in the place where shawls are kept. Then I removed the moorthi of Datta Maharaj as it was wrapped in paper. I gave it in hands of Soman Anna. He asked me what that was. I replied it’s for you because I did not have any intension what he will do with the moorthi. Maybe he will keep it in show case or elsewhere. He took it and he removed the paper and he was surprised that he didn’t utter any word. Immediately he washed the moorti, wiped it and placed it in a tray where abhishek was held. Pandit ji started pouring milk and chanting mantras. Everyone was surprised. My eyes were full of water. I had no words to thank Baba for His Leela as my inner wish for observing Abishekam on Sri Datta maharaj in that place. Om Sai Ram. Sri Gurudev Datta.


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