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Anonymous Devotee from India says: .  My life has changed after reading through many devotees experiences, which got me positive vibes. One of the experiences is here.  Please feel free to edit if you think you need to edit. Please forgive me if there are any errors and requires lot of your time to edit it. Please keep myself anonymous. Thanks.

I still remember one year back, we family were in terrible situation, where whole family shattered after my dad’s death. We were all in a critical situation as what to do, where I was getting old day by day. It was hard to find educated guy in our community. The moment, I got in touch with this site, saw some relief and progress in our life. Your prayers been answered. I got nice guy, who can understand me and make me happy. Thanks for it.

And later I posted my experience, where I had posted about successful marriage, where all the friends, relatives and all the people were proud of mom that she did marriage so nicely. Many people had come that it was a record to that the marriage hall and also problems in initial days of marriage because of his greedy aunts demanding my family, which were making my husband to behave rudely with me. And all my family members were in very bad state because of their tortures to my family. Finally that got solved and the truth won. I was praying for my job also here in foreign country. I got job because of Baba’s grace, where it is very difficult to get a job.

My husband and his aunts were telling my husband to not to have baby for another 2 years, where my husband is 33 years old. They just wanted to use our hard earned money and were always behind my money. They also had insecurities that if we get a baby, where my husband will completely support me and my family. They always used to tell bad things about my mom (who always expects good things for others) saying my mom killed my dad and also my husband was speaking ill of mom. He did not like my mom, where I could not control when my husband was scolding my mom like anything. My mom and dad struggled for us have nice lifestyle, gave us all the things which we want.

Finally I prayed Baba whole heartedly to solve these problems and need a baby this year only. By Baba’s grace now I am 5 months pregnant. It is all because of Baba. My husband is also happy with me and takes care of me very well, respects my mom now. Thanks Baba. I don’t know how much I should thank You Baba. Thanks a lot. Today I am in this state because of You only Baba. Please Baba be with me and my family. Initially only I and my youngest sister used to worship Baba. Today whole my family is worshipping Baba whole heartedly. If I say anything, my mom says Baba is there. I am very happy that Baba pulled whole my family members towards Him.

Also I want to share one more incident, which happened with my neighbour’s friend. Her family was searching for a proposal from many years. Nothing used to work out. She was not at all happy. She used to be very sad that no one would like her. She did all sorts of poojas. Her younger sister is best friend of mine. They searched many places. Post marriage I went to Shirdi and get them Sai Satcharitra and told them to believe Baba. Today she got married and happily married with nice guy. She is very happy now. Whole family is happy. They started believing Baba and went to Shirdi after marriage. I felt so happy after hearing to that. Thanks Baba thanks a lot Deva. You are always there for Your devotees.

Please deva. Let my husband not to listen to his aunts and sisters, who always feel insecurity that where he would leave them. They want their husband to listen to them. Baba please let my husband aunts be in their own world even if they do anything and harm us (me and my family). Let it not come to us. Please protect us from them. You know how cruel they are. Please Deva, my husband does not know anything. They talk nicely with him and he would be ready to do anything for them. They are always there to extract things from my husband deva. Please make him realize his responsibilities towards wife and kid deva. Please Baba. Please protect my mom, sisters and brother from them. Please deva.

I believe group prayers will be answered. Please pray for my younger sister’s marriage. I am suspecting that my husband’s aunts did something to marriage brokers, where couple of them is not responding to our calls at all. Being single parent, it is lot of burden to mom, still have younger brother and sister to get married. Please pray for my younger sis’s marriage with good proposal. She is good looking and educated. But in our community, it is very hard to get good proposals, where if the guy is educated, he will not be good looking and settled and very old. If the guy is good looking and he would not have studied. Pray for my sister with nice proposal, well educated and responsible guy and nice family.

Recently one proposal came, where both the families liked each other very well. But we don’t know they said they have not got the boon from their family diety. We both the families liked each other very well. Both my sister and the groom liked each other. I don’t know they said they will ask again from the god and let us know. But they still have not come back. They liked our family very much. We also liked their family very much. We got this proposal from our relatives, where they know that family very well. Baba is there. My dad helped that relative uncle many years back. Now that uncle got this proposal. So we thought if we help the people, who are in need, one or the other day they would help us in turn. That is true Baba. Please pray for my sister for good proposal and well educated guy. Please Deva, please. Jai Sairam. Jai Sairam. Thanks for reading the lengthy experience.


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