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Sai Devotee writes: I am an Indian and started living in Norway since two and half years. Basically, I am a nurse by profession and my spouse is a marine engineer. He works in shipyard. If I to my past, I was working as a nurse in Mumbai & I got a marriage proposal while I was working as a nurse in Mumbai. The guy was working in Shipyard/ship as a marine engineer. He has a brother who was settled in Norway with his family. His wife is also a nurse working in Norway. Before my marriage, my brother in law told me that there is good opportunity for nurse jobs in Norway so that I can try applying for visa to fly and settle in Norway. Finally with good fortune I could able to get visa and I was very happy that I was going to get settled in Norway. But things were not easy as i thought. Our plan was that to come to Norway first get a job, and a permanent resident permit, go back to India, get married and then take my husband here with family immigrant visa. My husband decided to work in the ship till I get a job here , Usually he works in cargo ship which travels worldwide and hr has to work six months in a year.

Baba Experiences
Baba Experiences

I came to Norway with a job seeker visa which was for one year. But after coming here, I came to know that Norway has its own rules. Nurses can’t just get a job here with only Indian education. We have to learn their language first (Norsk is the language here which is not so easy to learn). Moreover it is a very expensive country. I started learning Norsk and then i got some requirements from the nursing council in Norway which i had to fulfil to get the authorization to work as nurse in Norway. I was worried a lot since i had only 1 year to complete all those requirements which was not sufficient timeframe. At this point, I heard my mother telling me an incidence that was experienced by our neighbour in India about how “Sai” helped them in their difficult times. That was the time, I started thinking and worshiping Shirdi Sai Baba. I knew it was not easy for me to study the language and complete the other requirements in one year, but I have tried my best by praying lord sainath every minute. To my surprise, I have managed to clear everything within a year, Which is not possible otherwise and no one else could manage to do it in a year and got a job and got married to the same guy, got permanent resident and could able send visa to my husband within a year. Believing in Sai Baba is the best decision I have ever made in my life and everybody trust sai and foreget everything, he will take care of you till the destination. I love you sai…I can’t forget your help “BABA” forever.

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