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My wife wanted to visit Shirdi since 2008 after birth of our second child. We blessed with a little princess after 11 years. Since our first child’s (son) birth that too during NavRatari on 2nd day, which is considered to be Gangaur (Gauri/Maa Parvati’s) day. Our daughter’s birth itself is miraculous event, purely blessings of Sai Maa as we lost all the hope for second child due to many mishaps (couple of miscarriages and eye surgeries) in wife’s life and finally her doctor advised not to try any more for the second one.

Anyway, she wanted to visit Shirdi, but it didn’t material until Aug 2013. Her major obstacle was that I wasn’t drawn to Baba then (before Feb 2013) and therefore I cared less and then I got introduce and drawn to Baba whole heartedly as explained in previous post (click on above link and read experience #2). Now, the major problem was the financials. Even though we visit India every year, but we were thinking to skip this year (2013 summer) because of two reasons first and most importantly being other financial obligations and secondly my son, who is in high school has to prepare for SAT test. But, I and my wife both were craving for visiting Shirdi and kept praying to Baba and then He does the following miracle by arranging ten thousand dollars out of nowhere.

I was helping my friends (who had no idea or experience in buying investment homes) to purchase thereal estate for investment in Florida, as I also with the blessing of Baba have some investment properties in Florida. I spoke to few builders and one builder not only offer a good deal, but also offered me 2% of purchase price as referral fees for each home with an option that If I don’t take the referral fee then buyers (my friends) will get further 2% credit in their already negotiated purchase price. I shared this withmy friends and asked them either you can get the 2% discount or I can get the referral fee, if I deserve it. By the grace of Baba, all my friends were more than happy to allow me to take 2% referral fees.

By the way, the transaction was such that I wasn’t obliged to share this with my friends and could have still collected my referral fees from the builder because Builder wasn’t giving such discounts to any other buyer or if my friends would have approached him individually, I was being offered purely due to volume purchase that my friends would make. I never wanted my friends to be deprived of the option and/or the opportunity of further 2% reduction in purchase price. This is purely Baba’s miracle otherwise how many friends offer such gesture and by grace of Baba all of their transactions completed smoothly and their homes got rented out as anticipated and fetching my friends good Return On Investment. All the friends are happy and they also believe that it was Baba’s grace. This solved the financial problem and then we took the flight to India and visited Shirdi for the first time and also visited our family as well in Aug 2013.

Baba miracles doesn’t stops here. He further helped us confirming all the train tickets (to and from Delhi to Kopergaon via Nasik), which were waitlisted since May for Aug 10 ride. We took off from CA on Aug 9th and landed at New Delhi Airport on Aug 10 and till (before flight) then tickets weren’t confirmed and various of my family members were trying and last resort was to take flight from Delhi. I kept saying Baba will take care of it as He has wanted us to visit Him. We landed on 9th Aug late night and came to know that 2 tickets got confirmed and 2 were RAC. Similarly, accommodation in Shirdi was booked by my CA friend’s cousin. The hotel was a decent one near to Temple gate 2 at very reasonable price. We had great Darshan despite heavy crowd due to bunch of holidays in that particular week. We stayed 3 days and attended all the Aartis. We went around all the places and temples that were mentioned in Sai Satcharitra. We had fantastic experience. My wife was crying when she saw Baba inside Smadhi Mandir on the first night while attending Shej Aarti. I couldn’t get to touch or bow at Baba’s tomb and I prayed to Him to please call me again and let me touch and feel Your tomb.293659_10150359399872770_155144249_n


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