Baba Miracles – Experiences in 2021

Baba Miracles Experiences

Hello dovotees, here are some Baba Miracles Experiences

Sai Baba Miracles in 2021

Baba Miracles #1: Baba My Friend Sai Pranam Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva

OmSai Ram,
HI, Sai Family Members Thanks, Wonderful team. I like to call you Sai members you people are so blessed serving Sai. I would like to be part of it.

And Come to my experience I promised baba if my wish fulfills I will post my experience on this site so I am doing that. on 23.03.2021 Baba did two miracles for me. One making me join the divine Mahaparayan group and getting Business with my husband both miracles happened on the same day.

Joining to Mahaparayan Group

On 22.03.21 I saw some post on FB and I filled Mahaparayan register form immediately I got a reply and I joined that group I was so happy night full I got a dream of doing Mahaparayana I was so excited morning I opened my WhatsApp they removed me from that group so I got upset I thought today it’s not my day. Maybe baba has his time to join me in the Mahaparayan group. even one who joined me in that group was feeling very guilty about what happened and she prayed for me with baba again on 23.03.21 by night she joined me to another group. Thank you Moumani mam for a wonderful opportunity such a kind heart people sai devotees are. I successfully Joined MP10360N1 Saburi SAi Group Roll no 41 Yellow house, tomorrow Thursday My first Mahaparayana Excited.

My Husband Got Job

As he does the Earthwork business we dint have proper work for several months but managed to survive by Baba’s grace and blessings. As I daily read sai devotees experience every one use to tell about how they got a job and they promised to post there experience. So by full faith I did the same within 5 hours he got a job and as promised I am posting it here thank you baba.

Here I like to tell you few common things about how Sai Devotees connected with Baba:
1. Asking Baba to wear their desired color dress.
2. Talking mentally with baba.
3. Asking Prashnavali for every step of life.
4. Finding baba pictures everywhere and feeling baba with us all the time.
5. Playing chit like writing multiple chits and asking baba to select the right solution.
6. Always urge to read devotees experience and connecting with it.
7. Donating food, cloth according to their strength as per baba’s guidance.
8. Randomly open an experience page that reads the message that we exactly needed to hear at that time.
9. Faith, self-confidence, and patience.

Sorry, for the long post, and for my English please edit wherever needed thank you Hetal Ji and team (Baba Team).
Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva.

I am starting Sai Divya Pooja My next post will be about that Sai name is en-half for every problem.

Baba Miracles #2: Baba’s Miracle Experienced

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Baba’s Miracle Experienced
Baba’s Miracle Experienced

Once I was making Matar pulao at home and I do not cook much. I am learning..but since it’s my in-law’s house there is more pressure than it should cook well without any faults. When I made it after that I started eating then I realized that I put more salt in that. Baba’s miracle
So this shows that we should always consult BABA FOR EVERYTHING SMALL OR BIG. He will always help. And also you should always say that I AM MAKING THIS FOOD FOR YOU AND I NEED YOUR HELP.
Shradhha saburi🙏
And there are many instances where he has helped me! Thank you baba! Charan Sparsh!
Om sai

Baba Miracles #3: Baba’s Miracle

Today I was reading SAI SATCHARITRA CHAPTER 11 on my phone and then I had to stop reading because of some important reason. After that, I forgot to complete it. Suddenly when I opened the phone, I was going through my phone then I was shown that page where I left reading. And I was amazed sai baba helped me in finishing my chapter as he did chapter 18-19 with Hemadpant Ji! Thank you, Baba! We Love You.

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  1. Sai baba, I married the person who loved me most, I came out for him and married infront of you, in Nagpur sai baba temple, we were nice for 6years,you have blessed me with son, but why did you bring another lady, in between us, may I know what is the reason behind this, now he applied for divorce in court, what I did in past and present, I cannot bear this pain baba, I just want to die, you are taking everyone, please give my lifespan to them and take me away, I cannot live in this world please do. Not give this type of pain to anyone please, my world is my husband you know what I have done to him, but he says that he does not have feelings, how can he talk like that baba, please baba please take me away from this world…

  2. Hi Sai Rekha,

    Om Sai.

    You don’t have to pray of ending your life, its not you who should be suffering but the one who had hurt you. Have patience.

    Your husband will definitely realize his mistake and will return back to you. But I would suggest you never accept him again in your life . Try and become independent. You don’t have to live at mercy of any person. Sai is with you and will take care of you. If you are lucky enough you will see the person who hurt you suffer in front of you.


  3. Dear Rekha ji,

    Please stay strong. Try to be independent. Don’t think that you are alone. Baba is always with you. He wants you to be strong. He is making you strong. Never try to end your life. Read Sai Satcharitra. You have to live for your son. Your husband will very soon realise his mistake. I am also going thru some tough phase. Baba is always there with us

  4. I know what are you going through Venkata Sai Rekha. As my mother faced the same thing and she took me up and did everything all alone..Fight back and try to be independent.. Baba is there for you..He will take care of you and your child..One day you will look back and thank baba for not giving up. Om sai ram

  5. My sai, I prayed to post the experience when the date for doctor appointment comes, and nothing harms me. It was your blessings that I reached today’s date. I hope you understand what I prayed for and what I achieved, please bless me and my family and mom’s health for longevity

  6. Maybe Saibaba is giving you a way through these comments. Please look up for Sammohana krishna slogam and Swayamvara parvathi slogam and start chanting them immediately. Your husband will realize his mistakes and will be back to you in no time.

  7. Hi Rekha,

    I hope this comment finds you in good health and with happy life. Please do not feel alone when you know sai baba is there why do you ask baba to take your life? Why not ask him to show a way to get out of your troubles? May sai baba show you the real happiness and you give a good life to your child. Om shri sai ram

  8. It’s been 5 yrs of my marriage life and I don’t have kid.. What I will do to get a child Sai baba.. I don’t know every time I feel low when I see others playing with their kids and spending time with their kids, what I have done in my previous birth that I don’t know but this birth I am suffering mentally alot.. Please baba do something


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