Sai Baba Miracles: Marriage Life of a Devotee, Baba is My Saviour, My Pregnancy Journey, The Last Hope, My Husband a Got Job

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Marriage Life of a Devotee

I live in the US. In the first week of April, I had my routine checkup with my OBGYN. After a week, I got a call from the doctor’s office saying that the doctor suspected something and I needed to do another test closer to a biopsy. I got so worried and asked for the next available appointment. I got the appointment only after a month (that was the earliest). Those three weeks were horrible, but Baba helped me to overcome it. I did Saptha for three consecutive weeks and prayed continuously to Baba.

Finally, the day of my appointment also came, and I was so nervous and prayed to Baba and asked him to be with me always. During the appointment, the doctor said if needed, they will do a biopsy too. I was praying the whole time and was a little confident that Baba was there to protect me. There again biopsy was also done for me. I need to wait another week to get my results. I completed my 3rd Saptha on a Wednesday. On Thursday, around 3:45 PM, I got an email with the happy news that all my reports were normal. I got tears and thanked our beloved Baba for all his care. When we have faith in Baba, we need not worry about anything. Om Sairam.

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SaiBaba Shirdi13

Baba is My Saviour

I’m a devotee of lord Shiva and Sakthi. I got married 13 years ago. I have encountered many obstacles in my life journey because of my husband. I thought it was the activity of immaturity in life for both of us. Within these years, my husband become a devotee of Sai. He believes Sai a lot. Through my husband only, I learned about Sai Baba, and I started to believe Sai nowadays.

Even though he is a Sai lover, his character of argument, competing and scolding with abusive words, and blaming my family and me is not changing. Because of all these, we are living separately after divorce. I wished to be one family, but I couldn’t tolerate his words and actions. I’m praying, Sai; please help me to come out of the situation and confusion. I’m praying Sai and waiting for his miracle. Om Sai Baba.

My Pregnancy Journey

On Dec 29th 2021, I took a pregnancy test, and it got positiv; withh the blessings of Sai Baba I got conceived and felt so happy, but many doubts in my mind due to past experiences like miscarriage that I faced one year back. A lot of confusion ran through my mind like this child will survive till I had my ultrasound scan. After 15 days, I had a scan, and the result showed everything is looking good, so I need to do a scan aftertwo2 months. I had prayed Baba Day and Night in tension. In between me, and my husband I went to the temple to thank God.

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SaiBaba Shirdi6

A Pandit of that temple said by seeing my face, you have difficulties in your pregnancy. I had prayed Baba Day and Night whenever possible. After two months, on Feb 25th, I had an NT scan and found everything was good. I felt very happy, but on FebFeb 26thn the morning, around 8 AM, while I am doing my household, suddenly, I felt some changes in my body. I was in shock because the previous day, in the scan report, everythinglookeds goo; whyy this is happenin? Whatt is going on?

No words to describe the situation I felt; I am like my life is ended while traveling to the hospital, I prayed to Sai Baba to save me and my baby. At the hospital,, Doctor gave injections and did a scan. Fortunately, with Baba’s grace, my baby was fine. The doctor asked me to take bed rest for one month, and many incidents happened due to high dosages of medicines. But Baba held my hand and showed meof how to overcome the problems. Finally, the delivery time came, everything went smoothly, and I delivered a Baby Boy with the blessings of Baba. Thank you, Baba.

Sai, The Last Hope

Two years ago, I got admission to a University, and I was left with only one choice: to do MSc. in microbiology. The first day I attended the lecture online since it was during covid time. On the first day, only teachers showed us their strict side. Without reason, they shouted at us. At the end of the lecture, I cried a lot and told my family that I was leaving the Masters’s degree. My parents became worried, and my father tied the Shirdi Sai Baba band on my hand. I clearly remember that I was crying like a small baby.

After that, I decided to anyhow to complete this degree by keeping faith in Sai. My journey started after a month it was offline, and each day was difficult for me. After one semester, I started to stay at the hostel. Staying away from family, which I never did before, studying day and night, getting insulted by teachers, skipping my lunch, sacrificing sleep, and avoiding going to family functions, all these things were happening to me. Even because of me, my family also avoided going for outings.

All these things were happening to me. During all this stuff, my father was also suffering from health issues every day. And one day, we learned that he had a hernia, and he was told to do an operation. I never saw this much stressful life before. But by the grace of Sai Baba, that operation was successful. Some days later, I experienced the same symptoms as my father was feeling. I thought it might be a hernia, and searched for it online. It showed me worse things. Then I became depressed. I started overthinking. It was my third-semester exam. I studied a lot without getting breaks.

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I was getting up only during lunch and dinner. I don’t know why I started studying so much. Maybe because my roommates were studying like that. I answered my four papers and practicals that. But it was the last 5th paper of the third semester. I felt weird, and during 4th paper, I didn’t eat anything that whole day. There was one day break between papers, and while I was studying for the last paper, I could not study as I was so stressed that I fell. I was unconscious. My parents came running to me. I was admitted that day. I was unable to breathe. And that is how I did not answer my last paper. I lost hope of studying.

I lost the hope of answering the only last 4th semester. I was then so much depression and diagnosed with anxiety. My family and friends supported me a lot during my bad time and I left the hostel. I was only praying to Sai to help me complete the degree as anxiety was hitting me during lectures. And I was crying badly every day. It continued for four months. Then my father suggested Me to read Sai Satcharitra, and I started reading it.

Slowly things started getting better. I gave the 4th semester exam successfully, and I got the best marks for 3 and 4 semesters. I completed my degree successfully. I am so relieved now. The things which helped me are strong family support, Sai Baba’s blessings and positive thoughts. This anxiety still hits me sometimes, but now it is in control. I am happy to say that now I am writing this experience on the train, and my next stop is Shirdi. Now my family and I are very happy, all because of Sai. Om Sai Ram.

My Husband Got a Job

The place where my husband worked got shut, and as a result of which, my husband lost his job. And during the same time, I was three months pregnant. We somehow managed the house for a couple of months. My husband searched for jobs for many months, but there was no success. Three months after my baby was born, things started getting stressful. I went to my mother’s place. Started doing pooja regularly. Went to Shiv temple every day. I would talk to Shivaji and Sai Baba every day about things going around and how I was losing all hope.

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SaiBaba Shirdi3

I prayed to Baba, that my husband should get a job before I reached Delhi. (I was at my mom’s place in Pune). I completed my 3 Thursday fast, and my tickets to Delhi were confirmed. I was a little stressed because my husband had not gotten the job yet, but I had to go home. All of a sudden the miracle happened. My husband got the job the day we (me and my baby) reached home. Coincidently it was the 21st day. Sai miracles do happen. He is the provider.
Jai Sai Ram.


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