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Shirdi Sai Help and Blessings:

You are fortunate to get Shirdi Sai Help and Blessings.

I am neither a believer in god nor an atheist until I encountered the following. I became a staunch believer of Lord Sai Baba after a series of encounters that happened. My friend is a very big believer of Baba from her childhood and I used to observe how she used to pray to Baba everyday and how Baba used to solve her problems.
The first one is my girlfriend is facing pressure from her family regarding marriage and I prayed to Baba and started reading Sat Charitra that if the problems get solved and we both get settled in a good job I would donate something. I used to visit Baba temple whenever I got the chance, pray regularly and read Sat Charitra daily. By Baba’s blessings we both got good jobs and joined.

Shirdi Sai.
Shirdi Sai.

The second was when I applied for employment authorization and was waiting for a reply from the govt authorities. The normal processing time went away and still did not hear anything from them. Then I prayed to Baba that if receive the authorization and join in my job, I would donate something and it happened due to Baba’s blessings, Another situation is when I was feeling restless due to an incident, I prayed to Baba and within in an hour Baba got me out of the incident and I felt very happy and relieved.

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There are other numerous incidents that happened with Baba’s blessings on me. Baba is my savior and supporter of anything in my ups and downs. Just believe in Sai Baba and all your troubles will come to an end for sure.  As Baba mentioned in real life, Shradda, Saburi is very important to acheive any thing in this world. Keeping faith at Shirdi Sai feet will pull you even from death as he is the universal ruler and omnipresent. Om Sai Ram! Samarda Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai.

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