Sai Prayer Will Change Anything and Everything – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Sai Devotee from UK says: I am 24 year old girl originally from Sri Lanka and now I am in UK. I knew Sai from my school days. Few years before my mother got Sai Satcharitra book from my teacher, and she believe Sai, because of her use to have faith and started to believe our Sai.

In 2008, my father was hospitalized and he had stone in kidney, he started to drink Udi with water, with Sai grace his kidney problem was solved but unfortunately he died because of liver failure. But I think he was blessed one that’s why he drank Udi water during his last days. I went mad after my father’s death thought to end my life. I always gave first preference to my father. He is my soul but slowly my mother diverted me and I started to continue my studies, at that time I met a guy, and I felt many similar habits and features of my father in him. Meantime he liked me as well. I was confused, I was 19 at that time, I always had Sai Portrait in my book and I asked Sai to give permission to enter in relationship with that guy. I was childish and foolish girl, I know God guide me. We were happy and after a year he planned to fly UK for his further education and I am the only girl in my family got 3 brothers and I am short-tempered and straight forward, because of this habit I faced lot of problems in my personnel life, but in my workplace I was smart and appreciated by superiors but my personal life is horrible, in 2012 after 3 years of relationship my lover introduced me to his mom and sister, they liked me before but after days they stared to find mistakes and avoided me. I don’t know why they did like that, in same year, on my lovers mother birthday I rang her to wish, but purposefully she ignored me, also his sister began to complain about me that I am not a suitable person for their family and they think an educated girl will not obey her family and culture. one day I talked with my lover over the phone, as usual we argued a lot finally he said,” look we are not suppose to be a good couple, so better we breakup and continue our life, that’s good for both of us” I thought he is joking, but later I find he is angry on me.

This happened on 24th April 2012. My heart know, he loves me a lot, and he will not leave me for any reasons, but he did not respond to my phone calls, and no reply for my messages. I did not lose my hope, I cried daily, I read Sai Satcharitra, I pray Sai to change his mind and come to me back I firmly believe Sai can do anything with His grace, mean time daily I made phone call and sent message. I kept on trying, 10 months we did not talk to each other also i heard many bad things about him, some of my friends in UK said he changed a lot and having affair with many girls, he is going to night club and pub, when I heard this my heart broken in to pieces, felt bad and I decided to go UK, because we can’t judge people by others words, I planned to meet him face to face and clarify why he left me. I resigned my job I took steps to fly UK, I did not had single penny in my hand, but Baba arranged me everything I got visa without any struggle, and I reached UK on 28 h January 2013. My friend came to receive me in airport was excited. two days later I got a chance to meet my lovers friend he promised me to help, I believed him but he did not take me to meet him, when I ask about my lover he warn ” Don’t Believe Your Lover” I said, ” I don’t care about his character, he might change now but I know his love is true, and God knows the best thing for me” one fine day I asked Baba “Why are You doing like this, You took My Father away from me, Now You are playing with me again, If You like to make me cry do as much You like” I hugged Baba’s picture and cried like nothing.

Suddenly something strike in my mind, I talked to myself, don’t seek help from other people, God will help you. I rang his friend and ask him to come with me, I made him to agree, and he said I don’t know his house door number, I will take you to his street, that’s all I can do. Since I am new to UK, I got out and went in search of my lovers house, without his address n, it was night 11 pm, freezing wind touched my face, frightening dark street I am just chanting Sai Sai Sai. I saw someone coming near me, yes it was my love, I thanked Sai. He came near me, he was shocked and astonished, we did not talk to each other, I started, what’s wrong with you why you did not talk to me. I did not have any option, that’s why I came here, he did not reply me but his eyes filled with tears. I hugged him, and he said, I am not in a position to marry you, if you come to my house they treat you like a slave, I am not suitable guy for you. You marry someone else. I don’t like to hurt you, I convinced him. I said, I don’t mind to be a slave to our family and I will not lose you. In dark night under street light we talked and talked, finally Sai gave my life back. Throughout this year I felt Sai present in my life. We are getting married by this year end. Whenever my partner is with me I thank Sai, without Sai this is impossible. Om Sai Ram


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