Sai Baba Miracles: The Power of Sai Satcharitra, Sai Presence During My Hard Days, Baba Gave Me Job, Baba Helped Me to Achieve Good Score

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The Power of Sai Satcharitra

Planning to file H-1B Visa, but we couldn’t find a good consultancy to file for us. At that moment, I thought of doing Sacharithra Parayanam every month for 11 months. Initially started the Parayanam in January On Jan 29th, I did Parayanam in one day. After two days, one of my cousins informed me about one consultancy. So we started filling with that consultancy the very next day, and one of my husbands’ friends messaged about another consultancy.

For that consultancy, we sent a resume, and surprisingly, we don’t know whether my husband’s friend’s consultancy would file a petition or not. In February, I did 2nd-time Parayanam. At that moment, we received confirmation from one consultancy that they applied his resume & have to wait for lottery results. In March, I did 3rd-time Parayanam. I went to Shirdi & Tirupathi on march 27th morning.

When we were in Tirupathi received an sms stating that our file was picked in the lottery. Surprisingly the message from my husband’s friend’s consultancy. In April, I did my 4th-time Parayanam. We made payment for the petition & further steps proceeded. In May, I did my 5th-time Parayanam. He received the offer letter from the consultancy in June. I did 6th-time Parayanam. His petition was submitted in July I did 7th-time Parayanam and went to Shirdi.

In August did my 8th-time Parayanam. Petition got approved on 12th August, and we tried to find the earliest appointment for a Visa. We got an appointment on January 25th, 2023. Luckily by Baba’s grace, after two days, we rescheduled the appointment for October 12th. In September, I did my 9th-time Parayanam, and in October I did my 10th Parayanam.

By baba’s grace & blessing, finally, an H1-B visa was issued. Before 2 days for visa interview, my husband was down with a high fever & fatigue, But because of Baba on the day of the interview, he somehow attended the interview with a fever & finally achieved the dream of going to the USA & work there. In November, I did my 11th-time Parayanam. Baba encourages good thoughts & doing Parayanam to make your mind peaceful & happy.

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I Need Your Help Baba

I am 33 years old, and I have fallen into neck-deep debt over the last few years because of some unforeseen situations at home. Now I am struggling to come out of this mess. My monthly expenses and obligations are growing multifold compared to my income. It is almost 10 times more than my monthly income now. I have a job but cannot concentrate on it due to the people harassing me for the money I owe them.

I am chanting your name now and then so that you decide to take mercy on me and save me from this crisis through one of your miracles. I have lost all hope in life, Sai Baba, if not for you, I would not even think of living. But it is not right to end my life since it will be like cheating the people who have given me money. I just want to lead a debt-free life. Please bless me for that, Sai Baba. But what I need the most now is a miracle from you, which is the only thing that can save me. Please save me, Sai Baba. Please show mercy.

Sai Presence During My Hard Days

My elder son suffered from a DNS problem, which made me cry by seeing him. Daily his health was deteriorating as he could not inhale air properly, and his oxygen saturation levels showed more fluctuations. Continuously we attended doctors in three months. They advised so many tests, tablets, and different inhalers. By using all the medications, he was feeling dizzy and vomited, and he had headaches just like a migraine. At last, I prayed Sai to look after him and pull out from all those conditions. I did Sai Nav Guruvar Vrath. Now he is feeling good. I beg Sai; please look after my children’s health. Sai Ram.

Baba Helped Me Getting a Much-Needed Job

Myself Asha from Bangalore. I have been a Sai devotee for almost from 10years; the day will not be complete without remembering Sai baba. I am writing my self-experience that happened in the year 2019. At the last company I had worked for almost 5 years and the manager every day will give torcher & in that I lost my petitions. Finally, I decided to change the job, but almost 1 month over, I have not received a single interview call.

Badly I was on having a loan every month I used to pay 15,000. I was totally upset. In the meantime, the Guru Poornima day came, I decided to do Baba pooja, which I was doing every year, but that special year I did a lot of shraddha and saburi, and I read full Sai Saccharitha books total of 54 lessons on the same day with fasting, and after pooja, I went to baba temple.

The same week, I tried one company & got selected I was wondering if the company MD also worships Sai Baba. Whenever I struggle, Baba always gives me his hand. I am very happy to say Jai Sai Ram. Heartily Thank you, Sai Baba, for approaching me to write this miracle, and I am still eager to write more & more miracles.

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Baba Helped Me to Achieve Good Score

I am a member of the Global Mahaparayan Group. I have been a great devotee of Sai Baba, since 2019, and my unshakable belief in Baba dragged me here to write one more miracle of Baba. Today, I feel so lucky that again by Baba’s blessings. I am going to share one more miracle. Yesterday was my academic language test, and it is very important to me to get the desired score because only on that basis I can apply for the residency.

Firstly I was very scared about whether I would be able to achieve the score and, if not, then what family members and relatives would say. I was in stress till the result was out. Because I was not sure about the exam result. With a lot of stress, I continuously prayed to Baba to help me get my desired score. Otherwise, I would be very ashamed of myself in front of everyone. After two hours, when the result was out, I was shocked to see the result, it was a miracle only I had got my score. And this was a very big achievement for me. My eyes got rolled off with tears. This was possible only by the grace of Baba only. I am, and I will always be thankful to my dear Baba.

Baba, Please Pull Me Out of the Depression

I’m unable to be happy, not even in peace, I cannot enjoy my life with my family and friends. It is all him that I’m thinking about. I cannot get married because I have a sister. I am feeling lonely, heartbroken, and depressed as we decided not to talk anymore. Please give me whatever I’m destined for. It’s been so long since I have been happy. I cannot concentrate on my career either. I don’t know what I’m missing in my life. I promise to post your miracles once I become ok. But please give me back my love.



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