Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Saved My Father, 9 Thursday Fasting Miracle, Baba Saved me from Abusive Husband

Hello Baba devotees, here are some Sai Baba Miracles and experiences our readers share. Don’t forget to share your stories and miracles with Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba! You can submit your stories here or send an email to

Baba Saved My Father

I am Pallavi from India want to share my experience with Saibaba. Before sharing my experience, I bow before Sai, touch his lotus feet, and want to take his blessings. When I was 11 years old, my Dad got a fever, and after 4 days also, it was not controlled. My Mom took my Dad to the hospital, Doctor did require tests, and everything was normal in those tests. They gave few medicines and sent my father home. After one week also fever was not controlled. Again my Mom took my Dad to the hospital.

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SaiBaba Shirdi14

They asked to get admitted for observation. They again did all the tests, and the reports were normal again. We dint understand what to do. My Mom and Dad were Saibaba devotees. My Mom used to pray to Baba daily. My Dad was admitted to the hospital for 21 days, but still, the fever was not getting control. One day due to a high fever, my Dad got Fitts and went into coma. Doctors tried their best but couldn’t do anything. They told my Mom that there was no chance of recovering. My Mom cried a lot.

That day I still remember, my Mom came home at 10.30 pm (Night), took bath, sat in front of Baba Idol, and performed Aarati. The next day when my Mom went to the hospital, Doctor said that my Dad came out of coma, and the fever was also controlled. It was a Miracle. Doctors were shocked that how it happened in all one night. There was no scope for recovery. But nothing is impossible for our Sai. There were no boundaries to our happiness. We know it was our Baba who saved my father’s life. Baba, I was very young when this happened, but I still remember. Likewise, my Sai saved my father many times. Thank you, Baba, for saving my father’s life.

My Transfer Application Cancelled

I am a diehard devotee of Baba. Everything in my life was His move, His plan. 12 years ago, I was transferred to a hard place unexpectedly It was not my turn, and it was a mistake done by my department. I tried my best to get it canceled. My family was shattered. I had just been promoted and dreamed of the new post, but things crumbled. None of them who were transferred were given any hearing. But my case was genuine, so I was motivated to write to the authorities with all the relevant documents. I was asked to send it to them in Delhi at the earliest. I worked in Bangalore.

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SaiBaba Shirdi1

The next morning I got my correspondence ready and rushed to Blue Dart couriers near the Yashwantpur flyover. I wanted it to be delivered by the next morning. Then it struck me that I should keep the envelope in Sai’s feet before going ahead. It was 11.30 am, and the mandir at Malleswaram would close by 12 noon. I literally ran to the mandir, which is almost a 20 minutes drive but unfortunately, when I reached the mandir, it was already closed. I broke down and started to cry because I didn’t want to courier it without Baba’s consecration.

The mandir would open only in the evening, meaning the letter reached a day late. I stood at the gate, shocked. Just then, a man with a steel ladder opened the huge door of the mandir for some repair work( I came to know later that they undertake such work when the mandir is closed to the public), and I saw Baba. I called him and requested that man just keep the letter on Baba’s padukas and give it.

He obliged (the priests in that temple are not very devotee friendly and wouldn’t have done it ) and went inside and closed the door and locked it from inside. I was shell-shocked at the miracle Baba did for me just to make me happy and increase my faith in Him. The rest of the proceeding went smoothly, and my transfer was canceled. I intend to write about more such miracles so that more people feel positive and believe in His power.

Baba’s 9 Thursday Fasting Miracle

I came across Baba’s 9 Thursday fasting while reading MahaParayan experiences. I am a divorcee with a child. After many years I decided to settle down again. I was in a relationship with someone I met on the matrimony. I loved him dearly, but one day all of a sudden, he broke up with me for some reason. I was shattered. I didn’t know what to do except pray. I started doing the 9 Thursday fasting and also prayed to Baba sincerely. Whatever attempts I made to get back to him proved futile.

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SaiBaba Shirdi3

I was further broken. I finished my 9 Thursday fasting. Still, there was no sign of him. I thought it was all over and lost all hope. But one day, out of nowhere, he messaged me. After a few days, we connected and met me. All the issues between us got sorted. It was just a miracle which was made possible by Baba! Thank you, Baba, for this. I pray to you, Baba to keep blessing me like this always. I want to get married to him soon. I need your blessings, Baba. Please help us to get married soon without any hassles, and I shall post another miracle here soon.

Baba Saved me from Abusive Husband

I was stuck and trapped in an abusive relationship with my husband in a foreign country for many years. He is a narcissist; he was ill-treating me, our children, and our pets. For no reason, he used to beat me, children’s, and my pets. Because of his erratic behavior, we were constantly living in fear. No one was there to help us. I was daily praying to Sai baba to save and protect us. Though well educated, he did not allow me to go to work.

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SaiBaba Shirdi4

He didn’t want me to be financially independent. He was breadcrumbing us. All the time, he controlled and manipulated situations and had addictions and affairs. My life was miserable. With deep devotion, I kept praying to baba to help me, my children, and my pets to get back to India safely. Sai baba heard my prayers, and after 27 years of marriage, I finally got a safe passage to return to India along with my children and pet babies.

It is a miracle that Sai baba made him listen to me and send us back to India. We are very happy now as I am working, my son is working abroad, and my daughter is studying engineering at a prestigious college. Our pet babies have happily settled in a new home with love, peace, and happiness through Sai baba’s blessings. My heartfelt gratitude to Sai baba-Our Saviour. Om Sai Ram.


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