Shirdi Sai And His Abundance Miracles – Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, Kindly keep my name and email id anonymous while sharing my experiences. My faith in Sai grew after I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. My relatives used to believe in Sai and I used to listen a lot of miracle stories about Sai from them. After hearing so much about Sai, I started reading Sai Sat Satcharitra just to know more about Sai.

As I started doing Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan, after 1 or 2 parayans, whenever I used to read Sai Satcharitra, I used to feel so emotional that tears used to fell from my eyes and it was like that I could not control my tears. I could not understand why such a strong urge to cry used to come to me and I could not control my tears. Slowly I could feel Shri Sai’s presence in my life.

Once I was doing Shri Sai Satcharitra parayan and it was Saturday during parayan and I was sleeping on my bed. All of a sudden I heard a huge loud voice shouting “Baba” and the voice was so loud that it woke me up and I ran to see who the person was. As I saw, there was a fakir looking man begging alms. To my surprise it was during the week, when I was doing Sai Satcharitra.

After few months later I again started doing Sai Satcharitra parayan and during that week one of my parents plot in one of the unauthorized colony was sold at a huge profit. I was looking for a job very badly as I had completed years of studies and I wanted to get a job. It was Wednesday night and Thursday morning (dawn time of Thursday). I could not sleep due to job’s tension. So I played Sai Bhajan “Sai Reham Nazar Karna” on my laptop and heard it 3 times with strong faith in Sai. To my surprise that Thursday morning, a sadhu came to my house when I was going to temple and took dakshina from me. I thought it was none other than my Sai, who came to take away the debt.

After few weeks of this incident, I got a job in a very high profile organisation and to my surprise when I joined the organization, I came to know that as one of my colleagues told me that I am very lucky since many other people had applied for the job, but only 4 came for the interview that day due to some reasons or the other and after defeating 3 others I got this job. But I am on contract in this job. It is second year on contract in this job. In this second year a lot of issues have come up, but I have faith in Shri Sai. I pray to Shri Sai that all my misdeeds are forgiven by Sai’s bountiful unreasoned grace and I am made permanent in this job.

I ask all readers of Shri Sai, who are reading my experience, to bless me and pray for me so that I am made permanent in this job. Om Sai Ram!


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