Couple of Sai Experiences from Sai Devotees

Rajni Verma from India:
Dear Saibhaktas, I would like to share this experience of our beloved Sai with all of you. Baba has blessed me on this Gurupurnima day. In the afternoon at around 3:30pm there was someone at my door, he rang the doorbell and knocked also, as I opened I saw an elderly man wearing a white dress which resembled Sai’s kafni. He wore a white cloth on his head, immediately on seeing me he gave me two frames in my hand which had verses of Holy Quran. On seeing this some thought came to me saying “Arrey your Sai has come.” He told me to pay Dhs.55/- and he shall get the Quran read in the mosque in my name, or pay Dhs.110/- for two or whatever your desire. In the meantime, my son also came in to see who had come and what was the conversation about. He told me to pay him Dhs.25/-, when I went to bring the money a thought came to me “if he is Baba, he should ask for something to eat or drink. I gave him Dhs.25/- which he opened and counted. Then he said, “Bus itna”, to which I replied that you said whatever you wish so this is it, to which he said at least you pay Dhs.55/- for one Quran. My son told me to give the rest of the balance amount, then he asked “Ek glass paani milega”, on hearing these words, there was sheer joy, it was “Sai”, when he requested for Dhs.55/- I told him “I’m not a Muslim and don’t know about Quran, I’m a Hindu”, he replied “So what all are same, even Christians are paying for Quran.” I gave him biscuits with water, which he pocketed and gave a loving smile (I still remember it) and drank the water, I asked him if he needed more, and he replied “No.” We gave him the 55/- and he left saying “Allah Malik”. Sai had come in this roop and blessed us, I have been a member of the Sabkamalikek group on yahoo and after joining this group my faith and love in Baba has grown. Baba blessed our sabkamalikek family and will be with all his bhaktas always as he is in his nirakar roop (Formless). The same morning I had read Chapt.16&17 SS All the time I was trying to figure out the significance of 55, then I realized, “For seeing Brahman one has to give five things, i.e. surrender five things viz. (1) Five Pranas (Vital forces), (2) Five senses (Five of action and five of perception), (3) mind, (4) intellect and (5) ego”, it could also mean something else I’m a mere bhakta trying to reason. Sai knows what is best for us and has shown his presence. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai, Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Jubeda E, UAE:
I would like to share this experience of Baba, on July.19th I had gone to Dwarkamai, Sharjah to offer Masala Tea to Baba. Smt.P.Anasuyammaji and her family welcomed us with so much love, and gave us Baba’s prasad and when I was leaving her son gave me a key chain of Sai at the time the significance of the key chain was not known to me. On Sunday Jul.28th.02 I went to see a new car and confirmed purchasing it. Something was all the time running in my head saying “Baba have I done the correct thing”, I signed all the purchase papers since it was through finance for 2-4 years. I was getting worried Sai, “You have given me enough but still am I looking for more is this greed, Baba please answer me”. And on Thursday Aug.1st Baba answered me through Saivichar newsletter, when I was reading and came to the experience of Binduji’s experience regarding her purchase of car, I was astonished and happy as well that Baba had answered me, so now I’m not worried that I’ve done something wrong and Sai had given previous indication to me through the key chain which was given to me at Sharjah, Dwarkamai. Baba is always there with us and guiding us through this worldly ocean. Pranam Baba and bless your children always, Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

V Raghu, Sydney, Australia:
I am living in Sydney for the last many years. I have been reading English Satcharitha of Vasudev Gunaji, for last 6 years. I suddenly had an urge to write the Satcharitha in a shortened form in English, so that children can read and understand and people who have time constraint can read this abridged version in 7 days easily. With this object in view, I started writing for a short time every day before going for work. For some reason this practice stopped and the work remained unfinished. I had a health condition, which landed me in hospital in the year 2000. When in hospital as I awoke, I felt that I was instructed to complete the work. Therefore, I called my wife to send my notes and Sai Satcharitha to the hospital. With Sai’s grace, I completed the shortened version of Sai Satcharitha and sent it through my brother to Shirdi for getting the book blessed by Sai. When my brother gave it for being kept in the Samadhi mandir, the priest kept it for blessing and he suddenly opened the notebook and looked inside and then placed it again with lot of flowers and handed it back to my brother. After receiving it back in Australia, I kept it at home. My wife typed the whole manuscript and sent it to me for editing. I kept postponing editing it. Meanwhile Items in the house one by one went out of order and I spent considerable amount repairing them. I then met with a car accident in which my car was badly damaged and was total a write-off. My mother and I survived without even a small scratch. I then edited the book got it corrected. I then took the book to my guru, who kept it in the prayer and with the permission of Devi Jagadadri, gave it back instructing me to release it in a book form on Thursday following the guru poornima day. As Instructed I called my friends and relatives and after Baba bhajan, distributed the Sai Satcharitha abridged version.

I am happy that I could complete it with the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba. I am happy that my Guru wrote a foreword for this book as well. I have been hesitating to write my experience for the last two years and now I have done it.

babaji be with me for ever


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