Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Helped Me During My Pregnancy, I Felt the Presence of Sai Baba, My Son’s Chronic Health Problem, My Unhappy Marriage

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Baba Helped Me During My Pregnancy

When I was pregnant during covid 2nd wave, my husband got affected. His test reports are not normal and it’s midnight. But he seemed to talk and walk normally, so we repeated the test in another lab by praying Sai. The test results came normal, and he recovered in two weeks. After a month, I was infected and admitted to the hospital in my 4th month. I came out fine. We went for a scan in the 5th month which showed no CSP in the brain part of the baby, which drowned us in the ocean.

They asked for a rescan in 15 days, and we had no option other than praying Baba. My gyno said you have to get aborted. We waited for those 15 days only with the hope of Baba and got a rescan. The result is a miracle. Baba gave a perfect picture of a baby with all normal results. She is a pretty, cute, and adorable 20-month-old baby girl now. The baby girl is our family’s happiness. Believe in Baba and see the miracles which we can never imagine.

I felt the Presence of Sai Baba

Today I was given a genuine personal vision and felt the presence of Sai after I had made a desperate prayer to him. A divine affirmation of the presence and blessing of Sai was soon after made manifest. To begin, I will say that I am a long-time devotee of Sai and have found lasting peace and endless wisdom in following his teachings and from the lessons he shows to my fellow devotees. For the last several years, my wife has also worshipped and prayed to Sai frequently, and her natural love for him grew quickly from the first time she learned his name.

All this is to say that we have both been blessed and seen the true power of Sai to find his devotees when they are in need and to make real his promise that “Even from my tomb I will protect and support who calls on me”. That said, it is natural for all of us to have struggles, and we remember that is sometimes in his plan for us, maybe beyond our understanding. So recently, my employment has been considerably disrupted by the global recession. At present, I feel great anxiety to know whether I will have any work shortly.

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So I began to pray for Sai to make an intercession on my behalf, to protect my employment and allow me to continue earning money for my family. I was very nervous and feeling upset, but putting all my faith in Sai I said the prayer. From the moment I had finished, a beautiful feeling of peace and protection descended upon me, and with my closed eyes, a vision of Baba started to take shape. His very kind smile and the gaze of absolute compassion all appeared, and his manifestation fully solidified with a heavenly golden light behind him.

With gentle reassurance, he placed a hand on my shoulder, and a wave of utter peace washed over my entire body, filling my heart with certainty and understanding. During the entire experience, I almost cried from the beauty of Baba and his love. When I opened my eyes, I felt like a darkness had been lifted from them; full of gratitude and joy, I praised Baba repeatedly. It wasn’t until after his appearance that the real miracle would occur.

I had calmed down and been able to relax a bit from the moment I had with Baba, which I felt strongly had to be real; that was clear from the sensation alone and the effect it had on my mind. When I felt slightly uncertain, though, I began to watch a comedy video on YouTube that had shown up on my suggested list. The creator of the video and its content was nothing related to Sai or any spiritual subject; it was simply a funny podcast show where the creator would animate his conversations with other comedy YouTubers about random subjects.

During the video, I relaxed once again and could laugh for the first time in a while. But imagine my amazement when, in a segment set in an electronics store, the background for the animation showed most clearly and recognizable a Small statue of Sai. There he sat, posed as in the photo from his sacred Dwarkamai, the lovely feet and a strong slender posture accentuated by a lovely cream and light green colored paint job.

All at once, I began to cry and thank Sai again, for unexpectedly and beautifully, he had given me a second Darshan that completely dispelled any lingering doubt I had about the earlier vision. After this incredible sign, a further would follow when in the next ten minutes, I was confirmed an upcoming shift that I had desperately needed at my job. The entire experience left me in awe and made a similar impression on my Wife when she returned home, and I was able to tell her.

All I can say is that this might be the single most powerful expression of Sai’s love and promise to his devotees that I have ever been given. The way that this series of increasingly strong manifestations of Sai’s blessing unfolded is an example of his lila, I only hope that sharing it here will be a comfort to other devotees who are facing difficulties in their lives. Only patience and faith are needed, and his love will find you; Sai truly looks out from every image of his and nourishes you as the mother does her baby turtles from any distance.

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Baba Saved Me from Migraine Headache

I surrender to Baba and write my experience. In January 2023, my friend’s daughter’s wedding was in Chennai. It was a destination wedding, and all the lovely events were happening. We were eagerly waiting to attend this wedding and meet all the friends and relatives whom I had met long back. A day before the wedding we reached the venue in the sunny afternoon. My migraine headache started as usual, and I took the tablet immediately. But the headache worsened after some time, and I couldn’t even blink my eyes.

The powerful lights, music, and conversations impacted such a painful headache and nausea, which I had never experienced in my life so far. As I couldn’t stand or sit, we hurried back to the room to rest as everyone advised. Again I took one more tablet, which should not be, and I had no choice. I couldn’t lie or sleep, tears rolling down, thinking how unlucky I was suffering from pain not participating in the wedding ceremony I longed for. Suddenly I thought of Baba’s sacred Udi, which I used to carry with me wherever I went. I took a pinch of Baba’s Udi, put it in a glass of water, and prayed to him.

“Baba, I know this pain is my past karma. I have to bear it. But this is taking my life. I believe you are the God, and you can remove all the bad karma. I have read in the SSC book that your sacred udi has cured many illnesses, and I strongly believe that. You know how far I am waiting to participate in the wedding. Could you have mercy on me, Baba?

Please cure my headache and make me normal. I surrender to your holy feet. Then I put the Udi on my forehead and drank the sacred udi water closing my eyes. While drinking the water I felt some small gel-like thing inside my throat. I know there was nothing except water and Udi. I shivered. Yes. Baba has listened to my prayers and blessed me. What a lucky person I am.

I closed my eyes and felt that the pain was reducing slowly. Within an hour, I was completely out of pain though I felt tired due to the suffering. Happily, I joined the ceremony again, praising my Baba the whole day. It was a miracle that the pain was relieved so soon, and I came back to normal. Usually, it takes two days to go, from my experience. Thank you, Baba, for keeping your holy presence with us. Om Sai Ram.

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My Wait for Sai Baba to Bless Me and My Daughter

My name is Nithya, and I have an 8-year-old daughter. I have been married for the last ten years to whom I have known all my life. Or rather, whom I thought I knew. Things weren’t the same as I saw once I got married. I realized that my marriage was a failure in the 2nd week of my marriage. But, I didn’t want to break this marriage only because I am emotionally attached to this man, and my promises and vows in this marriage are true.

My husband is extremely toxic, and I cannot break this marriage because of my attachment to him somewhere. He has fixed my mind, so I feel guilty for all that happened. My marriage has everything that a marriage shouldn’t. Now I feel my problems will never end for the way he is. I feel trapped and pray to Baba to save me and my daughter from this extraordinarily unhappy life. Waiting for Sai Bab to hold my hand and guide me out of this life. Please remember me and my daughter in your prayers.

Sai Baba, Please Cure My Son’s Chronic Health Problem

Sai Baba, My son, has suffered from a serious health problem for the past year. He is five years old and unable to eat any food, he is on a very strict diet, and even with a strict diet, he has stomach pain. Doctors say it’s genetic, and he has to be like this for the rest of his life. Please, Baba, help my son; you have given us everything we asked for; I am just asking for my baby’s health; he has to lead a normal life and eat normal food.

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I have been suffering many health issues since my marriage; I recently lost my dad, my husband is also sick, and my son is also sick; I don’t know what I live for; I am tired of crying. I don’t know what mistakes we have made; please forgive my mistakes. Please forgive our bad karmas; out of anger, I might have hurt many, but those were not intentional; I am going through a lot for my age, I haven’t had any enjoyment since the day of my marriage, but I am not asking for enjoyment, I am just asking for peace.

Please, Baba, I have no one to lean on or share my sorrows. Hunger is the most unbearable fate a human could face; my five-year-old is facing that now; whatever the pain he is going through, please give that to me, Baba. My dad lost his life because of the stress of seeing the unbearable pain I was going through. Please make my son normal as other kids. Please pray for my family.


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