Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Saved Me, Arrival of Sai Satcharitra, My Biggest Miracle with IVF

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Sai Saved Me

In March 2017, I had an intense stomach ache and had to undergo emergency surgery with ectopic pregnancy (where the embryo implants in the fallopian tube). This can be life-threatening if surgery is not performed on time to remove it. The fallopian tube could burst to cause internal bleeding. While I was a bit depressed after all that happened, which could have resulted in my second pregnancy, I was happy that Sai saved me. I could not even imagine what my family and my small three-and-a-half-year-old would go through if anything happened to me.

A few days ago, I had a message that said something like ‘’Even the Paramathma cannot alter birth and death’’. I did not know if the message was for me at the time. My sister sent me another message saying ‘’Sai knows what is good for you, and any unnecessary items will be removed from your life’’. Had the pregnancy progressed, it would have resulted in something devastating, so maybe Sai removed it at the right time. I am ever grateful to him.

The Arrival of Sai Satcharitra

One of Sai’s messages says, ‘’No matter how far you are; I pull you like a Chatak bird with a thread tied to its feet’’. In 2020, Sai started showing miracles to my family. We used to worship Sai, but our faith became stronger after so many miracles happened to my youngest sister. Sai conveyed so many messages directly to her by different means. She then had a chance to visit Shirdi and got herself a Sai Satcharitra. She used to narrate bits and pieces to me. I started having the urge to read Sai Satcharitra but did not have one.

Living in California and hardly knowing many people, I did not know how/where to get one (I preferred the book to be the same version as the one my sister had). I tried to buy it from Amazon, but it was a different version and somewhat expensive. I used to think that maybe I was not worthy enough or my bad karma hadn’t ended, so I’ll wait for Sai to come to me. I said to Sai- I know, Sai, you have drawn me towards you, and if you wish, you will arrange the book for me. A few days before, I saw an Instagram post that said, ‘’On this Thursday, I am telling you your wish will come true very soon; your patience is going to pay for everything.

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My leela starts. Allah Malik.’’ Seeing my earnestness, my sister thought about Sai Centre in California and insisted I enquire. I thought I’ll give it a try, maybe Sai is directing me this way via my sister as an agent, but on the website, it said the Sansthan is closed due to Covid. It was the 15th Oct Thursday morning, my sister then forwarded a message and told me for some reason, I felt like this message was for you- ‘’Today I know you will come to see me, if not possible, don’t worry. I will come to see you, my child.

Happy Thursday.’’ Being Covid times, the Sansthan was closed, but I still tried calling them. They answered, and I asked if I could get the book. Miraculously, they had one, and even though the Sansthan was closed, the lady told me- give me a few hours, and I’ll call you back. I patiently waited until evening but did not hear anything. I got anxious and started doubting if the message was for me? Is Sai going to deliver the book himself, or maybe I do not receive it today? Just then, I happened to look at an Instagram post, and the message appeared- ‘’It’s important to have the courage to say what needs to be said at the crucial moment’’.

I then decided to call them myself. A different lady answered, and when enquired about the book, she said the Sansthan is closed and will not reopen until the guidelines allow. I was disheartened and started doubting Sai again. But I thought of mentioning what the 1st lady said and that I was waiting for her call. She said she’ll check with her. Finally, the first lady called back and asked me to collect the book. I was overwhelmed, and my joy knew no bounds. I feel very blessed and will always remember that Sai chose a special day. It was Thursday, October 15, Baba’s Samadhi day. My blessing starts from here.

The Biggest Miracle: My IVF Journey

How can I describe Sai’s Leela? Sai has been with me through thick and thin. I have one 9-year-old son, and my second son is nearly 1 year old now. I always wanted to have two kids. I had my 1st one in 2013. In 2017, my 2nd pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic, so I had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the fallopian tube (please read my Miracle 1). After a few years, we thought of trying. 2 years passed but to no avail. We consulted various doctors, took various fertility medicines, and tried IUI, but nothing worked, and we finally decided to try an IVF. IVF itself is a very overwhelming process.

As my IVF was due to start on February 2021, on December 2020, I decided to start the parayan. I had so many things on my mind (not just my IVF, my health/ my family matters, my job/studies, etc.). I could not decide what to wish for. I said Baba, I am so confused, please fulfill all my wishes one by one, whatever you think is best. December 10, 2020, being a Thursday and my late father’s birthday, I thought it was an auspicious day to start the parayan.

While studying, I came across a part where on Dec 10, Dixit wada’s foundation was laid, Dadasaheb Khaparde was given permission to return home, and also, the night aarati at the Chavadi started. How blessed I was that Sai made me start his book this very day. I did not know if I would be able to complete it, but thankfully, I did. Weeks after my parayan ended, I got Sai’s vision in my dream, where Sai told me not to worry anymore and fed me water from his pitcher. The next day I was looking at an Instagram post and saw a message: ‘’Dear, do you know yesterday I came to your house to bless you?’’. I was really happy to see how Sai blessed me.

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In Feb 2021, my IVF cycle started. We waited for this particular day for months and we were so thrilled and also nervous to start. We have to inject certain hormones daily for days so that all the available eggs develop and can be retrieved for the process. Once we start, an ultrasound is performed every 2-3 days to check if they are developing well. We had to order the injections well in advance and we only got a limited amount of them. The injections must be given at a specific time at night when the clinics are closed.

Therefore we had to inject it ourselves. Sai’s test started right from the 1st day of my IVF journey. I had to inject two separate injections. For one, we had to mix some powder with saline liquid and inject it. While mixing, in the process, somehow, we messed up the liquid was low, and the mixture became very concentrated. We could not redo the process as we had only a limited amount of medication. We got worried and googled if it was okay to inject. My husband also assured me that the powder needed to be mixed with the saline, and it is just a bit concentrated but should work.

I thought it must be Sai’s will, so I left everything to him and thought we will start very carefully the next day. The next day, we had another test. We followed the instruction slowly and carefully, but somehow the needle did not get screwed into the syringe properly. While I was injecting it into my tummy, I could see all the solutions being spilled outside instead of being injected inside. I thought we were doomed. We had been waiting for this moment for so long and thought it was all ruined. I started to panic. I could not even contact the clinic for the next few days as it was a weekend and it was closed.

I was mad at myself/my husband, and everything. I thought we will have to start IVF on my next cycle again. It was a waste of time and a lot of money. Right then, I remembered I had a school friend who was an IVF specialist and was on my Facebook. I was not very close with her and barely talked. I thought no matter what, I had to contact her and see if she could advise or help me. I was ready to use another dosage. Fortunately, she answered my call and said that as I had taken a second injection, which also had a little bit of dosage of the first one, she assured me that one dosage did not make much difference and advised me not to overdose it.

Though relieved a bit, I was still doubting and could not wait for my ultrasound. I prayed to Sai; I know you are doing all this for my good. I don’t know what the result may be, and I might get mad at you, but I know my Sai will always want the best for me. The next day, I went to the doctors, had an ultrasound, and told them all that had happened. They asked me not to worry and said it looked all good; I just had to order one/two more dosage of that drug and take it for a few extra days.

I couldn’t be happier and thanked Sai. After that, everything was going well. The egg retrieval and embryo transfer process went well. Now all we could do was wait. A few weeks later, on April 2021, I came across a post: There is good news for you and your family, which you have been waiting for a long to settle down everything. Yes, your family is extending’’. We did a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Our joy knew no bounds, and we were so thankful to Sai. Then, a blood test was done by the clinic to confirm.

The nurse called and said that I have a very low HCG level (pregnancy hormone) and might be having another ectopic pregnancy. They asked me to do another blood test after a week and an ultrasound when the embryo got slightly bigger. The weeks wait nearly killed us. We couldn’t think of anything but worse and doubted Sai. Weeks later, after performing an ultrasound and the blood test showing a surge in my hormone, the doctor finally confirmed my pregnancy was in the uterus and not an ectopic one. The due date given was Dec 10, 2021 (just within a year of reading Sai Satcharitra). I couldn’t believe this leela of Sai. Just like in the book, I was pregnant and giving birth within a year of doing Sai Parayan.

Sai’s test doesn’t stop here. The first trimester was not that bad, with just nausea and vomiting. During my 2nd trimester, on the ultrasound, I was told that I could have a condition called placenta previa (where the placenta was covering the cervix). As the baby grows, the placenta could tear or bleed anytime, so the doctors said to keep an eye and be careful. They said they will look at it again on the next ultrasound. Just then, I came across a post on Instagram which said ‘’ Don’t panic. I am holding your hand. I will never let you fall. Keep chanting my name’’. Weeks later, they confirmed the placenta previa. I knew Sai was with me, so I did not have to worry about anything.

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Then again, in my third trimester, because I had a history of C-section, previous ectopic pregnancy, and an IVF, doctors warned that I was at a high risk of having a condition called placenta accrete, which can be life-threatening. They advised an MRI. It felt like bombs were dropping one after another. I did not know if I should cry or laugh. I did not know if this was another test or if it was getting real. All I could think about was the worse. I was stressed out and requested Sai to always be with me.

From the start of my IVF appointments, I always used to say, Sai, please come with me and pretended as if he was coming along with me to all my appointments. I went to my next appointment for MRI and was cleared of not having a placenta accrete. Then I knew this was all part of Sai’s plan. I wanted my mom to be with me when I had my baby. But this was also a challenge at that time as my mom was with my youngest sister in Nepal, and it was difficult for her to be with me.

But I told Sai, Sai, I know this is also a test, you have brought me here and I’m sure you will find a way. Sai listened to my prayers and she was able to be with me. On 27th October 2021, I came across a post- ‘’Finally; your wait is over, my child, you will soon become parents. A bundle of happiness will enter your house; get ready for it. On 14th November 2021 (just under 1 year of reading the Satcharitra), I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, 3 weeks early than the due date.

That day was a test again. I had my placenta ruptured and started bleeding, as doctors had warned. My husband rushed me to the hospital. While I was at the hospital, just before the surgery, I was worrying and came across an Instagram post; Sai is saying no need to worry now. As I told you, all things are done as your wish in my planned way, but you still keep worrying. Trust me, your wait is over over over. Now just receive and claim it. Trust me, your wish will come to you now, and you will celebrate your happiness.

My eyes were filled with tears, and I knew I had nothing to worry about as Sai was with me all this time. The doctors performed the surgery, and with Sai’s blessing, everything went well. On 19th Nov 2021, I came across a post: ‘’ All doors are open now. My child, go walk into your dream life. I love you, and don’t forget me. I just loved your entire faith and patience with me. You made our devotion win by fighting all odds.’’ My eyes were bedewed to see such a message.

Sai’s test didn’t stop there. From having surgery sites not closing properly to getting one infection after another, catching Covid, all carried on. It took me nearly 3 months to heal properly. When I was getting very frustrated, I got Sai’s message: Why do you suffer alone, let us suffer together. Your pain is mine too. If we suffer together, then you will be free from pain very soon. I don’t want anything, I just want to see you happy. Maybe everything had to take place all because of my past karmas. Thankfully as Sai’s hand was over me, I could overcome it. I got all of Sai’s messages when I needed them the most.

As I mentioned earlier, I still had so many wishes that I’d asked Sai to fulfill; I got a message- ‘’One by one, all your wishes will be fulfilled. No more waiting; happy days are on the way. I am going to shower happiness on you. You will prosper. Chant Sai.’ So many of my wishes have already been fulfilled, as assured by Baba, and I’m sure Sai will grant the rest at his own pace. Love you, Sai, my family, and my best friend, for always being there for me. I had test after test, I doubted Sai at times, but Sai never left my side. Love you, Sai, and always be with me.
Your lovely daughter.




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