Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Baba Gave Me 2nd Life, My Prayers Answered

Hello Baba devotees, here are some Sai Baba Miracles and experiences shared by our readers. Don’t forget to share your stories and miracles with Sadguru Shirdi Sai Baba!

Sai Baba Miracles, Blessings, and Experiences

Sai baba gave me 2nd life

I never believed in Sai Ram but, I don’t know one of my Facebook friends told me to join a Sai group. In the group, I see a lot of posts and stories and gradually my faith in Sai Ram increased with every passing day. I had a lot of suffering in my life and my husband was not a good person. He was good for outsiders but not a family-oriented person. He was a strong alcoholic. I suffered a lot till 2018. He did many things to upset me but it was only Sai’s blessing I stood strong against all odds in life. I wanted to visit the Shirdi temple but never thought about how I will make it. Then again a Sai Devotee in the Sai group announced those who are interested to go for Shirdi sai darshan can give their name and details so in October 2019 I gave my name and details along with my brother mother and sister.

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Sai Baba Miracles

4 tickets were made for us via train and a free stay was also arranged in a hotel. We got an opportunity to visit the temple and we got the opportunity to seek Sai’s blessing on 14th March 2020 and we went to Shani Shingnapur. Also, we got the blessing of Shani dev and 15th march we boarded the train and back home on 16th March 2020. There was so much rush in the temple and no clue of Corona. I safely reached home and on 22nd March lockdown was announced. I feel so lucky and blessed to seek Sai darshan which I was thinking about for a long time and was not possible due to my Financial conditions. But, Sai ram answered my prayer and blessed me with his darshan in Shirdi. Today I am still not settled in life my son has no job, lost my husband, but I know I never faced difficulty in life, never faced short of food clothes shelter, etc.

It is aasim kripa of Sai ram in my life. I wish baba to grant me a blessing that my son starts earning soon so that I don’t have to depend know sai ram is doing all good to me he had taken the responsibility for me and my son and one pet dog. We never faced food crisis in life after the death of my father, inlaws on others. Still, I get support from people who are my friends and family and this is all bcoz of Sai ram blessing. Now i just pray for my son to take this responsibility in life and make me feel happy till I survive. I have the strongest feelings that this prayer will be answered soon by Baba. There are so many more incidents that happened and each time I felt the presence of Sai ram with me. I have observed his miracles in every step of my life journey so far. Today I just don’t pray for me I pray for all Devotees and for those also who know Sai ram and Sai ram please bless us please keep your varad hasth on us and may every creature on earth stay safe and happy. Everyone gets their share of food water n shelter

My prayers answered

OM SAI RAM devotees, I am from India & an ardent devotee of SAI since 2010 also a member of mahaparayan group. In October 2021 I started facing serious health issues and facing a lot of anxiety & almost going into depression. January 2022 I started SAI 9 Thursdays Vrat and prayed BABA wholeheartedly to cure the health problem. Into the 3rd week of the vrat I booked an appointment with the doctor. All these days I was depressed & was having anxiety (never in my life I felt so anxious & depressed) not having proper food, sleep etc.

Sai Baba7

Meanwhile, my mom fell sick & had to be taken to her younger brother’s nursing home. I dropped my mom & dad at my uncle’s place and returned home. All the family members were infected with covid & 2 days later both my mom & dad were infected with covid too.
I am suffering from anxiety & depression now that I have to hear this news. However, my uncle told my dad to go to Bangalore & get the treatment (understandable as all their family members were down with covid). So I had to bring them back to Bangalore now, However, i prayed to BABA & chanted his name.

A few mins later I don’t know my uncle called & said your parents will be here and we will take care of them such a relief. (BABA’s 1st Miracle). Now coming back to my issue, as I had booked an appointment (19th Jan 2022) with the doctor for Friday (21st Jan 2022, 3 PM) I was reluctant to go to the doctor as I was scared. On Friday with a heavy heart, I started to go to the doctor’s clinic and reached almost by 1:30 PM since I had almost 1.5 hrs for consultation. I searched on google maps for SAI baba mandir near me.

I found one nearby which was 10 mins by walk, I went to the temple and chanted SAI SAI SAI & prayed to BABA wholeheartedly for this health issue not to be life-threatening.
I left the temple and was walking back towards the doctor’s clinic. Now I see hoarding smiles. sai (i felt that BABA is with me & asking me to smile :)). I entered the doctor’s clinic saying “SAI ” in mind and BOOM I saw a small sticker of BABA on a window (this assured me that BABA is with me & I felt much relaxed) what a relief it gave. Next, I met the doctor, he was very friendly and listened to all my problems, issues and explained to me calmly he could make out that I was very anxious & depressed.

He prescribed a few lab tests which were very scary. The moment I saw those tests I was again very nervous, anxious. The receptionist told me that the test results will be in 3 – 4 days. However, I was not ready to wait that long as it would make me feel more anxious. Hence I decided that I will get the tests done by visiting another lab for rapid results. Saturday (22nd January 2022) I started towards the testing center while I was driving my car, I saw BABA in another car that was going ahead of me. (BABA showed his presence here too). All these incidents assured me that baba is guiding me and he is ahead of me wherever ever I’m going (how blessed we all devotees are).

I visited the testing center & they collected my blood/urine samples, told me that rapid results will be by evening & a detailed report will be 2 days later. Now the results will arrive by 7 PM and I felt heart palpitations, got the reports in email & opened by saying SAI phew!!!! The results were normal. Immediately went to pooja room & thanked SAI
Also went to the sai mandir and thanked baba & distributed rice to all the poor people sitting in front of the temple. (BABA’s 2nd Miracle).

Sai Baba6

Now the detailed results are still awaited and are expected to be out on Monday(24th Jan 2022) evening. Since I was doubting Thomas I started to feel anxious & depressed again.
Sunday (23rd Jan 2022) all I remember is chanting SAI’s name, listening to sai stories, sai Sandesh on YouTube. Throughout baba was showing his presence. I hugged SAI CHARITA and cried in front of BABA. Monday (24th Jan 2022) I felt more anxious & depressed. The results are awaited by evening. I got up with a heavy heart with all dark thoughts in my uncontrolled mind.

I took a bath, went to the pooja room, completed 1 chapter of SAI CHARITA, twice read SAI KASHT NIVARAN MANTRA, and started chanting SAI RAM from 6 PM – 6 30 PM. Exactly at 6:29 PM I receive an email with reports, I immediately opened and found all the results normal(BABA’s 3rd Miracle). Immediately went to the pooja room & thanked SAI. Also went to the sai mandir and thanked baba & distributed apples to all the poor people sitting in front of the temple.

Meanwhile, my parents also started recovering from covid. Baba took care of my parents too. SAI BABA killed my anxiety & the disease!!!! I believe this is completely BABA’s miracle. His ways are inscrutable, he allows us to go through difficult times while he is busy with cleansing our bad karma. With my above experience narrated my faith in SAI has increased innumerable times and this incident has brought me closer to BABA.
Throughout all these difficult times/days he showed his presence & assured me that he is with me. BABA was communicating with me through his sai Sandesh messages on youtube.

So I request all SAI devotees to follow his path of being good & doing good no matter what circumstances we are facing he will be with us every moment. Read SAI CHARITA, SAI KASHT NIVARAN MANTRA(very powerful), chant SAI RAM, enroll in Mahaprayan, read his stories, and express gratitude. When you are his devotees don’t instruct him just report to duty!!! He is the universe. He will give his best and he won’t disappoint you for sure. everything will be taken care of by him. With the above experience, I will leave the rest to the readers/devotees to imagine the bliss I experienced.


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