Shirdi Sai Helped Me With My Work Visa – Devotee from India

Sai Sister Mish from India says: I have been reading experiences from Sai Baba devotees from quite some time. Given the fact that Sai Baba has blessed me all my life. It’s time to post mine. I have been an ardent Sai devotee since the past 15 years. I was hardly 11 when my parents and I went to Shirdi for the 1st time. The moment I was there, it just struck a chord and there has been no looking back since then. I have lost count of how many times Sai Baba has helped me all along in every walk of life. May it be exams, any difficulties, job. Just about everything Sai Baba has always had my back. I’m a witness to Sai Baba’s miracles almost all my life. When I was home during my college days, I used to go to Sai Baba temple every Thursday for Aarti no matter what. After my studies I had to move to Mumbai and Pune for my job and since the places were new to me, I wasn’t sure if I’d find a temple close by. But I was pleasantly surprised when i found out that Sai Baba temple is just a walk away from home.

Last year my marriage was fixed and we were planning to have it over a weekend. But somehow no matter what we planned we were just not able to fix a date and my parents ended up fixing a date on Thursday as there was no other muhurta. When my parents came home and told me about it I felt blessed. I knew it was Sai Baba letting me know He is always by my side. After marriage I moved to US on a dependent visa. After a week or so I asked my husband if there are no temples nearby. He said there is one close by and we decided to go there to pay a visit. When I went inside I was shocked to see it was Sai Baba temple and Baba was sitting there smiling at me. I was literally in tears. I hadn’t even expected to find a Sai Baba temple in this foreign country. Being on a dependent visa I am not allowed to work and visa filing for work happens only once a year in US and it is extremely tough because of numerous reasons. So I had planned to study further but deep within I wanted to work. Visa filing happens on April 1st and employers prepare for the filing months in advance because of the various forms formalities and documentation involved.

One day when I was studying I suddenly got a call from my husband on 19th march that his employer wants to have an interview with me on 21st march (within 1 day). I said 1st of all I am not prepared at all and secondly even if I make it through, it’s already 21st and we won’t make it to the visa filing so fast. He said it’s your 1st interview in US. Take it as an experience and just answer the interview to know how interviews happen here in US. On 21st march I had an interview with the director of the company. By evening I received a call from the HR that I have been selected and they will start my visa filing process. It was all least expected. On 24th March they started the process and were able to file my visa just in time in 1st April. After visa filing there was another challenge. The quota is only 85000 and this year there were 172500 applications. And there is a computer generated random lottery selection that selects applications. So the next hurdle was to get picked in the lottery among so many applications. On 10th April the lottery was conducted which was a Thursday. So I was totally relieved. I knew that if lottery has happened on Thursday I will be picked no matter what.

But almost a month went by and applicants started getting receipt notices. I was waiting for mine but didn’t receive one. I started losing hope because USCIS had stopped issuing receipts. I cried and fought with Sai Baba. I asked Him how is it possible that I haven’t received my receipt yet even thought the lottery was on Thursday. But eventually I gave up and thought may be Sai Baba has better plans for me and thought since Sai Baba has helped me all my life He will in this situation too. Yesterday all of a sudden from my employer I received an email with my receipt notice. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I was crying with joy. Getting selected among so many applications was no joke. I just took a look at my receipt. The date said 29, 2014. I promptly added up the numbers and found out it adds up to 9. I was stunned. And if that wasn’t enough I checked my receipt number and that adds up to 9 too. I know Sai Baba has sent me this receipt and now I’m waiting for my approval. But since Sai Baba has shown me two 9s in my receipt I am more than 100% sure that my visa will be approved. Just look at how the sequence of events unfolded and fell in place one after the other. I have seen so many dependents here staying since past so many years, having no job and not getting visa sponsorship I feel I am truly blessed and Sai Baba has bestowed His blessings on me. Thank You Sai Baba for everything. I will continue to be Your devotee till my last breath. You are more than a friend and I love You very much. Om Sai Ram


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